red velvet whoopie cookies {and it’s not even february}

it’s like a whoopie pie | meets the perfect soft cookie | meets red velvet cake… uh yeah… i know i know, we apparently are in fall already and i’m supposed to be making fall-themed food… mostly pumpkin and all that…. i get it, i do. ...more

10 ways to get the MOST facetime with your smartphone

There is at least one baby in your home that will never get left in a hot car… but only if you take the necessary precautions against the temptation to neglect your smart-device. I’m here to help. I wouldn’t want you spending copious amounts of unnecessary bonding time with those tied to you by blood ....more

toasted coconut lime sugar cookies & coconut lime frosting

sometimes you just need a cookie, and then sometimes you need a FANCY cookie! you’ll love the sweet and tangy vibe of these chewy goddesses… i haven’t been making food lately. really, for the last 2 weeks ....more

nautical beachy bathroom “reveal” | under $100

how to redo rooms on a budget and keep the landlord happy is a fun new game we like to play lately… i had been wishing i could do something with this bathroom for months. something that could change it up enough to make it feel like a new place. it’s the only room in […]...more

reason 4068 to love taylor swift | shake it off

freakin taylor swift. love her, right? Ok, as one who spent half of my college and teaching years discussing media and how it’s made/what it communicates/all that artsy jargon blah blah that makes me annoyed of all movies with Paul Walker in them, let me just say, this is a great music video ....more

color me RAD run | san diego fun

want something fun to do in San Diego? run. everyone does it....more

september visiting teaching printables | #freebiefriday

this month’s message really lifted me up. it’s what we are here for after all, to lift each other. after i hit publish last week on my post about moms with anxiety and depression, i sat, quite anxiously, watching it pour in: your reactions, your commiseration, your understanding, your validation, and your love ....more

Brush Your Heart Out

I want to start off by saying that I am so flattered that Meg asked me to be a Color Me Pretty contributor I am BEYOND excited to share with you all little tidbits to help you feel like the beautiful woman you most definitely are! Here we go! Do you have long hair? ...more

dreamy creamy avocado chicken salad

so, you’ve been making bread all week too? this avocado chicken salad is PERFECT on a sandwich OR over greens. honestly, it’s been such a joy to channel my granny this week and help brighten a few days with freshly made carbs ....more

sweet pork quesadillas & spicy ranch

using that awesome balsamic and honey pork we made last week, we whipped up the naughtiest version of quesadillas i’ve had in a long while. {yes, we pronounce the Ls at our house, just to be annoying. working?} so last week we made a BOATLOAD of pork....more