head explodingThis may very well be what I look like at the end of January. I signed up for not one, but TWO blog challenges this month, AND I signed up for a reading challenge over at 'GoodReads.'! I wanted to be challenged and these challenges will definitely do that!

The first challenge is the monthly blog challenge hosted by Blogher. Seems only fitting that their theme for the month is 'Pressure.' You can sign up for this one until January 5th, 2014 and they have daily prompts that you can follow or you can write on your own, which is usually what I choose to do.
NaBloPoMo January 2014

The second challenge is the Ultimate Blog Challenge. They email you daily prompts but again, you can write on your own choosing your own topics. I haven't found a deadline for sign up on this challenge. It simply says, 31 posts in January. I actually finished their last challenge and it was probably because I could double up on posts if I missed a day. The rules just say 31 posts in the month of January, it doesn't say you must post every day.


My third challenge is the reading challenge hosted by GoodReads. I committed myself to reading 50 books in the year 2014. I'm sure I'll exceed that amount but it's going to be a very busy year for me so I erred on the side of caution with this one. The book I'm currently reading is "Blood Brothers" by Nora Roberts.

book challenge blood brothers nora robertsUnfortunately, I discovered after I started reading this book that it is one book of three in the the 'Sign Of Seven Trilogy.'  
book seriesPretty much how I feel at the moment...

So who else's head is going to explode from challenge overload? 
Did any of you sign up for a challenge or multiple challenges?
And for all of you readers out there, how do you feel about reading books that are part of a series? I don't know, for me it's sorta' like that pic above. I kinda' need to be prepared for that kind of commitment. One thing that does piss me off about books in a series is if I read them out of sequence! Someone will tell me I should read a certain book, so I do and then I find out it was book #2 of 4. Really? You couldn't have given me a heads up?? What kind of book reading friend are you?? These are the same people that will say, "Oh you're gonna' love the ending, it's not what you think." Ugh. Just.Shut.Up! Let me read the book myself! Guess I'm a little picky about my reading.. I'm sure I'm not alone. Who else out there has some reading/book quirkiness??


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