What Jon Stewart's Time at 'The Daily Show' Can Teach Us About Leadership

Like most of his fans, I'm not happy about Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. Who is this new kid who is taking over? Who will deliver me my daily Moment of Zen? But that's a whole different conversation.... ...more

The Hottest Food Trends That Will Emerge in 2014

The Winter Fancy Food Show is known as the food industry’s most happening trade show, where new food trends are introduced months before they clog supermarket shelves. At this year’s event, for example, there was no shortage of bacon-infused snacks, gluten-free products, and Sriracha-flavored everything—all trends from past years that have now gone mainstream. Here are eight different food products from this year’s show that are sure to be coming to a supermarket near you—and soon! ...more
LiaHuber I'm for anything that will convince people to eat their vegetables and stay healthy. ...more

5 Most Interesting Trends at the 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show

By the time food trends like cupcakes and bacon-flavored everything reach supermarket shelves, they've already been around a while. A surprising number of them are born each year at the Fancy Food Show, where the world’s food purveyors -- big and small, artisan and mainstream -- come to show off their newest creations. This year's 38th annual show was bigger than ever: 1,300 exhibitors and 18,000 attendees came to San Francisco's Moscone Center to spot food trends. And so did I: Here are five really fascinating peeks into the possible future of food. ...more
I'll take the cherry tea! But, even though I'm fine giving my kids squeeze pouches, I just can't ...more

The Creator of Blue's Clues Takes on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Angela Santomero may not be a household name herself, but if you have children who love Blue’s Clues or Super Why, you definitely know her work. As the creator of both hugely successful children’s programs, she’s taking on a new project premiering this fall on PBS that she is co-producing with The Fred Rogers Company called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I talked with her recently so she could discuss her career and her inspiration for the new show. ...more
@covertcoviewer "fabulous?"..too kind, but sincere TY :)more

Anonymous Blogger Mrs. Q The Lunch Crusader Comes Out

Mrs. Q, the teacher and blogger behind Fed Up With Lunch who kept her identity hidden while she spent a year documenting her experiences eating the cafeteria lunches being served at the school where she worked, has finally let the cat out of the bag. ...more
This is awesome. I always thought those school lunches were packed with too much salt and corn ...more

An Interview With Ruth Reichl

I was on cloud nine when Ruth Reichl’s agent called me back to say she was interested in accepting my interview request. Granted, she was already going to be in my neck of the woods, but still, she’s one of the most influential female food writers ever, and it was something my little food blogging heart was excited about. ...more

It was a pleasure to meet her and she was as down to earth and personable in person as I'd ...more

No Ordinary Blog Conference: News From BlogHer bet!

There’s always something you can count on at every BlogHer conference: No matter what the subject, the energy is palpable and the women here are ready to share stories and get inspired. ...more

Why I Gave Up on "Glee"

I had such high hopes for the Fox phenomenon, Glee. As soon as I saw the promos introducing the crew of high school outcasts right before its splendid pilot episode, I was already hooked. The first season of the show didn’t disappoint; I was gleefully enthralled (sorry, I had to). But then came the second season -- and even Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday isn't enough to save the show for me. ...more

Jana I couldn't agree w/you more. It's true that they get on their soapbox when it comes to ...more

Spam Breakfast Sandwiches Like Grandma Used to Make

Every weekend when I was a kid, my maternal grandmother would make us our favorite breakfast: an egg and SPAM sandwich. She knew the affinity my brother and I had for Egg McMuffins, and decided it would be easier and probably better for us if she’d tried to make it herself instead. And it was. ...more

I love it sliced thin and fried crisp like bacon, yum yum. I know what I'm having for breakfast.more

A Guide to the Chinese New Year Table

Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year because of the lunar calendar, but it’s usually in February or March. It is symbolized by different animals, on a 12-year cycle -- this year it's the Year of the Rabbit. It’s always filled with a whole lot of food and family. ...more
Hello there, Elaine! I am following a link from Grace's post on the Lunar New Year from two ...more