Ever wondered, why that lady was continuously staring at you even when you were looking stunning in that party? Your tresses were neatly done, you were wearing the best stilettos and your accessories were talk of the town…

You did best to steal the show, but unfortunately didn’t pay much attention to your hands and feet nails. They were clearly depicting that in the daily routine work, you always forget to clean them. Reason could be anything – You were too busy in your work and did not get time to get a manicure done or you thought, people would be least bothered to notice them. True???

It’s a general practice with any woman who is too busy to try out new things with nails. And that’s why, here are some quick tips to make your nails look fabulous all the time even when you do not visit an expensive salon for two months:-

1)      Trim / Cut nails – Always keep trimming your nails whenever they become too long. No one likes to be considered a Vampire. Right?

Especially for toe nails, do not cut them in curved shape, instead make them straight. It tends to encourage toe injuries or can lead to the problem of ingrown nails later on.

2)      Use quality products – Beware of cheap and lower quality products. You may find them very fascinating at first because of low price, but in the long run, it will only deteriorate the quality of your nails.

3)      Beautify your nails – Like any other part of your body, nails also need care to look beautiful. Try to keep your nails clean all the time and wherever possible, use gloves.

Here are few quick tricks to keep them fit:-

  • To avoid nails from chipping off, use warm olive oil to massage or dip your finger and toe nails for approximately 15 minutes after every 2-3 days. It will help in hardening them.
  • To get rid of patches on nails, squeeze few drops of lemon juice in lukewarm water and dip your nails for 5 minutes and then apply some good moisturizer and massage them. It’s a healthy way to get rid of patches and stains.

 4)      Eat healthy diet – Many people complain of brittle and fragile nails. It is mostly due to insufficiency of iron intake in their bodies. Hence, start taking iron rich diets such as, beans, egg yolks, dates, apricots, lentils, spinach, parsley, whole grain products, etc.

5)      Avoid biting nails – Habitual or out of nervousness, stay away from biting or chewing your nails. It damages the shape and can lead to skin infections with permanent nail breaks.

6)      Winter care – Low temperature can seriously damage the nails if you do not take proper care of them. On an average, nails contain 18 percent water and harsh climatic conditions can cause them to break and chip.

So, whenever you need to go out, wear gloves and moisturize them to avoid nail dehydration.

7)      Avoid using nails as tools – Every now and then, in the lack of time or just to avoid any extra effort, many people tend to use their nails as tools – to open up boxes, open pins or scratch things. Such activities eventually lead to weaker and brittle nails. So, be conscious on how and where not to use them.

As any other body part, nails also seek little bit of concern, pampering and balanced diet. It is not difficult to maintain flawless nails, we just need to follow a regular regime to make them brighter, shiner, stronger and refreshing!!

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