Crossfit Games Open 15.1: You Ain’t Cool Unless You.. What?!

Another year, another Crossfit Games Open! This will be my third time participating in an Open (after doing Crossfit just a little more than two years, completing my first one pretty fresh out of On Ramp!), and honestly – I will admit that I am less than excited this year than I have been in the past.. Sad, I know. ....more

#WODSwap 5: March 2015!

It’s finally March, which you would think would mean it’s time for some nice springtime temperatures. However, Mother Nature is not giving Michigan a break, as I think it is one of the first days it has been above 20′ in a long time! Let’s just all think happy, warm thoughts. ....more

Prep for the Open with Reebok Discounts and a Giveaway!

Just popping in for a short moment to let you know about some awesome deals going on between now and Tuesday at the Reebok Outlet! Now is a perfect time to stock up on some new gear as the Crossfit season is ending soon! Keep in mind that I also have a pretty sweet giveaway going on over at my...more

In defense of booty shorts

It is no secret that Crossfit girls have a tendency to lean towards wearing booty shorts. ...more

One Fit Wonder Weight Vest from Fitness Sanctum: Review and Giveaway!

A little while back I had an offer to try out a weighted vest as part of a launch of Fitness Sanctum, an online retailer designed to be a one-stop shop for all things to get you going for your workouts, from accessories to gear to apparel. While I had never tried a weighted vest before, after competing Murph last year for a second time, I knew I wanted to make it a goal this year of doing it completely RX, 20# vest and all. After some discussions with the founder, John, we agreed upon...more

On Motivation

I’m part of a couple different ladies-only lifting groups on Facebook; I love them both because they are primarily made up of...more

Decide that you want it

Crossfit is a funny thing. I was inspired judging a competition last weekend to want to put more emphasis on WODs and endurance over Olympic weightlifting, which has recently stolen my heart. After a recent repeat of last year’s 14.4...more

I guess I’ll sign up for the Open

I can give any person who is hesitant about signing up for the Crossfit Games Open a million and one reasons why you should. I can recount my own personal experiences or share why competitions are so ...more

#WODSwap 4: February 2015!

Holiday season is over, time to get back into some sort of normal life routine, and hope the winter passes quickly! Thank you to everyone that has participated in the #WODSwap so far! #WODSwap: February...more

My First Olympic Weightlifting Meet

I did it. I am now an official weightlifter, with an official score, at an official sanctioned weightlifting meet! For the short story: Walked in with extreme fear and intimidation, made my weight class I was hoping for, missed both of my opener lifts, cried a little, didn’t try to PR, took home some bronze, and had an amazing experience! ...more