Should Non Violent Felons get a Pardon?

Crime is a funny thing. Some individuals commit crimes everyday and some do one crime and live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.  Last night the Kentucky Governor pardon 197 felons. 10 of them were convicted murders. These 10 women had killed their husbands due to years of abuse. Granted I am sure these women felt they had no choice but I must say I was sad. Sad for the 28 year old young woman over 16 years ago who got hooked up with the wrong  people and made a bad choice.  This woman is now 44 years old. She has gotten her education. Kept a job....more

ThanksGiving and Being Single

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It is time to gather with family and friends. Good food, stories, football and old movies. But as single woman I get the dreaded question "Why are you still single?" I hate that people feel the need to size me up and give me the reasons why. No I am not picky but I probably should be. No I am not scared of commitment. I honestly just have not met anyone that wants to be in a relationship or who is worthy of my awesome self. I believe I am a great catch and I just figure if it is meant to be things will happen. I am social but also love my alone time....more

Happy Veterans Day

Bring forth kindness today. Thank a Veteran. Buy them a meal. Give a hug. Smile. Offer a listening ear. Remember these men and women sacrificed so much for each of us. Let us also remember those that aren't with us and keep them in our hearts. Remember veterans families as they to sacrifice just as much to let us depend on their soldier . Thank you from the bottom of my heart and very proud Army Brat. ❤ Alison...more

Behavior In the WorkPlace

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  How is Everyone? ...more

When A Relationship Ends What Can You Do?

 Well Happy Wednesday! How is everyone? I took a few days off to rest my overthinking mind.  But I have had been thinking about a friend of mine who is recently dealing with a broken heart. Her long term relationship has ended. She is beside herself. A very strong woman who is the smartest girl I know. It leads me to question what do you do with a broken heart after a relationship ends? Here is my  list of things I have learned over the years when I too dealt with a broken heart: ...more

Things I See In Public

 Today is Saturday here in Tennessee. It is cloudy, damp and rainy.  ...more

I Dated A Con Artist Part 4

Good Morning from chilly Tennessee. It is smelling like fall and the tobacco barns are causing havoc with my allergies. How is everyone? Any plans this weekend? Oktoberfest is here in the city. I think if you need warm beer and your fill of polka this is the place for you. After living in Germany most of my life I had my fill a long time ago. Plus it is just not the same in this country.So my last entry on Dating "Will": ...more

I Dated A Con Artist Part 3

 Day three and Part two was  bit short and not very many reads. I will try to do better.......more

I Dated A Con Artist Part 2

Good Morning/Afternoon Wow, I had major following and readers yesterday . I think this is going to be fun. So  it begins. It is rainy here in Tennessee. But as you are all wanting more of my dating adventures let me get on with it:...more

I Dated A Con Artist

I recently got the news from a mutual friend that my ex who I will name "Will" is recently engaged. I have to say I busted out laughing.  This guy is the con artist of con artists. He preys on the kind and understanding of people whether you are a man or woman. But he really preys on women who have weakness about them. I should know I am one of them. He took advantage of me during my grieving process of losing my mother. What I thought was him being a kind person was actually him conning me into thinking he was a good guy when he was not. ...more
That makes two of us.  I do not understand why people find it necessary to just lie their way ...more