#WhyIStayed: The Details Are Just the Devils Here

 By now, we all know the story. Well, we know part of it at least. We know the chapter of the story revealed via a few moments of grainy elevator footage on a video released by TMZ. We know that Ray Rice once hit his fiancĂ©e so hard that it knocked her out cold....more
Thank you for sharing your story with us.more

It's super noisy out there, so why write? What I've learned at BlogHer 14

I'm writing this from a chilly conference room in San Jose, which at this particular point in time is home to the BlogHer14 conference. The subject: The Future of the Social Web....more

The Writing Process: A self-interview (or why it took me six weeks to write this post)

My good friend Sarah Stevenson* invited me to participate in this writing process blog tour a while back.Actually, it was a month ago.Wait, it was actually about six weeks ago.So, yeah that's my writing process in a nutshell--I guess we're done here, right? Kidding. But procrastination is a big part of it, obviously....more
Great! Thanks for sharing this. It feels good to know an Actual Writer, which you are, struggles ...more

The Obvious Child: New Rom-Com Talks About Abortion

The other night I finally had the chance to catch Obvious Child, the new film starring Jenny Slate. It's been a while since I've seen a movie in the theater, but I wanted to make sure I saw this one on the big screen—not for aesthetic reasons but for political ones. I want my money to register as part of its box office take....more
No. What the author fails to understand is that it's not the topic of abortion that is the ...more

Change: The short list

Today's NaBloPomo prompt is a crack-up:If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?Jesus. That is hilarious. One thing.I know, I get it--this is supposed to be about that one thing. The most importantthing. The thing that would, like falling dominos, change all other things.But it's never that easy....more

Last night a clock radio saved my life

Sometimes I'm not entirely sure how I became such an OCD freak about music.Neither of my parents was really into music (my dad liked 70s folk/rock/pysch stuff and my mom's tastes skewed mainly soft rock)....more


Today's NaBloPoMo prompt asks the question: "Benjamin Franklin said: There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know one's self." Do you know yourself?First though: "No, that's why I'm in therapy."Second thought: "Yes, that's why I'm in therapy."...more

On falling into that vacuum

The other day  L'Wren Scott, a noted fashion designer, reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself in her Manhattan apartment.She was 49, and news of her death shook me.I didn't know her of course. I knew her name though--I'd seen it in magazines, accompanying photos of celebrities wearing her clothes--beautiful pieces that were both modern and retro cool. ...more

Don't #BanBossy, change the culture instead

So there's a new Lean In/Girl Scouts USA campaign to #BanBossy - i.e., ban the word "bossy" when describing young girls. I appreciate the effort to disabuse gender stereotypes, but why not try to change the culture instead of just wholesale removing a word from our vocabulary?...more