Day 21: "Oh, The Poor Didn’t Want This One "

Day 21: "Oh, The Poor Didn’t Want This One "

 Remember that line in the Sound of Music, when the Captain Von Trappe asks Maria about the ugly dress she is wearing? She answers,

“Oh, the poor didn’t want this one!”

Well that my friends describes most of our fridges, I repeat that line often at our house,

” Oh that sink..well, yes, the poor didn’t want that one.”

Then I laugh loudly because it really IS funny.  I could write a stand up comedy skit about past fridges. One infamous fridge was a Cana Colony reject.  In case you aren’t aware, Cana Colony, run by Madonna House in Eastern Ontario, operates on donations! 

At least the Cana Colony reject was Not frost-free. Former neighbours are still delighted 20 years later  with my summer tradition of filling a baby bathtub with ice and snow from my old-fashioned freezer. They played for more than an hour with spoons, cups, bowls and food colouring as I kept the tub filled with frosty snow.

Shocked by my adult kids

I am literally rocked to my core by an early surprise Christmas gift from all my nine kids,  a new fridge, first ever. How they even came up with the idea I will never know. Actually slowly they are replacing my mismatched pots, silverware and dishes. But this was just so BIG. It stands like a pure white statue, a testament to science and technology, a beacon in my old-fashioned house built in 1886. It is stunningly energy-efficient,  a marvel.

our children 

The Joy of Mothering

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