What I have learned from the Ferguson Case

The Ferguson, MO case has really shocked this country. A police officer killed a young man that was unarmed. That said young man, Michael Brown, had committed a crime but was not made known to the officer. Somewhere something went wrong. The facts even today just do not make sense. Regardless, the situation was mishandled and this country is once again at a racial divide that the those who fought hard some fifty years ago hoping it would never repeat itself. Our police as a whole in this country is out of touch with communities....more

Jack and Djinn Book Review

  Book review ***** 5 stars for author Jasinda Wilder for Jack and Djinn . Paranormal has never been my thing. Until now. Exciting, Page turner and scorching good time. Never ever not pick up a Wilder book. It never disappoints.  Alison...more

Writers Block

Lately probably since right after Christmas I have not written much if at all. I have been reading alot and enjoying just the books I have purchased. I thought the writers block would just be a few days and not nearly two months. I finally pin pointed that in my regular job I was letting one co worker get under my skin and ruin my mo jo. This makes me sad and upsets me. I let this one person creep up in my head and set a tone that was clearly a sign of depression. She is that person that if she is not happy. No one is happy. I just realized in the last few days....more

Things that bug me and why it won't change.

Do you all have things that just bug you. You tell said individuals not to do said things around you. But still they seem to do them just to bug you. So I thought I would give a list of things that bug me.: 1. I have red hair and it is curly. Please stop asking if it is real and can you touch it. That is rude and why must you keep asking that dumb question. 2.  Yes I am tall. Yes I wear a size 12 and Yes it is hard to find shoes sometimes. Depending on brand and style. Quit saying "Man your feet are huge."...more

Freedom of Speech : JeSuis Charlie

It is really sad that a bunch of cowardly men hiding behind religion decided to kill innocent people over cartoons in a newspaper. Granted maybe what they wrote was not in the best light but it was not intended to hurt or cause anyone any harm. We writers have to write what we feel is important to each of us. If it was me, I would keep writing and keep telling the world what the enemy is doing. Whether it is a standard article or a cartoon....more

***Book Review*** Confessions of a Smut Author by Scott Hildreth

Do not be fooled by this title of the book. It is not just another fly by night author. This is another good read by Scott Hildreth. He took great care by warning readers that this could be very hard for some to read and not what his average reader might enjoy. I hate when someone says that because all it does is make me buy the book and read what is secretly hiding in there. Shawn and Cheryl are two lost souls trying to find something in each other that some would say is of the unusual perverison....more

His Name was Sloan Part 2 ( Love gone wrong series)

Dr. Sloan Rothamn:I want her. All I do is think of Finley. I could smell her from a distance. So intoxicating and all that entails. I want to touch her and lover her like she deserves. She has been hurt. How do I break those walls down? Damn, I am her professor, she is my student. I am in control and I must stay in control. This woman! Whatever shall I do with her? Alison...more

His Name Was Devin ( Love Gone Wrong ) Part 4 and The End

Kary is a short, blonde, and three times divorced and has 4 kids. Now who has time to mess around? She did and let me tell you it was truly shocking to know she had stopped to all new low. I am still wondering how they exchanged numbers. Had to be the lunch we all had together in Chicago. Had to be while was not at the table. I swear she was one to make sure if she was not happy no one was happy. How can I be so blind to her bullshit? Because I am soft, forgiving, and I give everyone too many chances. ...more

His Name is Deving Part 3 ( Love gone wrong )

September 27, 2014Well his phone has stopped working and I have stopped trying. I swear he is a player if ever there was one. I wonder if his wife even knows and if she does what is she doing about it if anything?  I just want to choke him. Okay so violence is not the answer.  But it would make me feel so much better. September 28, 2014...more