The Number One Drinking Mistake Affecting Your Weight

The Number One Drinking Mistake Affecting Your Weight

What is the number one mistake? Not Drinking Enough Water!

Water – it's all around us. We see it in rivers and oceans, it flows freely from our faucets, it purges into our basements during violent storms. We've always heard how pivotal it is to our overall health and yet somehow most of us fail to get our required daily intake. About 70% of our bodies is water and it is involved in so many essential body functions including flushing waste materials in the body, metabolism, body temperature and digestion.

The Number One Drinking Mistake Affecting Your Weight

If you are on a weight loss journey, you should pay close attention to how much H20 you are drinking on a daily basis. People can spend hundreds of dollars on diet food, exercise equipment, and yoga pants but the key to weight control might be in the glass right in front of them the whole time.

Water and Weight Loss

A healthy intake of water doesn't just maintain your weight loss goals, it actually supports a healthy metabolism so that you can see results faster. Water consumption increases the rate at which you burn calories which means that the exercise that is so vital in trimming your pounds becomes even more efficient. Drinking extra water also helps you to feel more full and you'll have a better chance at passing on that last helping of carbs.

How Water Helps In Exercising

The first thing water does in helping you exercise is quench your thirst so you can work out longer. Being hydrated helps reduce muscle and joint aches while you're pumping iron or logging time on the treadmill. In addition, water lubes up your joints and helps keep muscles from cramping. In addition water helps stave off dehydration, which if it sets in reduces blood volume and thus the oxygen supply to your blood falters and you'll feel tired, nauseated and sluggish.

Water Detoxes the Liver and Kidneys

One thing about drinking a lot more water than you're accustomed to is that you'll have more frequent trips to the bathroom – but that's a good thing. H20 helps to flush toxins out of your kidneys and liver at a quicker pace. One unfortunate thing about burning calories is that the process creates toxins and chemicals, which need to be flushed from your system for optimum health.

Water Promotes a Healthy Metabolism

Having more water flowing through your body helps improve your ability to burn fat and helps metabolism overall. Metabolism is essentially the speed of your body, not how fast you can run the 40-yard-dash but how fast your motor is running, especially at night. The body is burning calories at all times, even while sleeping or lounging while watching TV. This motor needs healthy food for fuel and water to power the body so that the metabolism can increase and thus burn calories and fat at a higher rate. Drinking more water overall is a benefit but water has also been shown to affect the metabolism immediately, like 10 minutes after consumption.

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