One Week as a One Car Family

One Week as a One Car Family

We were forced into the experiment by necessity as our second car is in the shop, taking much longer to be put back together than we originally thought. We had a rental car for a week, but it was going to be ridiculously expensive to continue renting it longer.

On Saturday and Sunday, it wasn’t a big deal. But on Monday and Tuesday, I drove almost 70 miles one way: to drop off my husband at work, to drop off our son at my parents’ house, and then to work. And then I did the same in reverse. 140 miles of driving, both days. This also necessitated leaving the house much earlier than normal, which meant waking Future President up early, which meant his bed times have been earlier, and naps earlier, too. Our whole schedule is out of whack. And tomorrow, while I work from home, my husband will be driving over 50 miles each way to get to a rural courthouse. I am so happy we will picking up our newly re-roofed car on Friday morning!

And gas? Yeah, it’s a good thing we have Costco gas close by, since it’s still so expensive. Gotta love the 3% cash back!

However, it’s not all bad. Our experiment has meant we are in the car together a lot more, which means more conversation and time for Future President to entertain us with his newly discovered Southern accent. We’ve also been singing along together to some new CDs Future President got for Christmas and I’m teaching him the beauty of the Frozen soundtrack. 

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