oregano oil

I've been getting over a cold, and it was suggested I try oregano oil to help hasten the end of the bug. It's REALLY intense, even for this part-Italian girl. It does not taste like just a few sprinkles on your pizza ....more

favorite song friday: gust of wind

It's no secret that I love Pharrell. I am a fan of not just his music, but his upbeat and thoughtful approach to art and life. But I was pleasantly surprised yet again by Pharrell when I caught the video for "Gust of Wind," featuring Daft Punk, and directed by Edgar Wright (The World's End, Scott Pilgrim vs ....more

throwback (halloween) thursday: scary monsters and super creepy kids

October is almost halfway gone, and I haven't really indulged in the Halloween spirit yet. Here's a post from last year, when I was in the middle of a Halloween movie marathon, that I hope will help jumpstart my spooky mood. Plus, I wouldn't mind seeing some of these scary movies again, either.scary monsters and super creepy kids(post originally posted on October 24, 2013)After watching a bunch of scary and spooky movies in honor of this spooktacular Halloween season, especially...more

it's a dog's (and cat's) life


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