We Can Sustain Our World - Videoblogging Part 3

We Can Sustain Our World - Videoblogging Part 3

I have more goodies for you from the videoblogging realm. This time we are going to take a quick look at taking water out of a veggie car, how to convert plastic shopping bags into a messenger bag and answer the question can you turn a desert into a garden?

Videoblogs are not always slick and polished. There are times all you need is a camcorder and a reason to record. A lot of people I know want to check out the veggie oil cars. Greg from Greg’s Video Blog shows us how to remove the water from the restaurant oil he uses to run his car.

Will billions of plastic bags heading for landfills what can we do with all the food and shopping bags that we have in our home. Bre Pettis from Make Magazine can show you how to create a messenger bag out of trash bags. Reduce, reuse and re-fashion.

Next we switch our attention to how Brad Lancaster created a natural self caring eco-system by harvesting rain water. He turned an curbside piece of land in Tucson into a beautiful garden. Take this trip on The Sustainable Route.

Now if you can do that for a driveway can you do the same for a true desert? Check out Sarah Rich’s photo/video presentation "Greening the Desert" at World Changing. Their premise is:

"...that the tools, models and ideas for building a better future lie all around us. That plenty of people are working on tools for change, but the fields in which they work remain unconnected".

In this final video you will find out that there are business people who believe you can build sustainability into a business. A restaurant sustainability as a focal point? Cooking Up a Story take a peak at at a sustainable restaurant being built from the ground up.

Next time - We are traveling to worlds both internal and external. As always questions and comments are welcomed.

Image Credit: The Sustainable Route - Brad Lancaster


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