Blogher, What Is Your Media Consumption Diet? You are tagged...

Blogher, What Is Your Media Consumption Diet? You are tagged...

Last week, Jeremiah Owyang  started a meme on personal media consumption and asked that others join in...Media 2.0 Workgroup members Chris Saad and Peter Kim, quickly posted responses and Brian Keith, Martin McKeay, Zac Echola also joined in.  Brian Keith started a meme line extension, the social consumption diet and David Thulin asked about the media production diet.

As of today, the media consumption diet meme is building but like the speakers at tech conferences, there seems to be a shortage of women responders. Virginnia DeBolt's post captures this latest flame up of the ongoing issue of gender diversity at web conferences.

As best as I can tell Daniela Barbosa and I are the only women partcipating in this particular diet on this meme. Daniela updated an earlier post she had written on the subject which includes a great video. 

So, I am tagging you, Blogher. Media Consumption? Social Consumption? Media Production? Buffet or ala carte...

I have included what I posted in response to Jeremiah's request, below; my comments on social consumption are here.

Web: Primarily, I use RSS via Netvibes which has virtually replaced Bloglines. I also run Touchstone which keeps me alerted to the feeds and keywords that I am most interested in paying attention to. Although I get the feeds from  memeorandum and Megite on Netvibes and feeds from Techmeme on my own blog, I check the sites several times a day to see who is talking about what.

Also, news from email alerts from Simply  Headlines which sends me to the site if interested.

Communication: Email access on my laptop or on my Blackberry Pearl. IM via Skype is mostly always on. Occasionally I will get email at MySpace or Facebook.
I am not quite climbing the Twitter adoption curve.

I found it interesting that of the Media Consumption posts that I have seen thus far, only Chris Saad (MySpace) and Brian Keith (Facebook) even mention those social networks as a source of communication...the only social network receiving much attention thus far has been Twitter.

TV: This part of the diet has direct influence on the one above...I keep the TV running (TV so no music) in the background with the computer in the foreground.
Jeremiah says this is a Gen Y a Boomer, I might have to say that it may characterize that demo,  but I think it also characterizes the media addicted, accross generations.

Fox News is on as background virtually all day when I am not on the phone. Old habits die hard. In the evenings, I switch around between MSNBC, Comedy Central,Leno, Conan and the like. If I remember to watch, I like Boston Legal and House.

Books: One of my former life's pleasures, less so now regretably. Rarely read fiction since that was a bedtime activity when that had a more regular nightime schedule. I have an ADD reading style, with a number of books in various stages of being read.

Newspapers: Wall Street Journal, mostly online is about the only regular read.   Get email updates from the New York Times, Boston Globe and the Christian Science Monitor. Other MSM newspaper news comes from search on a topic or links.

Movies: Another evolving consumption habit which for the past two years has become glaringly obvious at Academy Awards time...I see most movies on cable on demand or DVD, not in theaters so I tend to be slightly behind.

Like Chris, I feel like I currently have a shorter attention span than sitting still for a two hour movie would allow, though I don't attribute it to TV habits. I attribute it in my case more to continuous partial attention.
And at home, I can  better control this than in a theater, where the only things that needs attention is the movie and the popcorn

Music: I am totally old school here...CDs in the car or my kids' IPod if they are with me.

Magazines: I only have 2 paid subscription magazines left, The New Yorker and Moto(The magazine formerly known as Worthwhile).

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