One Word Changed My Life

One Word Changed My Life

And although I can take no credit, she is beautiful, smart, funny, and so full of life. I’m delighted at how accomplished she is, as she chases even bigger dreams. But most of all, my heart is happy because she is. Know this, it may take awhile, but if you trust, He truly will give you beauty for ashes.  In this case the joy is beyond what I’d ever hoped.

As I scooped huge mounds of snow during February, I didn’t even imagine that before we would celebrate Thanksgiving, I would be a grandmother for the first time.  But as the family and I waited in the hospital waiting room on November 19, I received a text from my son saying, “Dax is here, tell everyone please.”

I think that is the first text that ever made me cry : ).  I cried some more when I saw Dax’s little face, and I am crying right now picturing the look on my son’s face just after he became a dad. I will carry those things with me in my heart forever more.

And there are just no words that do justice to what I felt when I held that baby’s downy head in my hands for the first time. So much joy wrapped up with that little boy in his blanket, his future shining bright.

During this holiday season one verse from the Gospel of Luke has truly touched me, speaking to everything I feel about my year of Joy, and I want to share it with you: 

 "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." - Luke 2:19 (NIV)

As I sit here writing this with the lights of the Christmas tree shining down on me, and Mom’s wreath above the fireplace, I feel blessed beyond measure. I’m wrapped up as much in the memories from the past and the hope for the future, as I am in this blanket covering me — all keeping me warm.

In my heart I’m holding all of the treasures of this year, along with all of those things that happened so long ago on that very special night.

And I will be taking the changed me, the new me, into the new year— sharing the joys it brings, both big and small, with all of those I love.

Mom's Wreath


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