Mothers and Power - Who's Got It?

Last week I posted Part I of my talk with Leith Greenslade, creator of the Motherhood + Public Power Index.  By making visible where mothers are in charge, she hopes to establish the great need for more mothers in leadership positions.  As is obvious from her research, it's not having children that blunts achievement....more

5 Tips for SAHMs Going Back To Work

Have you been thinking about returning to work after taking care of your children for some time? You are not alone...more

Opting out of Motherhood - A Private Decision with Public Consequences

Children are, among other things, inconvenient, demanding and expensive.  They require a lot of work and sacrifice.  Even so, I'm glad to be a mother.  I wanted to be a mother, and most days, I still want to be a mother....more

5 Tips to Get Lawmakers to Listen to You

How do we take our stories straight to our elected representatives to make the changes mothers need in the US today? At the Mom-mentum Leadership Conference in March I met Serena Liguori, Associate Director of Herstory, an organization that teaches marginalized women — including homeless, imprisoned, immigrant, disabled — to write and tell their stories....more

Tell Your Lawmakers to Support These Bills For Mother's Day

It's nice to get gifts but you should give yourself one too.  Sometime this week, call or email your elected representatives, the men and women YOU put in office and whose salaries YOU pay, and ask for a little love.  It's easy.There are several bills pending in the US Congress that could make your life better.  Pick one - or more - and go for it.  Each bill links directly to a fact sheet so you'll know what it's about and at the end I hook you up with your people on the Hill....more

Without Paid Family Leave - Disaster!

I recently received this message from a pregnant woman in Atlanta.  It really upset me....more

What Could A Postpartum Doula Do For You?

While childbirth is certainly a near- universal experience for women, we know that it can vary widely from mother to mother.  Not only that, no two deliveries are exactly the same - the arrival of my son was so very different from the arrival of my daughter.  This makes me very curious to know what people who see lots of new families at the very beginning may have observed.  When I met with Shannon Collier, founder of Holistic Helping Hand, I knew she could tell me....more

Would Equal Pay Be Enough?

Today is Equal Pay Day.  What’s this about?  In order to earn the same amount of money that a full-time, year round employed US man earned in 2014, a US woman working full-time and year round, has to work all of 2014 and up until today in 2015.  That’s three and a half additional months.  Put another way, women’s median annual earnings trail men’s by a divide of more than 20%, according to the Institute ...more

Does Moms' Unpaid Work Matter to the Economy?

International Women’s Day on March 8th saw an outpouring of social media about the status of women in the world, which varies greatly across countries and continents.  Here in the US, women occupy a strangely contradictory position.  We are better educated than ever, nearly half the paid labor force, the majority of the population and the larger share of voters.  Nonetheless, we lack paid maternity leave, still do most of the unpaid family care, and at every age women’s poverty rate is higher than men’s.  These solvable problems hurt women, disadvantage our fa...more