Why My Cat and I Are Purr-fect Together

My cat and I are kind of meant to be. I’d wanted a cat for a long time. I had to leave my cats behind when we left England four years ago, and my kids had been begging us for years to get one. When we moved into a nice big house last year, I went against my husband’s advice and adopted two of the most adorable kittens ever. ...more

Nine Things That Have Changed For the Better Since I Quit Smoking

Nine Things That Have Changed For the Better Since I Quit Smoking Posted by: Katie Reed in Health September 28, 2016 0 6 Views This post is sponsored by Nicorette®, NicoDerm® CQ® and SheKnows Media. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that smoking was never something I thought I’d get caught up in. Seeing my mother’s own struggles to quit made me believe that I could never find myself addicted. But that all changed when my first marriage ended, and I found myself smoking a pack a day. I don’t want to glamorize it, but smoking seemed at the time to be just what I needed to de-stress....more

Teach Your Kids Simple Cooking Skills and See Them Bloom

My mom knew that rice was inexpensive and extremely versatile. So she bought it in bulk and taught us numerous ways to make it amazing. Breakfasts were often bowls of rice with milk and a sprinkling of sugar. Lunch might have been a delicious bit of rice fried up with an egg and some herbs. Dinners were gourmet stir-fries with canned shrimp or chicken in them. It seemed that rice meals were inexhaustible. ...more

Five Things We Learned From our Visit to Pearle Vision

I wrote recently about my son's first visit to our local Pearle Vision in Murray. Since that initial consultation and exam, I've been talking to other moms who have expressed the need to take their own kids for a vision test. I have had several people tell me how they can't believe that my five year old would need glasses! They have an idea in their head that it is only those with other medical issues that might have a need for eye-wear. ...more

For Busy, Body-Conscious Moms, There Is Still Satisfaction to Be Had!

Ever since my five-year-old called me fat and made me take a good hard look at myself, I've been working hard to make better food choices. I've been adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet and going for more walks in an effort to get some actual exercise into each day. Of course, with three young kids running around the house, it isn't as easy to stay as healthy as I'd wish. ...more

What To Expect At Your Child's First Eye Exam

I remember when we took our boys to the dentist for the first time. My oldest son, Dexter, was nearly four years old, and I was confident that he would have no issues. It turned out he had a cavity and needed to have it drilled and filled! I was so distraught, feeling like a bad mom for not having taken him sooner, but I'd naively thought that he was too young! I vowed then not to make the same mistake with his eyes....more

To the Moon and Back! Loving My L'il Astronaut

Every child has a dream. Something that they hold on to to get them through the tough times. For my son, Dexter, his dream is to be a space explorer. It started when he was two, and he and his daddy would sit in the darkened living room watching Neil Degrasse Tyson hop in his "spaceship of the imagination" and explore the cosmos. Dexter was enthralled. He became obsessed with the planets and space. Over time, he learned everything there is to know about our solar system....more

Once a Quitter, Always a Quitter - How I Stopped Smoking Forever

Sponsored Content: When I look back now, I am really and truly baffled as to how I started smoking. I grew up with my mom smoking like a chimney, and my dad dipping snuff. Our walls always turned a gross shade of yellow, and everything I owned had the faint smell of cigarette smoke. When I was a kid, I took it for granted that everyone smoked when they grew up. I had been exposed to it my whole life....more

Gaining Confidence and Losing Weight with alli

Several years ago, my dad was having some health issues. As part of his commitment to fighting them, he decided it was time to really put some effort into losing weight. He'd never been a "big guy." In all my years, he was always fit. He had a job that required him to be in top condition, and I remember over the years exercising with him in the living room. It was only when he retired that he started putting on weight, and after so many years of constant vigilance, it was kind of funny to see him pack on the pounds....more

Roasted Asparagus, Caramelized Onions & Bacon Pizza

As far as we’re concerned in this house, pizza is a food group. I’ve shared the stories about how Mark and I got engaged over pizza, and we have a million stories of pizza bonding our little family together. And there is something completely awesome about making pizza at home – trying new flavor combinations, teaching the kids about the chemistry of bread dough, and sharing a slice as we talk about our day’s events ....more