I Ditched My Pre-Baby Clothes & Brought My Sexy Back

As the baby began kicking in my second trimester, wearing a sports bra and running shorts out on a jog no longer felt sexy — it seemed inappropriate. Even if my tummy bump barely showed, I was someone's mother. ...more
Lovely. I think ditching all those pre-pregnancy clothes is an important first step. Nobody can ...more

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Strengthen Your Marriage

In hindsight, both my husband and I agree that we got married too soon and have struggled a lot as a result of our hastiness. Thankfully, things have gotten better because we work hard on our relationship but it's still challenging sometimes. So, when we hit a rocky patch about a month ago, I started to brainstorm ways I could help make things better — how I could be a part of the solution instead of just the problem. ...more
So true: "There's not a lot I can control in life but I can certainly control when I choose to ...more

I Had to Tell My Husband I Have Herpes

Herpes? Now? This didn't make sense. My marriage is like a bowl of caramel pudding: sweet, predictable, a little boring. If my marriage were an ice cream, it would be vanilla — no sprinkles. ...more
After learning about my condition, I honestly felt like my life was over. I came across ...more

Dear Friend: I'm Sorry I Unfollowed You on Facebook

I'm going to take off all my clothes and stand in the white light of the sun for a minute: Once, I unfollowed someone on Facebook. Someone I actually know in real life and really like, and am friends with. ...more
AdventureList I read that article...and I have felt that way about some friends. :( But...this ...more

I Found My G-Spot And It Wasn't All That 

Life's too short to be sad over G-spots. ...more

What I Learned About Myself When I Grew Out My Armpit Hair

When the whole armpit hair thing became all the rage this summer, I thought I'd give it a try. Unless you've been under a rock, there's a good chance you've been reading about women growing out their armpit hair for a variety of reasons. For some, it's bucking the patriarch and taking a feminist stand; for others it's all about being natural and parading about with hairy armpits just as a man would. ...more
I agree!more

Never Date Your Friend's Ex

Taylor Swift told Vanity Fair that she and her friends don’t care if one of them starts dating another's ex. She says that the girls in her squad are too important to each other to let something like that come between them. It brings up a good question though: Is it ok to date someone if they’re your friend’s ex? ...more
Started dating my high school sweetheart about a month after he broke up with my then-best ...more

I'm Jealous Of His Ex-Wife

Jealousy is ugly on me. I suppose it's ugly on anyone, but it feels particularly nasty when I wear it. I would love to do away with it completely as an emotion, but it keeps cropping up again.> ...more
Stay strong! I'm sure it's tough, but stay strong.more

Don't Lie About Domestic Violence

Lying about domestic violence not only makes you selfish, but hurts the real victims who need help. ...more
This is an extremely sensitive subject for me as a survivor of mental and emotional abuse so ...more

A Guy Broke My Heart, My Dog Never Will

Breaking up and starting over with a canine in tow. I wasn't ready. No one is ever ready. But my live-in boyfriend at the time kept sending me the links from Petfinder. The pictures were all adorable. They all needed a home. They all stared back with eyes that said "please adopt and love me." The more I stared at these images, the more I began to consider it. I thought, hey, if we can do this together, share the cost, hire a dog walker, and forgo the house training thing with an adult dog, how hard could this be? ...more
I would actually throw myself in front of a bus for my two dogs (if there were a situation that ...more