The Nested Blog "Really Friggin' Sophisticated" Followship Giveaway

The Nested Blog "Really Friggin' Sophisticated" Followship Giveaway

Ok, kittens. Today is the sort of day where I’m going to shamelessly plug for this blog.
And then I’m going to offer you presents.
So it’s not all bad, right?
I am amassing a collection of items for some giveaways that I’ll be hosting in the near future. And no, I am not amassing them from my apartment as a way to clear out the hoarder-nest before we move in May. These are legit items from legit vendors. 
But here’s the catch: you have to earn the giveaway.
I know, I know, I know, I’m an evil internet fame-whore bent on world blog domination. Blah, blah, blah.
But I have been told that there are dozens of you that read this blog religiously who are not followers on my Google Friend Connect.

(*cough* I’m looking at you my little Shady Pi’s and dear Illinoisans. *cough*)
I’m averaging 400 page views a day and only have 115 followers via GFC. Here’s why that’s a problem:
I am absolutely floored that so many people are reading Nested. No, really – it completely blows me away.
I would like to continue to blog and make it even bigger and better, i.e. get some advertising, etc. But in order to do this, I need to have “stats” to show.
This is where you come in. I’m trying to get my follower numbers to resemble my page view numbers a little more closely. And I’ll reward you handsomely.
Giveaway Item #1 – 125 Followers
Giveaway Item #2 – 150 Followers
Giveaway Item #3 – 175 Followers
Giveaway Item #4 – 200 Followers
Trust me, kids – I’m not giving you grocery store coupons. I’m giving away beautiful items that I KNOW will be of interest to you. 

Follow this handy infographic to follow me on Google Friend Connect!
Ok, fine. So it's not much of a "infographic." But that sounds way more official than "screenshot I took and then cropped using Microsoft Paint because apparently they still install that on computers." 

While you’re following via GFC, click this link and follow me on BlogLovin’ as well.
Follow on Bloglovin
(Note for my friends with blogs– The rumors are true. Google is doing away with GFC as it currently exists sometime this summer. I’m not exactly sure what this means, but you should open a BlogLovin’ account now if you want to preserve all of your lists. I’m doing a marketing post on this issue and BlogLovin’ next week – never fear.)
So here are the key points: You follow, you could win free stuff. And the way the giveaway widgets work, there will be opportunities for you to enter more than once. Cool, right?
So help me build my blog and I’ll send you presents, awesome presents!
Stay tuned to tomorrow’s blog for a bonus “And that’s when I realized…” from my dad. Because he’s awesome. And because I nearly choked on my coffee when he sent me his post and then cried for like 10 minutes and laughed for another 10 minutes and then finally went and got more coffee. (It's decaf, Bev. I'm just really excited. xx) 
I’m headed to the Mile High City this weekend for a bridal shower/mini-bachelorette party and, because Colorado is such a beautiful state and it will be a weekend full of shenanigans, I’ll probably be using the shit out of Instagram. You know, because I’m a hipster now or something. Follow me on Instagram!
And while we’re following me in all my quirky glory, why dontcha follow me everywhere else, too!
Warning: my instagram is currently dominated by photos of my dogs and food that has gone in my face. I promise that I’ll try to use this weekend to diversify my portfolio.
Follow and win, kittens!
Happy Thursday, y’all. 

Katie Pilkington

Writer of Nested and Bourbon - Neat - and Baking on the Rocks