Don't Lie About Domestic Violence

Lying about domestic violence not only makes you selfish, but hurts the real victims who need help. ...more

A Guy Broke My Heart, My Dog Never Will

Breaking up and starting over with a canine in tow. I wasn't ready. No one is ever ready. But my live-in boyfriend at the time kept sending me the links from Petfinder. The pictures were all adorable. They all needed a home. They all stared back with eyes that said "please adopt and love me." The more I stared at these images, the more I began to consider it. I thought, hey, if we can do this together, share the cost, hire a dog walker, and forgo the house training thing with an adult dog, how hard could this be? ...more
I would actually throw myself in front of a bus for my two dogs (if there were a situation that ...more

My Husband and I Divorced Because I'm Educated and He Isn't

What I know now, but didn't then, is this: it's not enough for a couple to share sizzling chemistry, or a passion for growing heirloom tomatoes, or simply the determination that this one is The One, dammit. Other values must match up—values that never seem to matter when you've just taken up residence in the love shack. ...more
People, especially men, will tell you exactly who they are...all you have to do is listen and ...more

Don't Be Selfish By Having a Child-free Wedding

This summer, my husband and I have approximately 10,000 weddings to attend. OK, that's an exaggeration, but it definitely feels that way. In and of itself, our plenitude of weddings are a good thing. Drinks! Dinner! Butter cream frosting! The only problem with all these weddings this summer is that the vast majority of them don't include an invitation extended to our offspring....more
For some reason, I hadn't even thought there WERE child free wedding, since what extended family ...more

After Divorce: I Couldn't Really Move On Until I Moved Into a New House

I still grapple with the fact that in this new home is there no memory of him. ...more
Part where you wrote "it's always you and you are always alone" Is how I feel. People ...more

My Rabbi Found My Vibrator!

OK. Ladies, I may have some bad news. While it's usually OK to screw your brains out when you're pregnant, using a vibrator may be a little more risky. It's like this: No matter how incredible and mind-blowing your partner may be in bed (or in the backseat of a car, or in the shower, or on a pool table), orgasms from a vibrator are ... well, more electrifying. ...more
FeministaJones sounds like a classic sitcom joke.\U0001f602more

Taking Selfies After My Divorce Helped Me Figure Out Who I Wanted To Be

Once my divorce was final, I became increasingly more active on social media. Along with taking more risks with what I was willing to share, I changed my profile picture for the first time in years. Fun! Now that I didn’t have to fit anyone else’s vision but my own, I could play with which pictures....more
lindasblogs yes agreed! Divorce can knock you out! And what kind of friends would trash talk a ...more

Why I Stayed In My Sexless Marriage

There's nothing in the world worse than knowing you have a serious problem that everyone else in the world seems to not have. For instance, a sexless marriage. ...more
I was relieved when I got to the end of this. I was worried the whole way through you would have ...more

8 Family Rules That Made Me Comfortable With My Sexuality

I was fortunate enough to have a sex-positive upbringing, and I know firsthand the confidence and security in oneself that feeling OK about your body and sexuality can bring about. ...more

Guys, Can You Please Stop Kissing My Mastectomy Scars?

By Dori Hartley for I started to see a pattern in the men I dated and, ironically, their affection made me feel unloved. I don't know how it happened or where it started, but we've become this race of weirdoes who can't tell if we want to condemn a person because of their looks or worship them for the very same reasons....more