The Great Disneyland Vacation Giveaway!

10 chances to win 10 awesome Disney prizes to help you get to Disneyland this year! ...more

The science behind #thedress from a photographer and an engineer

that one time that the internet broke over a dress… and we should all care less, but since we are perpetually in need of entertainment… alas… I hate myself a little bit for even spending the time to do this. I’m upset on a few levels that this has gone viral and I can’t even. […]...more

Throwing an American Idol Party for Any Age

Can you remember back to the first episode of American Idol you ever watched? ...more

valentine treats you’ll want to make

prepare for the most drool-worthy red and chocolate desserts you’ve seen… ...more

Throwing An American Idol Party For Any Age

Music around here is kind of a thing... I got to thinking about how we could really get into the spirit a little more this season since my kids are such music fans. Here's a few fun party ideas that I found that would make for some great Idol parties!...more

“you have your hands full” and other things you can CHOOSE to be mad about…

i have a miniature soap box for you that you may or may not agree with, and i don’t so much care. image src: Tim Pannell/Corbis ...more

christmas 2014 – ISO new traditions

christmas this year was a good one. my kids and i spent a few weeks in arizona soaking up grandparents, and aunts and uncles and the beautiful space to run and play and breathe. we love san diego, of course, who doesn’t? ...more

this is not MY list… {goals for 2015 and other ramblings}

the new year is equally exciting and depressing sometimes. well, you know, it’s a reminder of all the crap you want to do, all of the crap on your list you didn’t do last year, and all of those goals you keep setting over and over. maybe not ....more

Nerdy gift ideas for the nerds and techies

I used to find geeks and nerds the hardest to shop for. We are usually talking men {except that I want everything on this list.} and we are usually talking the type of people who don’t ask for much, {and if they need it, they just get it.} So yes, some on this list […]...more

Welcome to Color Me Apparel!

casual. chic. california style ....more