We Are The Tellers of Stories - Videoblogging Part 1

We Are The Tellers of Stories - Videoblogging Part 1

We are the daughters and sons of the Griots, of the ancestors who sat around the fire who spoke the words and told the tales of years gone by. By text, photo, audio or video we carry the tradition forward. Each one of us adds our own narrative to the life pool of stories.

Robin, Cheryl and I are really excited to be a part of the Multimedia Advanced Video Lab presentation. We will be covering some of the advanced skills in Videoblogging.

But we also wanted to share with you some of the goodies that you can find that are being created by video bloggers. In the next few posts I want to share with you the kind of work being done by videobloggers.

My problem is what to pick? I’ve taken my cues from some of the BlogHer posts and BlogHer Acts and tried to find videos that relate to current interests plus a few that I could not leave out.

In order to view these videos you need a broadband connection or a lot of time for dial-up downloads.

Many times vlogging is presented by Mainstream Media (M$M) as nothing more than people sitting in front of their web cams talking about the fourth fingernail on the left hand. I’m sure there are might be some videos like that but I want to share with you videos that are much more.

Personal Narratives

In 2006 Simon Dorfman recorded a series of videos of folks trying to make their way after Hurricane Katrina. In this video, Marilyn talks about not being worried about losing the house, but of her loss of community. People of New Orleans

Many times you don’t get to see intergeneration women communicating with each other on M$M. Here is a funny, touching and perplexing account of a visit to Nanna’s house Visit with Nanna

Alicia in Ojai wants to show you the other side of her breast cancer surgery. This may have no interest to you unless you or someone you love are about to face the same thing. There are times when seeing the thing you fear the most helps to take the sting out of it. Alicia Coral

From community, to family to self in these videos we are all linked to each other.

Next time, the different forms of "How-To" videos. Please let me know if you viewed the videos and what you though of them or any comments you would like to express.

Gena Haskett
Out on The Stoop


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