A Must Read: Special Report: Rising Jobs Trends Online 2015

Microsoft jobs surge in the online work market; Creative projects on the rise, Pinterest and Instagram emerging as winners in the Social Media war.In 2015, Freelancer.com’s data scientists reviewed 370,901 jobs*, up 4% from 356,876 jobs in 2015. Freelancer analysed the jobs on the platform to create a snapshot of global business trends....more

10 Simple Tips to Improve the Way You Send Emails

No one really teaches us how to use email, which means that we sometimes don't use it very well. A healthy mailing list unsubscribe rate is less than 0.5%. What if your unsubscribe rate is higher? Or maybe you find that people don't respond to your emails in the way you were hoping. Here are 10 simple ways to improve your email etiquette. ...more

Don’t Use Your iPhone 6 Camera Without Reading This

 Every day, people take more photos with iPhone than with any other camera....more

Best 2014 Gadgets for Women

I have been lucky this year for trying the best gadgets that crossed Women Love Tech’s office. I’ve tried and tested each of them, some I absolutely loved and some … not really… But don’t you worry, in this article you will see only my top selection of the best gadgets of 2014. I’m a down to earth woman, so I prefer the practical gadgets over the cutest ones. Technology is here to help you become more tech-savvy while having fun! All the below gadgets are available for purchasing online....more

How to write a catchy blog title that will success?

I’ve read on the internet today they are over 2 million blog posts published per day, that’s a lot! How can you guaranteed your article will stand over the crowd? The golden rule in publishing is to deliver unique and high quality content – but writing a brilliant article is not enough, you also need a catchy title to attract readers. Plus to get a successful title to increased traffic and wider audience, you also need to use SEO keywords to get a higher chance of landing in the first pages in search results....more
Ummm... but shouldn't that clever catchy title also be correct???  Doesn't having a major ...more

Top Apple & Android Halloween apps for parents

Halloween is almost there. I did a bit of research on the technology side looking for great apps for you to be creative during this festive season and for not being in panic mode if you are running out of ideas....more

I show you how to create an Apple app icon for your blog in 2 minutes!

I changed the website design last week. For the readers who don’t know, I worked as web designer for over 10 years before starting Women love Tech, this is why I love so much technology. Coming back to the website new look, this site is filled with the latest technology features.Don’t worry I won’t explained the site’s backend – the only thing you need to know the site is easier to browse, wider and I hope Women Love Tech’s site is tasteful....more

All the tips you need to know to speed up your WordPress blog

WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. You’ve probably heard this before, but when a person lands on your blog for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention to convince them to hang around. One weakness that WordPress suffers from, however, is that it is usually very slow.Without taking the right precautions, you could end up with a sluggish blog that will not only be a hassle for repeat visitors, but will most certainly lose you subscribers and customers due to the impatient nature of web browsers....more

Easy steps to create a beautiful email signature

Lots of Women Love Tech readers asked me for more technology tips to use on their computer, iPhone and iPad. I prepared a serie of simple and yet powerful tech-savvy tips for you. Today let’s talk about how to create a beautiful email signature. I am using a Mac, so this article will suit people who are using Mail on their Mac, but you can also use the basics into your Outlook emails....more

Why I won't read your blog

These days it seems everyone has a blog. Which is great but it doesn’t mean your blog will be a successful one or you will make money with it. The key to a successful blog is in understanding your niche and audience. Why I Won’t Read Your Blog is an article to help you to stand out in the crowd and to support you with your business goals....more