Network Marketing, That Crazy Wrap Thing, and Unexplained Thoughts

If you are anything like me, you see things on your...more

Crossfit Games Open 15.5: Would you redo?

And the Open is OVER!!! I know you all think I write these recap posts for you to read and enjoy, and yes, I do love that you get to share in my struggles. But in full disclosure: most of the blog posts that I write are for me! ...more

#WODSwap: April 2015!

Whee!! We have finished another Crossfit Games Open and now onto some fun stuff! It’s that time again for another monthly #WODSwap!! ...more

Crossfit Games Open 15.4: An Unexpected PR

Another week, another Crossfit Games Open workout down! When 15.4 was announced, the first thing that came out of my mouth (despite not being very strong at HSPU and despite my max power clean...more

Crossfit Games Open 15.3: So You Didn’t Get that Muscle Up

Spoiler alert. The title sums up my quest to log an RX score all of the 2015 Crossfit Games Open workouts....more

Crossfit Games Open 15.3: Is the scaled division too scaled?

The last two Crossfit Games Opens that I have participated in have had muscle-ups, and as a non-official marker of elite athleticism in Crossfit, it was inevitable that would be in the Open...more

Crossfit Games Open 15.2: Can Regress indicate Progress?

Last year when Crossfit Games Open 14.2 was announced, the Crossfit community was in a bit of an uproar...more

[Ladies Only] Sckoon Cup: A less toxic alternative

This post was created as part of the SckoonCup Review Campaign in which I am a financially compensated blogger. The opinions are my own and based on my experience. One thing that I have loved about blogging is the ability to share great information that I find with those who are unaware....more

Crossfit Games Open 15.1: You Ain’t Cool Unless You.. What?!

Another year, another Crossfit Games Open! This will be my third time participating in an Open (after doing Crossfit just a little more than two years, completing my first one pretty fresh out of On Ramp!), and honestly – I will admit that I am less than excited this year than I have been in the past.. Sad, I know. ....more

#WODSwap 5: March 2015!

It’s finally March, which you would think would mean it’s time for some nice springtime temperatures. However, Mother Nature is not giving Michigan a break, as I think it is one of the first days it has been above 20′ in a long time! Let’s just all think happy, warm thoughts. ....more