New Ways to Earn Money From Your Influence: With BlogHer Economy 2012+

New Ways to Earn Money From Your Influence: With BlogHer Economy 2012+

At the closing keynote of the BlogHer '12 conference Saturday, Elisa, Jory (in absentia) and I announced that from 2009 to 2011, BlogHer Inc. has paid out $17 million to 4,250 women—and men!—who write blogs and are influential in social media. We are so proud to have been able to make a real difference in your lives during a recession economy—and to announce even more opportunities to support yourself with BlogHer—starting today! Read on below to learn how BlogHer’s network and services are expanding in order to embrace ALL your social media influence—blogs, video, mobile, Twitter, Pinterest, and whatEVer is next around the corner—to help you accomplish your goals financially, professionally, personally..

BlogHer 2012 closing keynote
Image: Danielle Tsi

First, some context: During our keynote conversation, we called for questions and feedback from bloggers who were paid via the “BlogHer Economy.” As usual, the community responded with bracing honesty. Missy Germain from Bitten and Bound shared her struggle with health issues and medical bills. She told us that BlogHer has made the difference for her while her family has been caught in the difficult place between making too much money to qualify for subsidized insurance, but not enough money to afford retail health insurance, while the bills have been stacking up at a scary pace.

Missy’s got company: We surveyed all 4,250 bloggers who earned this $17 million via BlogHer. They told us:

52% spent on discretionary items

“With the income I earn through BlogHer, I am able to do projects around my home that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. And to take my husband and boys out to dinner every now and then... I'm totally grateful for that!” ~ Lakeitha Duncan, Home to Three Duncan Boys

43% invested in their blogs and online activities

“This is my entire livelihood, plus I employ five people, one full-time and the rest part-time ... I’m making more money than I ever did in advertising and I’m doing something I have incredible passion for.” ~ David Leite, Leite’s Culinaria

16% bought groceries

“Joining BlogHer has been a tremendous blessing in my life this year. My husband lost his job and the money that I have earned through BlogHer has helped keep us afloat during this difficult time.” ~ Beth Hunter, Home Stories A2Z

12% paid mortgages and rents

“Ad revenue and reviewer income means I can afford my daughter's insulin -- and it also means that I can work three bartending shifts instead of five, so, money to buy essentials, plus more time with my family.” ~ Zakary Watson, Raising Colorado

12% paid off and/or avoided debt

For those of us who have been inspired and moved and changed by blogs, there’s no way to put a dollar value on how they have affected our lives, our hearts and our minds. The BlogHer Economy also empowers BlogHer Inc. to create a global stage to spotlight incredible social change–such as the panel on foundations led by Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock—and important writing. Fungai Machirori of Fungai Neni, one of BlogHer's International Activist Scholarship recipients, stood up at BlogHer ’12 and told the story of how she was denied a visa after being selected for the scholarship last year–and we were privileged to host her at BlogHer ’12 this year. If you were at the panel she shared with Ana P. Santos, Maha Elsanosi, and Tara Livesay, you know how inspirational she is. (And if you weren't, go read the liveblog immediately.)

Thanks to you both, Missy and Fungai, for standing up and sharing the differences BlogHer has made for you!

Now, to the good stuff: Opportunities for us to support the YOU who is reading, too. Below we describe all the different parts BlogHer Influencer Network, and tell how you can join in what works best for YOU.

Become a Social Media Influencer

Our Social Media Influencer programs are specifically designed to live on your social media platform of choice–you don’t need a blog, just a voice and a passion to reach other women. We work with and value Influencers of all sizes and backgrounds and pay you for your work. We’ll select Influencers for sponsored campaigns based on a number of factors, including the sponsor’s requests and our own best judgment, based on what we know about you and your readers. As we match you with possible opportunities, we’ll let you know—and you can decide if you’re interested on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Signup began Tuesday, August 7.

Join the BlogHer TV Influencers

BlogHer TV Influencers can earn revenue by hosting the BlogHer TV video player on their blog. BlogHer TV Influencers are also eligible for blog-based BlogHer reviewer opportunities. And-you don't need to join the BlogHer Publishing Network to become a BlogHer TV Influencer! Sign up began Tuesday, August 7.

I heard several bloggers asking about original video content last Saturday. We're interested in hearing what you have to say! Email with your ideas.

Join the BlogHer Publishing Network

With more than 3,000 blogs, the BlogHer Publishing Network one of the largest and highest quality publishing networks of blogs authored by women. Join our publishing network and you'll be paid a revenue share from ad campaigns that run on your blog and for participating in product review programs.Get started now!

Write for BlogHer

The BlogHer editorial team features great writing from all around the blogosphere on If we choose to republish a post from your blog or assign an original post to you, we will put it on our homepage, promote it via our social media channels, and pay you for it. You don't need to be a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network to write for BlogHer or have a post syndicated on Learn more about original writing and syndication opportunities.

Join the BlogHer Book Club

BlogHer pays selected writers for their editorial opinions on the featured titles in the BlogHer Book Club. Reviewers post on their blog, participate in book club discussions, and bring exposure to these titles. Your reviews do not have to be positive, and you do not have to be a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network to join. Sign up for the Book Club waiting list—and meanwhile, find out what we’re reading next. Everyone’s welcome to read and join in the conversation.

Get started by polishing your profile.

As of Tuesday, August 7, you'll be able to see and sign up to become a Social Media Influencer and BlogHer TV Influencer. You'll do so through your profile. Get started right now by registering and creating a profile, or logging in and making sure it's up to date. Then check out the tab that says MY OPPORTUNITIES. Go for it! Don't forget to read the BlogHer Influencer Network Quality Guidelines, too, for more information about how things work.

BlogHer's mission from the beginning has been to create opportunities for women in social media, whether it’s exposure, education, community, or economic empowerment you desire. What opportunities are you interested in having us create next-and what do you think of these new revenue opportunities? As always, BlogHer is an entirely new kind of media company–created by, for, and with YOU. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



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