One Day I'll Get There

One Day I'll Get There

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How Does A Mom With Postpartum Depression Get Help When She Can't Even Brush Her Teeth?

In previous posts on BlogHer, I've shared a list of symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety, told you the key things you need to know about these and related illnesses, and connected you to a wide variety of resources to help you get better.    Read more >

25 Things You Should Never Say to A Mom With Postpartum Depression or Anxiety

This week at my blog Postpartum Progress, I wrote a post called 20 Things I Never Want to Hear or Read Again, Postpartum Depression Edition.  I was inspired to write it after reading similar posts from Arwyn at Raising My Boychick whose list focused on parental judgment, and Kristen at Birthing Beautiful Ideas whose list focused on pregnancy and childbirth.   Read more >

The Devil Was After My Child: Shedding Light on Pospartum Psychosis

My eyes shot open. There it was again... the rustling... the breathing... the scurrying. I scanned what I could of the dark room, and glanced at my sleeping husband next to me. Should I wake him? He could not help. He would not understand. It was up to me. I strained in the dark to see the little bassinet that held our sleeping son -- only eight weeks old. I prayed that he wouldn't wake up. If he did, the crying would never stop. I became more and more certain that it was not this mysterious "colic" that was bothering him. I began to know that the crying, the agitation, the wailing for dear life, was because the baby knew... he could feel it. The devil was after my child.   Read more >

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