News Flash: Hillary Clinton Is Not Pregnant

News Flash: Hillary Clinton Is Not Pregnant

This is not about Hillary.  Anyone rising as high as she has would get what she’s getting.  A drubbing over her hair, rump, ankles, marital choices, femininity or the lack thereof, “likeability,” and now, another ageist reference via “Grandma.”

Per the Guardian Liberty Voice:

"During the Women in the World conference Hillary is quoted to have said, ‘The double standard is alive and well, and I think in many respects the media is the principal propagator of its persistence.”  Some in the media may have perceived this comment as a challenge and opportunistically chosen to swing back and make it personal."

They don’t need provocation to attack her.  Media outlets on the left and right have been doing that for 22 years.  But this time, that may be beside the point.

By Hillary Clinton drawing attention to the sexist bias early, coupled with the strategy of talking up the empowerment of women and girls, an issue near to her heart, she is making the issue a centerpiece of any possible campaign.  Hillary is daring the mainstream media to land on the wrong side of progress by putting forth the same sexist line of attack they did in 2008.

If they do, social media is a far more powerful tool than it was six years ago.  The ability to counter an attack with its viral opposite is a far greater risk for the shock jocks and purportedly serious pundits who would “concern troll” about a woman’s age or ability to juggle various responsibilities about which a man would not be questioned.

There has been some speculation that Hillary’s longing to become a grandmother may make her turn down the golden opportunity to run for the Presidency.  Yet she has been feathering the nest in every practical way in preparation for a ‘yes’ decision via her many speeches in diverse venues across the nation, her upcoming book on her tenure as Secretary of State, and her continuing work on behalf of Too Small to Fail and the Clinton Foundation.  It is hard to imagine any scenario where Hillary Clinton chooses not to take the leap.

If indeed she does run, operatives on both sides may get more blowback than expected if they continue foolish conspiracy theories and ageist, sexist attacks that do nothing but alienate sensible voters, and make the accusers seem more and more on the fringe.

Sometimes a baby is just a baby.

 *Originally published at EPIC TIMES.*


Anita Finlay is the bestselling author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin.  Sharing the untold story of Hillary's 2008 campaign, Dirty Words exposes media sexism in a society not as evolved as advertised.  "The book tells it like it is for women aspiring to power."  #1 on Amazon's Women in Politics books for 16 weeks.

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