Guys, Can You Please Stop Kissing My Mastectomy Scars?

By Dori Hartley for I started to see a pattern in the men I dated and, ironically, their affection made me feel unloved. I don't know how it happened or where it started, but we've become this race of weirdoes who can't tell if we want to condemn a person because of their looks or worship them for the very same reasons....more

I Needed to Find My Self-Respect Before I Could Find a Guy

All my problems with love all led back to one person: me. ...more
Good for you !more

We Need To Stop Seeing Ourselves As Sex Objects

Internalized objectification, self-objectification, female self-objectification ... call it what you will. It's seeing ourselves as sex objects for male sexual pleasure, and we need to talk about it NOW. ...more

I Had Vaginal Rejuvenation and Feel Like a New Woman

I just recently picked up a new vagina. It's brand new, shiny, and never been tested by man. You think I'm kidding, but its true: One week ago today, along with other repair surgeries, I had a vaginal reconstruction. I'm 37, but in more ways than one I feel like a new woman, a virtual born-again virgin....more
I almost peed myself reading this and, so far, I haven't hit blue whale status on the hoo-ha ...more

I Just Don't Like Sex

By Dori Hartley for YourTango.comI have a friend who claims to be an asexual. Asexual is a word that, to me, suggests a single-celled organism. Isn’t an asexual a creature who divides in two — or some kind of dual-gendered seahorse who fertilizes and carries his/her offspring to term? So I asked her what she meant by this claim and she said, “Well, I just don’t partake in sexual activity.” It seemed simple enough, yet I still couldn’t quite grasp this seemingly unnatural lack of sex-drive. “Ah,” I said. “So you’ve taken a vow of celibacy?” ...more
I can't even imagine... thank you for a different perspective. It is hard to wrap my head around ...more

I Went To the ER For Help Finding a Missing Condom

A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I were enjoying another arousing sex session. He was giving it to me hard and I was really enjoying it. We recently moved into an apartment together, so there was no one around to walk in on our sesh. So, after we were both pleasured, he pulled out. To our surprise, his condom was not attached to his penis! We thought we were going absolutely nuts and both searched high and low for that condom, but it was nowhere to be found. ...more
Practical tip: This is something that is more likely to happen when a man stays inside a woman ...more

The Amazing Life Lesson My Dad Taught Me After My Divorce

Dad, I texted. I'm feeling down. I just wonder if I will ever meet someone who accepts me for me. Maybe there is no one. Maybe I am doomed. All men seem to want are nice little quiet women. ...more
Your dad is right - I'm glad you didn't change yourself and there will be someone who ...more

Rape Culture and 'Yes Means Yes'

As a victim of date rape, when it comes to consent I strongly feel there is no grey area. Unfortunately, at the time, I was too young and naïve to realize that because I never actually said, "No," I was a willing participant. He came on strong, I was a bit inebriated, and before I knew it, I was in a situation that I did not want to be in at all. I blamed myself for a long time, and it took years before I could forgive myself, although there was nothing that I needed to forgive. ...more

Being Sexually Submissive Doesn't Make Me A Bad Feminist

I would passionately state that I am a feminist. From day one, my mother raised me and my three sisters to believe that women could not only do anything, but that we could do it better than boys. She was pro-choice and discussed abortion at the dinner table. She marched in protests for the union she worked for. She encouraged her closeted lesbian friend to “come out.” ...more
Very gutsy and I'm like that too,  Sexually, I want the man  to give  me his demands as long as ...more

What Does An Orgasm Feel Like?

Trying to explain what an orgasm feels like is tricky. While we can all agree it feels absolutely amazing and it’s something we would, ideally, like to feel on repeat forever, finding the actual words to describe the specific, detailed feeling of an orgasm leaves many of us, if not most of us, speechless. ...more
Maybe Betty White said it best on Golden Girls--she said something like, "I'd been married seven ...more