Odette's OOTD (Cream & Black)

Odette's OOTD (Cream & Black)

The other day Odette wore the cutest outfit that I just had to share! My mom bought her this from TJ Max last year and I couldn't wait for the day for her to finally fit in it :) Classic black and white has always been a favorite of mine! Clearly, as you can see from our black floor and white cabinets it's kind of an obsession. Cream and black combos are also great! Here's one of Odette's outfits from last week:

Her dress is made by Savanah and I seriously wish it was still being sold! Black and white combos are everywhere lately though. Check out all these super cute black and white combos for baby at Old Navy. I also found this adorable skirt from a shop on Etsy for only $15!

Speaking of Odette's outfit, how cute is this dress in cream and black? This would be perfect for a little Mama & Mini twinning!

Dorie Maxi Dress by Necessary Clothing

I'm definitely in love with this black and cream combo! Hope you are all having a great week :)

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