Being Sexually Submissive Doesn't Make Me A Bad Feminist

I would passionately state that I am a feminist. From day one, my mother raised me and my three sisters to believe that women could not only do anything, but that we could do it better than boys. She was pro-choice and discussed abortion at the dinner table. She marched in protests for the union she worked for. She encouraged her closeted lesbian friend to “come out.” ...more
Thank you! I struggle with this at times.more

What Does An Orgasm Feel Like?

Trying to explain what an orgasm feels like is tricky. While we can all agree it feels absolutely amazing and it’s something we would, ideally, like to feel on repeat forever, finding the actual words to describe the specific, detailed feeling of an orgasm leaves many of us, if not most of us, speechless. ...more
Maybe Betty White said it best on Golden Girls--she said something like, "I'd been married seven ...more

5 Reasons to Love Period Sex

Whether you find the idea of sex during your period gross or exciting is up to you. Perhaps colored by society – many cultures and religions consider it taboo – we shy away from even talking about it. But as long as you're prepared, sex during your period can be a great idea; just make sure it’s not the day you break out those white sheets!...more

My Parents Opposed My Marriage. I Should Have Listened.

My parents opposed my marriage from the moment I first mentioned it. They were right to do so. (Of course I didn't realize it at the time.) But as it turned out, they opposed our union it for all the wrong reasons. ...more
I'm so very sorry that this happened to you, as well. Our parents always want to us to be happy, ...more

I Was A Stay-At-Home Mom and It Almost Killed My Marriage

Couldn’t I be a stay-at-home mom without driving my husband (and myself?) crazy? ...more

Can You Be a Better Mom By Putting Your Spouse First?

By Heather Morgan-Shott for Think I'm a selfish, terrible mother? Actually, the opposite is true. "Are you and daddy getting divorced?" I was four years old, sitting on the bathroom floor and chatting with my mom while she soaked in the tub, when I blurted out this question. "No, of course not!" she immediately responded. "Why would you think that?" I don’t remember what I said next, but somehow we moved on to a new topic....more
Awesome! When I was a senior in high school, I saw an Oprah episode where she had Ayelet Waldman ...more

36 Questions: Brilliant or Bull?

In the 12 hours after that New York Times Modern Love blog came out about the 36 questions that can make you fall in love with anyone, ten people sent the article to me. Basically the premise is this: You're supposed to meet with a stranger, ask each other this list of questions - which are grouped into three sets - and then stare lovingly into one another's eyes for four whole minutes. (You can blink - I think?) Twenty years ago, psychologist Arthur Aron put two straight people in a room in a lab, had them ask each other these questions, do the whole creepy stare-thing, and six months later they were married. (Wow!) ...more
Horrid date. Great read. I've also been wondering how I could test this hypothesis...I might try ...more

When I Get Married, I'm Going to Be a Submissive Wife

The word submissive is defined as: ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive. Wow, what woman wants to be described in this regard especially in the context of a relationship? I definitely don’t. I don’t know many who would. If I were talking about being submissive by this definition, there'd be a real problem. Good thing I’m not. ...more
By redefining "submissive" you're just describing how you want a relationship to be, and by ...more

Would You Try a BDSM Scene From '50 Shades of Grey'?

While many of my friends binge-read Fifty Shades of Grey, pausing long enough to cook up a box of organic mac and cheese for their kids’ dinner, up until now, I'd only managed a handful of pages before tears of laughter blurred out the words. I’m no stranger to erotica but James’ writing was too juvenile and cheesy for my taste. Or so I thought. ...more
I am looking to act out the Metropolitan Museum sex scene in the book Mr. X A New York Love ...more

Five Reasons Not to Stay Together For the Sake of the Kids

It happens all the time. He's unfaithful. She needs to decide whether to leave him or stay for the sake of the kids. Marriage is not easy. But, as someone who lived through this as a kid, let me tell you this: staying for the sake of the kids is the WORST thing you can do for the kids. Here are five reasons why: ...more
I struggle with this. I separated from my wife for a year because we were both so unhappy and ...more