National Orgasm Day: Come One, Come All!

National Orgasm Day: Come One, Come All!

It's time to celebrate!!

July 31 is National Orgasm Day!!


For several years now, there has been a bit of mostly online-based lore about celebrating orgasms on July 31. There was a website about it at some point, I'm sure, and we know that is all it takes these days to make a holiday real, right? The success of "Steak And Blowjob Day" is credited to the perpetuation of lore via online memes and yes, an official website. Let's just roll with it.


Orgasm is

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Who doesn't love a great orgasm? Well, at least 10-15% of women who have never experienced one. Because these women likely have no idea what an orgasm is supposed to feel like, it is difficult to help them achieve one because they don't know what they should be looking for. I also wonder if women report never having experienced one because they don't know what it feels like. If you watch movies, mainstream or adult, you might become convinced that your orgasm should be an reenactment of an exploding volcano of lady juices. Not quite, ladies.

According to a study published a few years ago, 75% of women have trouble having orgasms during intercourse alone. If it weren't for oral sex and sex toys, most women would be so backed up, we'd have to invent orgasm laxatives to help move things along:

"Are you experiencing a not-so-at-ease feeling? Going through life wondering when it will all just come down?Struggling to find a way to release your tension? Orgasmalax might be for you. Side effects include: into-the-head eye-rolling, intense toe-curling, temporary blindness and paralysis of the lower extremities. Ask your doctor if it is right for you."

For the women who have had orgasms, but find they are difficult to come by, I suggest you speak more candidly with your lover about what works and what doesn't. Communicate your wants and needs and work together to help you reach that peak. I also recommend introducing sex toys, if you've not yet done so, and get down with some self-exploration. If you've never had one, I recommend you make a pact with yourself to at least try to make yourself cum by the end of this year. Not having an orgasm isn't the end of the world, though, and many people have fulfilling sex lives without experiencing them with any type of regularity. Don't feel too bad; you're not alone.

One more thing: Stop faking it! Yes, there are several reasons why both men and women fake orgasms, and I understand all of them. I really do! I used to fake it at least 80% of the time. I just want you to stop settling for catering to others' egos and be selfish for once! You deserve that orgasm! It is your right as a living, breathing, tax-paying, litter-disposing citizen of the world to reach the mountaintop of lust!!

Now, excuse me. I need to prepare to celebrate this holiday the right way ;)

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