Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you are all able to share this day with the ones you love! Here is our great day of Friendsgiving from last year ....more

Legal Requirements for Mexico Wedding

I did some research when we first decided on our beach wedding location to determine the requirements for getting married in Mexico. I found it is quite involved for two foreigners to be married in Mexico and for the marriage to be recognized in the United States. This is not an exhaustive list and I’m […] The post Legal Requirements for Mexico Wedding appeared first on YakkaFit ....more

Asking Our Officiant

First off, thank you all, so much, for your helpful and creative advice about my mini wedding flower dilemma! I appreciate all of your suggestions and I think I might try to combine many of them and go with a halfway DIY bouquet using some fake flowers (maybe wooden ones!?) and a combination of live […] The post Asking Our Officiant appeared first on YakkaFit ....more

5 Easy Post-Workout Recipes

I’m always looking for a post-workout snack that I can make beforehand or right when I get back from the gym that is high in protein and low in sugar. These are my go-to easy post-workout recipes. 1. Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars These are my absolute favorite homemade protein bars ....more

Things I’m Loving Friday #12

WooWee I have been missing from Friday Favorites for many days/weeks, but I have been on the move! AH I have been waiting for today for weeks! Adam is coming to visit today! ...more

Wedding Flowers…or not.

You guys! I need your help! I made the mistake of telling Mr ....more

Airstream Renovation Part 4: Foldable Bed

The time has come for another airstream renovation post! You can check out our other airstream renovations here: Airstream Renovation Part 1 Airstream Renovation Part 2: Painting Airstream Renovation Part 3: “Hardwood Floor” Today I’m sharing some of the updates we made to the bedroom. This was another space that Adam and I...more

Apple Molasses Recipe

Keeping in theme with fall, cider making, and apple season, today I am sharing another wonderful thing that comes from apple pressing…Apple Molasses! If you have any extra cider this is a great recipe to make, it’s a perfect alternative to processed sugars. Apple Molasses goes by many other names ....more

Photos In the Orchard

I’m not doing so hot at keeping up with my blog. I’m usually pretty good about it, but I’m having a hard time balancing driving back and forth between New York and Virginia, planning the wedding, and working so much. I realized the four days before I drove home yesterday I worked 50 hours…that’s insane ....more

Stingray Wedding Invitations: ¡Salud!

I gave you all a sneak peak of our tequila bottle invitations yesterday, today I’ll share the details of how these things all came together. Woo! Our invites took a looooong time to make and even longer to deliver to each of our guests ....more