Well of course it's true! I saw it online!

This morning, as I was drinking my lemon water (I read online that this is good for you), I started reading all kinds of neat new tricks for every ailment and flaw under the sun. As the last shot of lemon water sent a sour shiver down my spine, I reached for the coffee, and then started my routine of quenching my thirst for knowledge....more

Slang Today and Words I Can Not Say

As a writer and an avid reader, I find words and language usage fascinating. Just call me a word nerd. Admittedly, as I have entered the digital age, I find myself being a little more lax in language and grammar rules. Some of my participles dangle, and sometimes I end sentences with a preposition and I often find myself starting sentences with "and" or "but."But (oops, I did it again) one thing I try not to do is use slang - at least in my writing, even though it fascinates me....more

One Never Knows When Grief Will Strike

We just wrapped up spirit week, and tonight is the last football game of the season, which means if you are a senior on a varsity sport, your home will most likely get decked out in team colors.And decked out it is!While I was expecting toilet paper streaming from the trees, the girls from the cheer team did a wonderful job, using posters, streamers in school colors, a bucket of candy and more, all done in the dark....more
SydnyeAllen Amen - #lovemore. And I am so sorry for your loss. xomore

Glitter-covered almost-empty nest

Our dining table is a disaster. We bought it twenty years ago, when our family expanded from four to six. It has seen numerous dinners and holidays and homework projects. The finish is ruined. There are dots from markers and gouges from toddler flatware. If you look closely, you can see someone was upset about doing homework, and their vice-like grip on a pencil carved a few letters and numbers into the table....more

Menopause Turned My Bedroom Into a Brothel

 Image: Jannino Kemprung via FlickrYes, peri-menopause is making me a changed woman. It is doing things to my body and brain that I never knew it could. It is also changing my house. How? Well,  it's because menopause is transforming the bedroom into a brothel. But, not in the way you would think....more
@AngelaMBarra Nancy_Reagan Rosehip oil??? I will research that! Who knows, I may end up with yet ...more

How do you define "ultimate sacrifice?"

When thinking of our military, the statement “ultimate sacrifice” conjures up thoughts of dying in the line of fire.For those of us not wearing the uniform, that truly does seem to be the ultimate sacrifice.As a military wife and mother, “ultimate sacrifice” sends a blood-curdling chill down my spine.Just this past week, my husband’s unit suffered an ultimate sacrifice, but it was not what anyone would have suspected....more
Baking In A Tornado Whether it is military service or a loved one/child moving away, you truly ...more

The Reasons I Cried on Mother's Day

I feel rather silly admitting this, but I cried on Mother's Day.Apparently, it really hit me how life has changed.I cried because I am missing my dad, even more with each passing year. I missed the excitement of being a kid on a holiday, all excited to go see relatives that I thought would live forever. Then, I cried because I missed my grandmothers, great-grandmothers and my great-aunts. ...more

What Is the Value of a Minute?

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute." - Albert Einstein...more

True Confessions of a Not-So-Famous Blogger

In the very wee hours of the morning, as I was mulling over (and over) a few blog post ideas that were swirling around inside my head, the proverbial light bulb clicked on and I was faced with the realization that I am not your average blogger.This all began at 5:21 a.m. this morning, when I woke up to write the words to a poem I have been working on all week. I have never gotten out of bed to write something down - ever - but I will do so from now on....more
Kim Tackett I totally get sitting on a post for a month!!! It truly is a journey, and I keep on ...more

This Is Why I Won't Unfriend You

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend." - Thomas JeffersonSomething has been really bothering me for a while, and I have to just unload....more