Easing in to New Routines

My summer vacation is just about halfway over....more

Do’s & Dont’s of Returning to Work after a Vacation

I was in Hawaii for 7 days. I really wasn’t ready to come home. But with views like this? ...more

Justifying a Housekeeper

You know that moment when you suddenly look around your house and there isn’t a corner that isn’t full of...more

Literally Working From Home. With a Sitter.

Today I realized that I can probably no longer leave home to work. Physically – at 34 weeks pregnant – my body can’t handle getting ready to go out and then sitting and typing for 2 hours. Even with my .. ....more

A Love Letter to Monday

Dear Monday, Sometimes I feel like you get the shit end of the stick. People kind of despise you. Sunday night they already start complaining about you like you can help where you landed in the week.They treat you like .. ....more

Work-at-Home, Semi-Single Mom

Allow me to introduce myself! ...more

In the Military? Out of Luck for a Free Breast Pump.

Being a military “dependent”, we are offered nearly the same kind of coverage as our spouses, with also the ability to pay more to be seen off post. This means our insurance (United Healthcare, TriWest, TriCare) covers 100% of any .. ....more

Much Needed Vacation

Ever feel like you just *need* to run away? From your office, your house, your husband, your kids, from feeling needed by everyone all.the.time? No? ...more

Summer Daycare Tips

I am not sure about you all but here in the PNW we get some wacky and unpredictable summer weather. It can go from highs in the 90′s to highs in the 60′s over night, all summer long. The weathermen .. ....more

A Whole New World

During the school year, we choose to have Abby take one YMCA class at a time, except for over the holiday season as we’ve got enough on our plate as it is.  It’s on Saturday’s, and sometimes with their lottery .. ....more