The Truth About Waxing!

The Truth About Waxing!

How long has your esthetician been waxing? It's okay to ask. If she is fresh out of school, you may not want her to do your waxing. Try to find someone who has been practicing esthetics for some time. And if the esthetician is new, ask if she has attended other training in waxing. Many schools don't have the clientele to give new esthetician's waxing practice and experience. I'm not saying that all new esthetician's are inexperienced, but do find out if the salon has confidence in their performance.

I haven't been waxed before, could someone just do a test patch? If you are timid about waxing, ask the salon if they could do a small patch on your lower leg. It will give you an idea if you will be red, bumpy and sensitive and you'll understand what kind of pain is involved. Also, you'll be able to tell if you have an allergic reaction, which in my experience has never happened.

A few suggestions:

Take an advil about 30 minutes prior to waxing to help reduce swelling and pain.

Take a small bottle of grapeseed oil to remove excess wax. Most spas have an after wax lotion that they apply but I've worked in many spas that have a mineral oil base in their wax removal oils. Mineral oil will clog pores which will cause breakouts.

Try to relax! Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Because when you tense up, believe it or not, your follicles constrict as well, causing some resistance.

Remember that just prior to menstruation or during menstruation, you are the most sensitive so you may want to avoid waxing then.

If you are pregnant this can also cause sensitivity so do take precaution.

It is normal for those who have course hair to bleed, so don't worry if it happens. It's quite normal.

Accutane and Retin A users may not wax. Both thin the skin and can cause the skin to lift or remove. If you have used either recently and would like to wax, you must be off of the accutane for at least 6 months and Retin A for 3 to 4 weeks.

Do not wax the same day that you have done heavy exfoliation. This will lift the skin as well. My recommendation is to wait about a week after.

It seems like a crazy amount of information, but it helps to understand what's all involved to make your experience more enjoyable. So if this has motivated you to brave the waxing, go for it and good luck!


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