Holiday Gift Guide: Mobility Essentials

Be sure to check out my other Holiday Gift Guides for the Crossfitters you know: Holiday Gift Guide for the Crossfit Man Holiday Gift Guide for the Crossfit Girl And today, I present to you.. a holiday gift guide for that person who needs all the mobility! (For all items on my gift guide, be sure to check out my Wine to Weightlifting Reader Discount page to see if there is an extra deal!) Help someone to channel his or her inner supple leopard with the following ideas: Becoming a Supple Leopard...more

Holiday Gift Guide: Crossfit Girl

Yesterday’s post was on what to get the guy who does Crossfit...more

Holiday Gift Guide: The Crossfit Man

It’s the holiday season…! I love Christmas. Christmas music, Christmas lights, Christmas spirit (or replace with “holiday” if you prefer) ....more

20141121 #TheOutlawWay Training Update

And today marks my third complete cycle of training since cutting back on the traditional WOD classes at my box and trying out the programming with The Outlaw Way. If you missed it.. you can check out why I’m trialing...more

Predictable Food Journey of the New Millennium Woman

Before I started Crossfit I was following the New Rules of Lifting for Women and one of the best outcomes of doing that program was finding an online community of other women who were doing the program or were veterans of it. In skimming the forum recently, one of the admins, Dana, posted something that really struck me regarding the food journey that a lot of women go through, so I asked her if I could share it here. I can relate to nearly every stage she talks about! ...more

Caveman Evolution and WOD Steals: Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Caveman Evolution, a pretty sweet online retailer of Crossfit gear! Despite receiving some products in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own, as always! Back in January, 2013, former Amazon-employee and Crossfitter, Ryan Pitts, analyzed...more

#WODSwap November!

I was overwhelmed by the initial interest that my #WODSwap post got with over 40 people interested in the US, and many more from outside! Because of this, I am going to try and offer this up to anyone in the world! HOWEVER. ....more

First ever #WODSwap!!

Okay, so this is an idea I have been throwing around for a while and thought I may as well jump on it and see how it goes! Sparked by the idea of dropping in at boxes while traveling, and by the awesome connections I’ve made via social networking with Crossfitters, I wanted to find another way to connect bloggers, tweeters, Crossfitters, workout-ers, anyone who likes to sweat, with each other, plus have a chance to get some new gear! My idea is this: Every month, you get matched up with another person who loves to WOD (You can WOD at a box, at home, in a globo gym, honestly, don’t even need to be someone who Crossfits!) ....more

20141025 #TheOutlawWay Training Update

I’ve officially completed two four-week cycles of The Outlaw Way! If you missed it.. you can check out why I’m trialing...more

Mental Toughness: Untrained 10k and Crossfit

I started my Stitcher podcast app just before the race started and had my Runkeeper ready to go. I always feel awkward doing the weird shuffle at the starting line, everyone pressing the button on their Garmins and me, as a historical amateur runner, fiddling with my new phone, which was much larger than my old iPhone, and too big to...more