HealthMinder Day at BlogHer '12 Agenda

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Session Details

Day 1

Get Army Strong with a Mini Bootcamp Workout to Kick Off HealthMinder Day

Push-ups. Jumping jacks. Running. Get ready to break a sweat! Join Army Drill Sergeants for a boot camp-style workout to kick off your HealthMinder Day experience. There's no better way to start your day than to work out with the real deal - Army Strong Soldiers! 

This unique opportunity will give you a taste of what it's like to work out with the best of the best. These dedicated Soldiers will take participants through a one-hour fitness routine that rivals any boot camp, after all, they created the original!

Challenge yourself in running, calisthenics and interval training (modifications will be available).

Sign up here!

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Welcome to the First BlogHer HealthMinder Day: There's an App(etite) for That, with Sarah Pollet of Rock Health

Join us at the intersection of health, wellness, and technology at the inaugural HealthMinder Day at BlogHer ’12. Sarah Pollet, COO of Rock Health–a health tech incubator–opens HealthMinder Day with a view of the health tech movement. Healthcare companies, medical professionals, and patients are evolving to use technology and online community to support health goals. Together, we’ll explore the freshly paved road between health and modern technology, learning what innovations are coming that will change the way we take good care.

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Breakout #1: Boundary Basics: The Costs and Benefits of Transparency
Special Needs & Caregiving | Blogging about Your Special Needs Child

10:15 - 10:25 Ask the Experts: Joanne Dwyer, Director of Corporate Communications & Community Relations, CVS Caremark, will open this panel with a brief video from and Eileen Howard Boone, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Community Relations for CVS Caremark, and a brief presentation about CVS Caremark All Kids Can – a signature philanthropic program committed to supporting organizations that are making life easier for children with disabilities.  


10:25 - 11:30  The more we share, the less isolated we feel. Blogging gives us the opportunity to convey messages of hope, strength, and reward alongside the challenges. But it is not without risk: Our blogging can expose us to debate about each care-giving decision. And when we blog, we share not just our stories, but our child’s, in a very public forum. Many of us question our right to do so, even as we also wonder: how else are we going to change the perceptions and policies that impact our children? Ellen Seidman moderates a conversation with experienced parents, caregivers, and bloggers  Marisa Howard-Karp and Kate Canterbury as they tackle these tough questions, head-on.

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Fitness & Nutrition | Good Coach, Bad Coach?

What does a fantastic role model for fitness and nutrition act like online? When do role models become targets? When does language become labels? Fitness & nutrition bloggers expose not just issues, but themselves, and to do so takes thick skin and courage. On the other side of the coin: how do you become a resource and guide without shaming or judging your readers? Roni Noone moderates a conversation with experienced fitness & nutrition bloggers Terry Walters, Tina Shoulders, and Erika Nicole Kendall, as they share the pitfalls and pleaures of community management.

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Self-Care & Social Health | Our Real Health: One of the Last Taboos

There are both strong policies and strong social norms warning us away from being too honest about how we’re really doing, or too forthcoming with solutions. But are we losing the opportunity for better health because we’re worried about losing jobs? How do we improve the conversation between doctors and patients, use online tools to create more participatory medicine, and understand the real risks and rewards? Shwen Gwee moderates a conversation with Barbara FicarraErin Kotecki Vest, and Dr. Kimberly Manning, as they discuss how to lead the charge in self-care.  

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Lunch: Birds of a Feather Lunches
Breakout #2: Expert Help
Special Needs & Caregiving | Becoming an Expert Advocate

2:30-12:40 Ask The Expert: Shannon O. Sullivan, Chief Development Officer, Safe Kids Worldwide, will present Medication Safety: A new report--"Safe Storage, Safe Dosing, Safe Kids,"--by Safe Kids Worldwide with support from McNeil Consumer Healthcare.



12:40-1:40 The best care, education, and support comes when you know how to fight for it… for yourself and for your child. The best understanding and empathy comes when you put a human face on “somebody else’s problem.” Learn how to be the best advocate and evangelist you can possibly be - inside the system, and out. Carol Greenburg moderates an empowering conversation with special needs and disability advocates Kristina Chew and Tanis Miller.

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Fitness & Nutrition | Technology Rocks Your Running Socks

12:30-12:40 Ask The Expert segment, Empowering YOU Through Diagnostics: Stephanie Scott from Ortho Clinical Dignostics, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, will discuss the ways ‘knowing your numbers”  can empower patients to proactively manage their care. She’ll discuss how to shift the paradigm of your health maintenance, to help you partner with your doctor, measure, and maintain your best you!


12:40-1:40 The Quantified Self movement is about gathering and using personal data to deepen self-knowledge about such things as sleep, activity, heart rate, blood glucose, metabolism, productivity - even mood and cognition. AV Flox moderates a conversation with medical expert Katrina Firlik, MD, Best Buy gadget guru Cathy Metzger, and in-the-know blogger Carmen Staicer, who'll share their favorite gadgets, gizmos, apps, and web sites to help you manage your health and achieve your fitness goals.

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Self-Care & Social Health | The Empowered Patient (Beyond Googlenosing!)

12:30-12:40 Ask the Expert: Janelle Peralez Gunn from HealthMinder Day sponsor Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will separate sodium facts from fiction, helping women understand the effect sodium has on their blood pressure... and their risk for heart disease, the number one killer of U.S. women.


12:40-1:40 Ms. Gunn is joined by Kate Brigham, Dr. Roshini Raj, and Rita Sharma, with moderator Denise Tanton to discuss the best tips, tools, and resources to be an informed, empowered patient… at home and with your medical team.


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Break and Sponsor Demos
Breakout #3: The Mind-Body Connection
Special Needs & Caregiving | Overcoming Burnout: Replenishing Your Reserves

"Place the mask on yourself first, and then help those around you who are unable to assist themselves." Easier said than done. We wear many hats every day: caregivers, therapists, teachers, and much more. Somewhere in that mix, however, we also need to take care of ourselves. This session, moderated by "the other" Julia Roberts, offers up practical, reasonable, and realistic tips on replenishing your reserves from involved and invested special needs bloggers Susan Senator and Laura Shumaker.

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Fitness & Nutrition | Dedication vs. Obsession

When does paying attention to our fitness and nutrition, and using online tracking as accountability method, go overboard? When does “The Quantified Self” become the obsessive self? Join Stephanie Quilao in a discussion with Gena Hamshaw, Angelica Perez-Litwin, and Renee Ross, who talk about how you address these questions with yourself, or when you fear you are seeing signs of this in your community.

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Self-Care & Social Health | How Online Community Can Improve Offline Health

2:10-3:10 Given the connection between mental state and physical well-being, it’s not surprising that online community can be a key lifeline for patient bloggers. Online tools, mobile apps, and human ingenuity are changing the game for every part of the health community. Jen Lee Reeves leads a conversation with Mailet Lopez, Katherine Stone, and Robin Strongin, about the incredible impact their online community has made on their offline health and well-being. 

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Closing Keynote: Bringing It All Together, with Dr. Pamela Peeke

After a full day of intensive and intimate programming exploring how we take care of others and ourselves, join Dr Pamela Peeke for our closing keynote. We’ll bring all of this information together to help you take the next steps on your personal health and wellness journey. We’ll look at our common interests, goals, and obstacles, and learn how we can empower ourselves–and each other–to live better, healthier lives. 

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