The Amazing Spider-Man 2

So I will admit it, I have always loved DC and Marvel comics. It started out as the cartoons when I was a kid, but as I got older I started watching the movies and the obsession has not stopped. Opening day is usually when I like to see the newest movies. The latest Spider-man was no exception. ...more


This week has been difficult. I found out Monday via a sonogram that I had miscarried for the second time in less than a year. Approaching 40 and still have no children makes this even more heart breaking than last time. Today I took back all the maternity clothes that I bought last week.  I never said a word to the cashier about why I was returning  the clothes. She simply returned my items and then walked around the register and gave me a big hug. I guess it was written on my face....more
OneQuarterMama Thank you OneQuarterMama for your words of encouragement. I Do believe that one ...more