Tell Your Story, Win $10,000

Tell Your Story, Win $10,000

Part of the reason that so many women have embraced blogging is because we have interesting stories to tell. Sometimes they are big stories about a huge milestone in life, sometimes little stories about the minutiae of one's daily grind, some hilarious, some sad, but generally, they are all important personal stories to the blogger. This is certainly why I started blogging. I had something to say, and I hope to find a wider audience who might be interested in it. I have lots of great company in this aim.

Thus I hope that many women who blog will be interested in Glamour magazine's annual essay contest. Basically, the contest asks for a 2500-4000 word personal essay. The winner gets $10,000 and a trip to NYC. (Ironically, they will not guarantee that they actually print the essay, but as my friend Des said, she'll take the money regardless.) It's a good deal.

Some of us bloggers might not think of ourselves as writers, but really, comb through your blog a moment. How many little stories have you told that really add up to a bigger picture of what makes you you? I've been reading a number of women blogs, and I think the winner of this contest should be one of us. If, in fact, a BlogHer does win, I promise to take you out to a nice dinner when you get to New York.

Writers, start your laptops.

Suzanne plans to enter this contest and also blogs at Camapign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants


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