Old Hollywood Glamour Waves Make a Red Carpet Comeback

Old Hollywood Glamour Waves Make a Red Carpet Comeback

In lieu of tight updos and loads of hairspray, this year's award show season has surprisingly seen an abundance of soft, natural looking waves reminiscent of the 1920's.

I love the combination of seemingly no-fuss hair and an ultra glamorous dress! The best part of this trend- is that we normal folk can wear it in our every day lives!

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Today I'll share a few tips on how to achieve this popular red carpet trend (seen on Jennifer, Naomi, Amanda and Jessica) and style your hair with loose, glam waves!

1. Start with dry hair and a deep side part. (Apply mouse when wet and either blow dry or air dry.) With a 1" curling iron start curling all your hair- curl each strand towards your head and hold for as long as you can without burning yourself. You want tight curls, so if you need to curl it again, do.

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2. Keep curling until all your hair is done. Spray each strand after you've curled with a firm hold hair spray-and don't be afraid to spray liberally.

3. When you're done curling give your whole head a spray.

4. Slowly comb out your curls until you are left with loose, touchable waves! My hair doesn't hold a curl too well - so I didn't have to comb much, but if yours does you'll have to comb and comb and comb until you get the hair to loosen.

5. Finish with 1 a spritz of hairspray followed by a shine spray.

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