His Name Was Devin ( Love Gone Wrong ) Part 4 and The End

Kary is a short, blonde, and three times divorced and has 4 kids. Now who has time to mess around? She did and let me tell you it was truly shocking to know she had stopped to all new low. I am still wondering how they exchanged numbers. Had to be the lunch we all had together in Chicago. Had to be while was not at the table. I swear she was one to make sure if she was not happy no one was happy. How can I be so blind to her bullshit? Because I am soft, forgiving, and I give everyone too many chances. ...more

His Name is Deving Part 3 ( Love gone wrong )

September 27, 2014Well his phone has stopped working and I have stopped trying. I swear he is a player if ever there was one. I wonder if his wife even knows and if she does what is she doing about it if anything?  I just want to choke him. Okay so violence is not the answer.  But it would make me feel so much better. September 28, 2014...more

His Name was Devin Part 2 ( Love Gone Wrong Story)

So let me stop here. What conversation did Devin and I have on the plane you ask? Ladies, we talked about his music and my writing. Relationships came up and first thing he said he was formerly married when he was young. That he had no kids. We both had lost our moms within a year of each other which is how we bonded I believe. He was just too good to be true and ladies it came to be truth on all accounts.  ...more

His Name was Devin Part 1 ( Love gone wrong story)

March 17, 2014 was a Sunday; I was flying to Kansas to see my best friend. It was my first trip since my father’s successful heart surgery.  I checked into Southwest. Found my gate and was watching television. Cnn was on and a very good looking man sat next to me. We both laughed at something that was amusing on the television. I looked over and smiled. We started making small talk. He introduced himself as Devin, a musician specifically a drummer....more

Can you outgrow friendships?

Lately I have been noticing a change in myself. I finally know who I am and what I want. I have reached a milestone and honestly trying to be the "great" friend all the time is really starting to exhaust me. You see, I do a lot for people. I listen, put up with bad moods and help whenever I can. But once it would be nice if someone would just ask me "How are you?" or "What can I do?" Look, being ingle does not mean we single people have no life. We have feelings, concerns and needs too. So you are married, in a relationship or have children....more

Love Nouveau ( The Art of Falling Book 1) ***BOOK REVIEW***

 I just finished a new book by what I assume is new author in the romance world B.L. Berry . Love Noveau was a great read! The main characters Ivy and Phoneix were outstanding. I felt like I was right in there in the room. Especially the confrontations with Ivy's mother. Ivy needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with her mother. Whew and her sister.........I nearly threw my kindle across the room she made me so mad. Phoneix starts off as the "perfect" guy but he has issues himself. This story is sad and sweet....more
BLBerrywrites you're welcome ...can't wait for the next book ❤️more

Beta by Jasinda Wilder

 I just finished book 2 Beta to the follow up to Alpha by Jasinda Wilder. This woman can write some books. Each book she puts out makes you want to savor each word slowly. Her characters feel real and often you can relate to the situation going on in the story. This story was intense and often very hard to read. For one, it will make you angry on how people treat each other when not in the enviornment they are use too. Often it was scary to read. This was Jasinda really writing outside of the box....more

Scott Hildreth

I want to introduce you to Author SD Hildreth aka Scott Hildreth. His new book Unbroken will be hitting the book stands, kindles, nooks, and any other source that makes you crave good books, Ocotober 25. Reading for me is my escape. My place to decompress and relax. Something about Mr. Hildreths books that make you just feel better and hope there are truly great men out there as he describes in his books. Now unless you have read them, you must understand the relationships and story lines are not all cotton candy and love at first sight....more

Finding your comfort and When is it okay to try something new?

I am fourty three now. I never have gotten married. I am pretty comfortable with that and so far I must say I am pretty happy. I have tried something new this year and that was sushi and honestly that was not that big of a deal and not something I will break my neck to go eat. It is OKAY but not that big of deal. So when do you think it is okay to try something new or go out your comfort zone? What makes you want to try something new? Does it take someone else to bring you out of your shell? Do you have a bucket list? My bucket list is more of places I want to visit....more

Social Media And The People You Meet

I have been part of the social media world for quite some time. First with facebook and then twitter. Now I have been introduced to Path. I think social media is a great tool to meet people and if you have a brand to promote that too can do wonders when trying to make a name for yourself. What I have run into lately is the people who are not who they say they are on social media. The fake people who I have encountered the last few years was and is still alarming. Twitter seems to breed a lot of that....more