Snow Ball Cookies

Happy Saturday...more

Crossfit Inspired Workouts

Christmas is a week away! Eek! That is just crazy ....more

DIY Eucalyptus Scent Bags

I have a crafty little project to share with you guys today. It’s super easy and you don’t have to be very crafty at all.. that’s the best part ....more

Peanut Butter Swirl Banana Bread Bars

Wooo wee! I don’t usually post during the weekend, but I have a super easy and quick recipe to share with you guys. I made this randomly because we only had one (slightly old) banana sitting on the counter ....more

10 (Mostly) Homemade Holiday Gifts

Happy 10 on the 10th!! Here are a few from the last couple of months! 10 Tips For Your First Triathlon 10 Apple Varieties You’ve Never Heard Of 10 Favorite Fitness Finds I love the holiday season, it is such a joyful time! ...more

The Best Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

It’s time to indulge! Sometimes I post delicious recipes that are in no way healthy, because they are just too scrumptious not to share. Everyone needs to indulge every once and a while ....more

Hard Cider Tasting

Our first batch of hard cider is almost finished fermenting! This blend was picked in the beginning of October, and it still has a couple of weeks to fully finish (the specific gravity is at 1.006 right now) but we had our first semi-official tasting of it the other night! This was a blend of wild apples and some table apples ....more

DIY String Art

The past two years I have tried to steer my Christmas present purchases away from traditional gifts and more towards hand-made gifts. I'm lucky enough to be (semi) creative and personally prefer giving someone a gift I made rather than one I bought. Luckily, my family actually likes getting homemade gifts! (because there are definitely people who do not!) We're finally all old enough to ask for single, meaningful/useful gifts instead of huge amounts of presents on Christmas....more

String Art Names

The past two years I have tried to steer my Christmas present purchases away from traditional gifts...more

Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

Hurry up! Hurry up! One of the greatest days of the year is tomorrow (just in case you somehow didn't know)! Thanksgiving used to be my all-time favorite holiday, and it's still pretty high on the list, but ever since I became a vegetarian it just isn't the same...but kind of in a good way. I mostly absolutely love this holiday because it is solely focused on food and family. If you're scrounging around for some last minute homemade recipes to bring along to the festivities, here are some great (healthier) ideas!...more