GoodBye 2016 Hello 2017

2017 is here and are you ready for what it brings? I will say I am looking forward to all the challenges that will occur as every year has them. 2016 was interesting and I was lucky enough to have my health, my father, and good friends to keep me grounded. In July of 2016 I took a leap of faith and jumped at a new job opportunity. Nearly six months later I have no regrets. I ended a few  toxic friendships which surprised many but for health and sanity they  had to end.  I continue to read and write daily....more

Labels on Individuals

Color does not nor should it define who you are. You , the human being, define who you are. By your actions, how you live your life , by what you do for others. The color of your skin should never define you. Putting labels on others should not be how we see others. We are the people who must remember it us who define ourselves not what someone says , not by those who judge us but by who we are. We are our story not others. What will your life say about you . Tell me what defines you. I'll be putting together small stories of those who want to share . Message me or leave a comment ....more

working below my education

Five years ago, I took a job as a barista for corporate chain company. I had left and moved across country only to have to turn around after three weeks. My old job was not available to me. It seems, I have struggled to find a job in my field and now as I wait on my background check and drug test from the strongest lead after one week I hear nothing. The question is why? How hard is it to find a  decent dependable job.  It is so frustrating to have a education at almost 45 years old be slinging coffee for a people who do not give a care about you....more


Writing mood and topic of the day: Why does it seem people have forgotten how to say "Please and Thank You" or the most important" Excuse Me". Out and about today and three different occasions I had to move out of the way and no one said excuse me. I say please or thank you with no response. Todays society is all buried in the cell phone and walking around mad at the world. No matter what I have going on in my life, a please and thank you will still occur no matter what as my parents did not raise me to have no manners. It seems today manners are not part of the new generation. Thoughts?...more

I am Introverted

I am outstanding individual. I am also introverted. I am social but quiet. I can talk your head off once I get to know you. I also have to be by myself quite a bit. At first I attributed it too being a only child. I realize that as I am in my forties that I keep my circle small and trust very few. I am probably the kindest person you will ever know. Most mistake my kindest from weakness. The judgements that have been thrown at me in the last few weeks have been exhausting....more

Writing Workshop

This past Sunday. I went to writing workshop at a local church. My two dearest friends and future bloggers came with me. I learned quite a few things. One is remembering to write weekly or monthly.  I need to keep you readers interested. I am going to go this way more so for awhile before putting out another book. I want to engage you my readers into active dialogues whether good or bad. All opinions are welcome. Let us not bully or be mean. We can all try to disagree without being ugly. I will talk about anything and everything....more

Transgender/Gay Bathroom Laws vs. Bathroom Laws against Blacks of 1950s

I have been reading about certain states and how they want transgender and gays to have their own bathrooms. Well call me crazy or weird but why? Maybe people do not realize that is discrimination and it is illegal. Back before the civil rights laws passed in the 1960s Blacks too had to have their own bathrooms as they were deemed perverted and diseased. It was wrong back then and it is wrong now. I have worked with countless gays and transgender individuals   over the years. I never felt threatened or that they were perverted. Most if not all are not out to hurt anyone....more
I have been reading a lot about this. And I don't agree with any of the laws, proposed or in ...more

Can This Country Deal with Refugees

The last few months I have heard about our government considering giving permission to refugees. I am on the fence . I mean I get that we are the land of the free and the brave. But as someone who has lived abroad half her life, I do not like what I am hearing. Violence, rapes and mass assaults are occurring in Europe and at a place I use to live. This is unsettling. The United States is already going through issues that are not being solved any time soon....more

Should Non Violent Felons get a Pardon?

Crime is a funny thing. Some individuals commit crimes everyday and some do one crime and live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.  Last night the Kentucky Governor pardon 197 felons. 10 of them were convicted murders. These 10 women had killed their husbands due to years of abuse. Granted I am sure these women felt they had no choice but I must say I was sad. Sad for the 28 year old young woman over 16 years ago who got hooked up with the wrong  people and made a bad choice.  This woman is now 44 years old. She has gotten her education. Kept a job....more

ThanksGiving and Being Single

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It is time to gather with family and friends. Good food, stories, football and old movies. But as single woman I get the dreaded question "Why are you still single?" I hate that people feel the need to size me up and give me the reasons why. No I am not picky but I probably should be. No I am not scared of commitment. I honestly just have not met anyone that wants to be in a relationship or who is worthy of my awesome self. I believe I am a great catch and I just figure if it is meant to be things will happen. I am social but also love my alone time....more