New Mom Goes Holiday Glam

New Mom Goes Holiday Glam

Oh girls!! It's my first Christmas season as a mommy! I am going to be taking so many photos in the next few weeks. I want to have good memories of this time of year, and I want to look good in those photos! My everyday uniform is leggings and a hoodie or sweats and a tee. Hair: bun or two little girl braids. NOT sexy.

So, although from day to day I'm usually looking a hot mess:

Before getting glammed up

I'm excited for the holidays so I can do a bit of what I'll call "glamification." I'm sure John will be happy about that as well. I'm talking makeup, nails, cute outfits, but most important...good lookin' hair!

For Thanksgiving I didn't get as glam as I expected, because we were rushing to get out of the house. I did whip my hair into this updo:

Holiday updo

It was just a bun with a side braid, but it was the beginning of me getting my butt back in gear hair-wise.

Christmas is coming and I've got to look cute for a party on Christmas Eve and a dinner on Christmas.  My outfit ideas are:

Christmas Eve outfit

Christmas outfit

I'm definitely straightening my hair for Christmas. You guys already know I have my straightening technique down to a science:

Wash, condition, moisturize, air dry, oil, flatiron. This is the only way to get my curly hair bone straight and have it stay that way. Once in a while I'll throw a serum or a heat protectant in the mix, but usually I stick to that basic regimen.

Hair straightening regimen

  1. First I wash with a sulfate/paraben-free shampoo. I prefer shampoos that don't suds up and leave my hair feeling clean and moisturized at the same time.
  2. Then I will either condition with a moisturizing conditioner, or if I'm not feeling lazy, I'll do a deep conditioner with heat.
  3. 3. I moisturize my hair with a water-based moisturizer that's nice and light so it doesn't weigh my hair down and then I braid it up in two to four braids so it can air dry.
  4. 4. After it's dry (either several hours later, or the next day) I will loosen the braids and apply my beloved coconut oil to each section.
  5. 5. Then I just use my flatiron and go very slowly down small sections of hair to be sure the hair gets bone straight with only one pass of the flatiron. The less exposure to direct heat, the better my hair is.

Once my hair is straight, I may experiment with updos like this:

Holiday updo

I'm still not sure what I'll do yet. I always plan to do one thing, and then I end up with a totally different style or outfit before leaving the house. Do you do that too?!

What are your hair/fashion/beauty plans for this holiday season?

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