This is why we can't have nice things: On the Oscars, politicism and the PC police

I'll admit that, at first, I cheered. There was Patricia Arquette, up at the podium accepting her Best Supporting Actress statue for Boyhood, when she dropped a truth bomb about gender and the wage gap. "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America." Meryl cheered. J. Lo cheered. I cheered from my couch. ...more

Christmas, let's do this (but don't forget the whiskey)

Well, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm already breaking one of my major rules: No holiday music until the Friday after the big stuff-your-face day....more
Sure sounds good. Tomorrow I'll be making fruit cake. If you have time stop in at my blog for a ...more

As a white, teenage girl I experienced a kind of privilege Michael Brown could never imagine

When I was 16 I was picked up for shoplifting, among other things, some makeup from my neighborhood grocery store....more

All of these lines in my face getting bolder...

I feel as though BlogHer's NaBloPoMo prompt was written for me, specifically:  Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?...more

Remember that time I thought blogging every day in November was a good idea?

***Warning: Lots of swearing ahead.  Stress (like many other things, turns me into a sailor, apparently)....more

Five Tips for Visiting Your Republican Mother

What's that saying about picking your friends, not your family? Essentially this just means you're stuck with the people with whom you share bloodlines. And that can make for some awkward moments.Because common bloodlines don't necessarily mean common values, shared interests, or, especially, a similar political outlook....more

Ancient battles, lingering feuds and immeasurable love

This trip ended with echoes of how it started....more

Welcome to Whisky-ta-Falls

I was born in Wichita Falls but, I'll admit, I've never spent much time here. My father moved me overseas when I was barely two and after that I only came back a few times to visit his grandmother (Grandma Zack, mean as can be) and other scattered relatives....more

Sometime to return ...

Normally I'm a good traveler, really. I love flying. I love going from Point A to Point B.Not today, though. Not as much anyway....more