Rehtaeh Parsons: In Canada, I Can't Even Say Her Name

In Canada, I can't tell you the story of Rehtaeh Parsons. I can't tell you about how, when Rehtaeh was 15, she went to a house party and had too much to drink and ended up, after a wretched series of events, vomiting out a window as a boy violated her from behind. I can't tell you about how someone else took a photo of this moment as the boy behind her smiled and gave a thumbs-up. ...more
Powerful piece– deeply moving. November 25th is the U.N's Day to End Violence Against Women... ...more

Remembering @TrappedAtMyDesk: What a Life Looks Like in Tweets

What do we leave behind us?I’m not talking about leftover food or dirty laundry. I mean what happens when we’re gone?...more
Heather2run TrappedAtMyDesk I watched it this morning and cried so many tears.more

The NHL Is Losing Its Brains

Because they’re all getting smashed in to a pulp against the boards.I’m telling you, [NHL exec] Brendan Shanahan has got to feel cursed. Here he is, with the highest TV ratings of a playoff round in years. The US audience is actually tuned in for a change. And yet at the same time, every single night his iPhone lights up with 10,724 voice mails, texts and twitter messages about yet ANOTHER player getting floored by yet ANOTHER dirty head shot.Hope he has a flat rate for texting, is all I can say....more
I can't watch hockey, it's so violent. My friends all call it the "white man" sport. Disturbing.more

The Potty Is My Alamo (And I Can't Blame My Child)

I am pretty sure I'm doing this potty training thing wrong. mean, I think I know "how" to do it "right," or at least "right" by various wise people's definitions. Except I can't seem to do it. My part, anyway. I cannot just bite the bullet and pitch the diapers and just DO THIS. This is my first real parenting mountain that I'm having trouble climbing, as it were. Potty training is scaring the crap out of me....more
Bahaha! Love this. So familiar. But don't worry about road trips... Potty-in-trunk. Problem Solved.more

The Great Unsubscribe of 2010

My inbox overflowed. Every single day. Emails. Emails. Insane amounts of emails. My inbox was crazy. All of my inboxes were packed. I have 7 inboxes that I actively use, and all of them were crazy, with my primary account being the craziest of all. And were these emails from friends, family, business contacts? No. These emails were from marketers trying to sell me things. And it was all my own fault. ...more

Zchamu, I'm the same as you, I have different email accounts. But there are few things that I've ...more

Babies, BlogHer and complete and utter denial: a self-pitying rant.

So I was 38 weeks pregnant yesterday. And yet I still hold a valid ticket and hotel reservation for this. ...more

And I was all if Catherine can do it, I can do it! But the hell of it is, I haven't actually ...more

Motringate: The ad wasn't the issue. Motrin just didn't listen.

OK so, if you have a life outside the internet, and if you don't find yourself obsessively checking Twitter all the time, and you're generally not a big fat geek, you may not have heard of Motringate. The Reader's Digest version goes, Motrin posted an ad on their website. ...more

I'm one of those babywearing mamas that got irked when I heard about that ad (via a post on ...more

What it's like for a Canadian: An Electionary Fable.

It's as if you had a sister. A sister you loved dearly, who you certainly had some disagreements with but who overall you really loved and wanted the best for. And for a long time, your sister has been making really bad choices in men. And even though you kept telling her that these jerks she was with were no good for her, in reality all you could do was watch, because she wasn't going to listen to you anyway. ...more

It isn't about Obama.

It's about You. It's about millions of people just like You. People who are being inspired. Being engaged. For perhaps the first time in their lives, feeling like they are a part of Something. Something they'll tell their grandchildren about. Something that will be legendary. Something that will change America, and change the world. And it's not going to be because Obama is in the White House. It's going to be because You put him there. ...more

John McCain, Air Quotes, and Abortion.

Ever since John McCain used air quotes to mock the "health of the Mother" as being, in his view, an "extreme pro-abortion stance", womens' groups, political pundits and bloggers have been on fire with discussion. ...more