Mexican Chocolate Chocolate Cake

a ridiculously moist and delicious cake made from mexican hot chocolate and dreamed up by my guest poster Sandee of Hooray! This post is a guest post written by one of my best friends Sandee who recently started her own blog. She has more talent in her pinky than most of the internet and I […]...more

Real Liege Belgian Waffles

legit traditional real liege belgian waffles are totally worth the time! ...more

Meg turns 30. A colorful and lovely week of awesomeness

if you happen to read this post at all, just know that it’s mainly for documenting and saving purposes… it in no way is to brag about how great of a husband i have to spoil me like a 10 year old all week and make a grown woman feel like this is just the […]...more

my colorful and non-functional {but more functional} office nook

getting rid of storage and making this space “non-functional” is the most functional thing i know how to do… when we moved into this little fox hole, we knew we were compromising on space. that’s a given. but we tried initially to make every corner of this place count ....more

“Your Next Great Adventure” Baby Shower

a fun way to celebrate our world traveled mama before she has TWIN girls!! {i’m tired just writing that…} this party, was another shower i got to do with one of my dearest friends sandee. she really is the creative mastermind, i just help organize food and take pretty pictures and make whatever she tells […]...more

Mexican food fit for a Cinco De Mayo feast

a quick collection of mexican food recipes that are perfect for cinco de mayo or anytime really… meals sides AND desserts! ...more

raising friendly and fearless toddlers | letters to my littles

this week after traveling to AZ for a whole week and spending time with family, we came home and spent some much-needed us-time as a little family and reconnected and played at the beach. as i watched my little toddlers, i kept thinking of all of the ways that they are different, but all the […]...more

mango pina colada smoothie and a free blendtec??

our smoothie perfect for cinco de mayo and a free blender to go with it? so 3 summers ago, before i was even pregnant with baby 2, my husband and i joined his parents and sister on an adventure in cabo san lucas, mexico. it was one of those legitimate relaxing vacations that involved sitting […]...more

getting my beauty sleep with garnier #sleepwiththis

I am a chronic non-sleeper, and I’ve been pretty open about how nasty and dry my… everything is. My hair and skin and everything in me is Arizonan and lizard-like. My kids don’t help with the wrinkles and dark circles much either ....more

Getting my beauty sleep with Garnier #sleepwiththis

My hair and skin and everything in me is Arizonan and lizard-like. My kids don't help with the wrinkles and dark circles much either. Thanks, kids. I'll remind you about that in the years to come, I'm sure. So I raised my hand so embarrassingly fast to try this stuff 'cause I really had to know if it would be up for the task......more