We Are The Teachers - Videoblogging Part 2

We Are The Teachers - Videoblogging Part 2

Editor's note: Gena Haskett is speaking on Day Two of BlogHer '07 on the Multimedia Advanced Video Lab. Don't miss her previous article, We Are The Tellers of Stories - Videoblogging Part 1

There are teachers all over the joint. Some are called “Mom”. Some are called “Nerd” and some are just called by spirit to share what they know. In these videos there are lessons on project planning, how to make Cynotype prints, raw food recipes and a bit more. Let’s get started.

There is creativity in starting a business. Sometimes you have to make your own tools. Shirley George Frasier is a businesswoman. There are things to do, coordinate and manifest into reality. You got have a plan and she shows you how to make your own Project Planning sheet.

Cheryl, who is a teacher and an artist, has a two part video on how to create a certain type of print using a chemical and the light of the sun.

Freshtopia has videos about preparing delicious healthy food. It is also about how Barb, Oscar and Tanja incorporate sustainability issues in an urban life style with a sense of humor.

Here is a niche problem that you aren’t going to see even on PBS. You are trying to communicate to the general public about water issues like pollution, quality control and the importance of coral reefs?

How do you share information with a population that is for all intent and purposes are not science literate? How do you teach the scientists how to talk to the rest of us? Erick Eckl has a few answers that even the non-geeky can understand.

All of the above videos had to plan how to create the finished product. One of the concepts we want to show you in the Multimedia Lab – Advanced Video Lab is storyboarding.

Robin, Cheryl and I hope you can join us. But fear not if you can't. I sure portion will be posted on multiple videoblogs after the event. There will be three vloggers in the room. One of use is bound to have a camcorder running. ;-)

If you have any questions or comments about the videos or questions about the Lab please leave a comment.

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