getting my beauty sleep with garnier #sleepwiththis

I am a chronic non-sleeper, and I’ve been pretty open about how nasty and dry my… everything is. My hair and skin and everything in me is Arizonan and lizard-like. My kids don’t help with the wrinkles and dark circles much either ....more

Getting my beauty sleep with Garnier #sleepwiththis

My hair and skin and everything in me is Arizonan and lizard-like. My kids don't help with the wrinkles and dark circles much either. Thanks, kids. I'll remind you about that in the years to come, I'm sure. So I raised my hand so embarrassingly fast to try this stuff 'cause I really had to know if it would be up for the task......more

style tip for online shopping

it’s taken me something like 20 years of online shopping to realize this, and it’s a simple thing, but it is something i’m passionate about… a great pair of jeans can be hard to find. i hate jean shopping just like the next not-so-perfect-body-type human, but recently, i kind of enjoy it. why? ...more

that one time my 37 year old brother finally got married #worththewait

of course, the reason we got ourselves to DC was the best reason of all: my last of 4 brothers finally got married. about. freaking ....more

vacay in DC sans the kids

disclaimer: this is one of those eternal photo-laden travel posts mainly for the purpose of self-documentation. so in other words, it’s long. if you read through it all, thanks {mom} ....more

A Color Me Apparel Launch Party Invite…

Basically, this is a big day for us at our house. We open our doors over at Color Me Apparel, and we are so excited, we literally are having a dance party… you are welcome to join us at any time… CMA Launch Party from Color Me Meg on Vimeo. a quick tour of what’s […]...more

Why the new Cinderella movie might be my favorite version of all

I am literally up tonight at almost 1am writing this post because I had to share why this movie was so charming. With little to no former knowledge of what we were even going to see, {I’ve been a bit busy}, my best friend and I took our little lover-friends to see Cinderella. And, because […]...more

On the Fringe – Teal & Black Style

I have a teeny weeny obsession with fringe right now. It may or may not have something to do with these booties that I fell in love with in December. They are super comfortable and chic so they go with everything and I wear them everywhere ....more

The Great Disneyland Vacation Giveaway!

10 chances to win 10 awesome Disney prizes to help you get to Disneyland this year! ...more

The science behind #thedress from a photographer and an engineer

that one time that the internet broke over a dress… and we should all care less, but since we are perpetually in need of entertainment… alas… I hate myself a little bit for even spending the time to do this. I’m upset on a few levels that this has gone viral and I can’t even. […]...more