New Literary Releases

New Literary Releases

Hello Everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing great today. On Facebook, I love bringing work of creative people to the forefront. I love it when people ask me to share their work on my little Facebook page. It makes me humble, to know that people trust me enough to share something so close, so personal, like their work. Because as all of us know, our work is a part of us. We are our work. Every word that we write, every blog post that we publish and every picture that is shared, are reflections of us. And it is important that everyone remembers not to take it lightly.

So, when someone gives me the permission to share their work with others, I feel that it is my duty to do so. One of my good friends on Facebook, is named Tasha Gwartney. I've mentioned her before in other blog posts, here on Blogher.

Tasha Gwartney is an author that has created several books, that can be found also on Tasha's latest literary works are,  "Mirage" and "Bound". If you are interested in what these books are about, here's the links to them.

For "Mirage",

For "Bound",

They are available on Kindle as well. I hope that you all will check them out.


To find out more about Tasha Gwartney, log on to