A summer popsicle party for Reese

my little girl turned two. and since she didn’t have a clue, we did what we wanted, but we were sure to include a few things she definitely loves so she was sure to have fun. basically she loves balloons, the park, naming colors, and eating cold things ....more

Casual style with Albion Fit | & Learning Kids’ Love Languages

I’m learning to love my kids the way THEY need it, AND a little talk about casual beach style with a giveaway from Albion Fit! I’m learning how to better love my kids. It’s a daily struggle to fill their little love tanks while still keeping mine in tact and without damaging the patience already […]...more

Casual black and white with BluKicks | & a GIVEAWAY!

My new fave place to grab cute slip-on shoes for casual summer days – BluKicks and a fun giveaway with Color Me Apparel too! It’s been pouring in San Diego. Off and on, of course, cause San Diego is like a teenage girl sometimes and can’t decide who she likes ....more

Best picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary SALE

The Nordstrom Anniversary SALE is going to be huge this year. These are my favorite picks that I would totally buy {a.k.a. they are not crazy expensive and totally in your budget to grab one or two- win!} I have been converted to a NORDSTROM shopper. The biggest reason is mainly because everything I purchase […]...more

Easy Cake Mix Cookies

A super fun and easy recipe using a cake mix that you can alter for any mix. These strawberry ones were awesome! ...more

Rainbow playdough | & Why Moms need a MOM!

an easy and soft playdough recipe that lasts 6 months, and why moms need a mom too… i was drowning. last year, and last summer, were the hardest days for me as a mom. i dreaded going to “work” every day ....more

kimonos, gladiators, and 4th of July

My growing boho style and why I love reunions… Our 4th of July was so lovely and relaxing. We met up with lots of family for a family reunion that we have every 3 years. At the end of the reunion, we took a vote on whether or not to have it again and I […]...more

Why you SHOULD be blogging as an Entrepreneur or #GirlBoss

Mondays here are entrepreneur and #GirlBoss days when I like to share my two cents about business, blogging, marketing, and general #GirlBoss stuff to help you be more awesome at what you do. The problem with blogging {for me} is that it’s not a job….. Unless it IS a job ....more

What does your handbag say about you?

I’ve been crushing on some of these totes and bags for summer…. Whenever I see a new awesome bag, I think, do I need ANOTHER rad bag to tote around? The answer is often, yes ....more

WordPress plugins for bloggers who want to grow!

When I first starting blogging, I said what most people say when they start which is “it’s just for fun…” or “it’s an outlet for me…” now that it’s a business, I have to be more strategic… And then, it was true. I was in college, blogging was new, and it wasn’t really a thing […]...more