Stop Whining about Political Correctness – Or should we?

Stop Whining about Political Correctness – Or should we?

During the past year, I’ve been getting real confused. The manipulation of definitions, the twisting and turning of arguments….I just don’t know what to do (insert sarcasm here). We now live in a society where when someone who is negatively judged by their ethnicity, sexuality or gender has the courage to speak out, they can be called a racist.

No one likes to be told that they’re wrong and the most common reaction when confronted with a ‘no no’ is to refute the supposed intent of the gaffe. Some cry that it was a misunderstanding, some turn it around to assert the accusers perceived insecurity and insensitivity, and some just blame…well, everyone else but themselves.

When political correctness – and from my limited understanding is/was in part, an attempt to eradicate language and behaviour that proved offensive to various groups – is now dismissed as being deterrence to how people really feel. You know, people, like Violent Acres are just chomping at the bit to scream N***er at the top of their lungs. Folks like her are gettin’ tired of saying “African American” instead of “Coloured,” “Coon” or whatever people use in the confines of their private space. To her, people avoid interactions with, in this case, racial minorities because they are afraid of being misinterpreted:

I’m sick of wondering if the term African American is the only one available to me or is it ok to call someone a ‘black guy.’ I’m sick of covertly wording a sentence to describe someone only to leave out their color because I’m not sure how to do it non-racist-ly. I’m sick of avoiding conversations about race relations because an overheard repeated insult might just earn me an ass whooping. Sure, I could dart my eyes around and breathlessly whisper, “Then he said the N-word!” But seriously, now! The N-word? Are we fucking children here?.......Again: How are we supposed to learn that you’re just like us (only with better fashion sense) if we avoid interaction with you simply because we don’t want to accidentally offend?

Notice how she writes "how are we supposed to learn?" Learn what? Read a goddamned book or something if you're too afraid to interact with people outside of your race. Blackamazon responded to Acre’s post with this:

Yes some of us are fucking children.

Some of us still believe that whatever we want to say should have no consequences what so ever.

That you should be able to say whatever you want and do whatever you want no consequences while claiming your rampant entitlement is " Good"for race/gender relations.

...You think we don't know. You think we don't know you say that shit in private.

Oh wait that's right, people haven't stopped saying that shit in public.

N****** is not a slip of the tongue.

Niether is coon. or gook. or chink. or mutt. I've been called all these things often with threats on my life.

The just words argument never addresses history. When someone whose never been called those things whines about how hard it makes things now, never about the reality of how the taboo was created.

As a commentor on Fetch Me my axe said,"One thing that for some reason keeps happening is people keep thinking that PC-ness is about stopping people from saying what they want to say. It's not actually about that, but about courtesy." Besides common courtesy, does the rejection of political correctness mean that not only are people inherently racist, but that there will never be any change? Do people feel so constrained because it is not PC to use racist slurs in public? Are they chomping at the bit to use them?


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