throwback thursday: mom's pastels

So why do I take so many beach photos? Maybe because I remember spending evenings at the beach watching my mom draw with pastels .. ....more

playing with collage

While the kid worked on a large-scale mural at the museum last week, I had some fun making some smaller-scale collages. It feels good to be making visual art and using pastels again ....more

all artists have to start somewhere ...

Our local museum has a great Thursday night program that includes tours, music, lectures and other events. But the activity I like the best is usually some sort of studio art - something I haven't had the chance to do in a long time. Sometimes it's sketching, sometimes watercolor ....more

the story of women and art

Art historian and host Amanda Vickery (professor of early modern history at Queen Mary University of London) poses a question at the start of her series The Story of Women and Art: Women as muses and artists models line countless gallery and museum walls, in sculptures and paintings made by male "old masters" - but where are all of the female artists?... Viewers are treated to works created over the last five centuries, of some wonderfully talented women, including sculptors Properzia de Rossi and Anne Seymour Damer; and painters Sofonisba Anguissola, Lavinia Fontana, Artemisia Gentileschi, Clara Peeters, Judith Leyster, Maria Sibylla Merian, Angelica Kauffmann, Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, Berthe Morisot, and Georgia O'Keeffe.... Vickery takes viewers along on her journey, for the most part on site, but also, inexplicably, at times features details from stress's works on her iPad ....more

favorite song friday: michelle pfeiffer as the zeitgeist

Vance Joy in "Riptide" and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars in "Uptown Funk" are praising and celebrating the lovely actress Michelle Pfeiffer in each of their current hit songs. I just wanna, I just wanna knowIf you're gonna, if you're gonna stayI just gotta, I just gotta knowI can't have it, I can't have it any other wayI swear she's destined for the screenClosest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you've ever seen, oh This hit, that ice coldMichelle Pfeiffer, that white goldThis one for them hood girlsThem good girls straight masterpiecesStylin', whilen, livin' it up in the cityGot Chucks on with Saint LaurentGot kiss myself, I'm so pretty If you need a muse, Pfeiffer is definitely a good choice. And it's kind of cool that a 50+ year-old lady continues to inspire ....more

throwback (snowy) thursday

The kid had fun making a snowman on our cousin Ann's deck .. ....more

this winter's erosion ...


sleeping beauty

Even the most mundane shopping expedition can be turned into a fairy tale ... with the right company ....more

the decline of western civilization as we know it

Are these signs of the apocalypse? Maybe not, but things have popped up on my pop culture radar lately that made me wonder what the heck are people thinking these days ... Item number one for consideration, Usher's new song, "I Don't Mind." Shawty, I don’t mind If you dance on a poleThat don’t make you a hoShawty, I don’t mind when you work until threeIf you’re leaving with meGo make that money, money, moneyYour money, money, moneyCause I know how it is, go and handle your bizAnd get that money, money, moneyYour money, money, moneyYou can take off your clothesLong as you coming home, girl, I don’t mind Really, Usher? ...more

favorite song friday: bills

I love the retro sound of this song, "bills," by LunchMoney Lewis. Gamal "LunchMoney" Lewis, image from 2 Paragraphs I got BILLS I gotta paySo I'ma go work work work every dayI got mouths I gotta feed,So I'ma make sure everybody eatsI got BILLS!!All these BILLS left on my deskThey looking like a mouthAll your little kids go 'round like you hear their stomachs growlThis one full moon now, and my girl just keep on howlSays she won't need me if I don't come home with 50 thousandGod damn, god damn, god damnOh man, oh man, oh manGod damn, oh man, god damn, oh man I think a lot of people can relate to the sentiment while also enjoying the fun rhythm. It's just pure fun, and we can all use some more music like that ....more