Twitter Wants Photos, Not Links, from Instagram Users

It made news this week when Twitter asked Instagram users to post images directly to Twitter instead of posting a link to the photo on Instagram. When an image is posted on Instagram, the user can choose to send a link to the image to Twitter. An image from Instagram will show up on Facebook when shared there, but Facebook owns Instagram ....more

Another Dead Lesbian TV Character and the Question of Representation

Warning: Last Tango in Halifax spoilers. I write about pop culture on my blog at Old Aint Dead. One of the TV shows I love and spend time recapping is Last Tango in Halifax. I normally love everything about this BBC series. I love the old people having a romance, I love the lesbian couple having a romance, I love the mixed-up straight woman trying to figure out how to have a suitable romance. ...more
I think it's because I feel betrayed by Sally Wainwright. I let my guard down for 55 minutes ...more

CSS4 May Include Some Useful Pseudo Classes

The editor’s draft (emphasis on draft) for Level 4 Selectors from the W3C mentions some potential new pseudo selectors that the W3C describes as functional. The matches-any Pseudo Class This allows you to create a selector that targets a comma separated list of selectors. Here’s the syntax ....more

Resources for Material Design

Material Design is a set of design principles created by Google for developers creating apps for Android. They call it a design language. The concepts don’t apply only to Android, of course ....more

A Must See Movie: The Imitation Game

Keira Knightly and Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game. I don’t normally review movies here, but I’m making an exception of this film about the early beginnings of the computer because I think it’s a must see for anyone working with a computer. The Imitation Game stars Benedict Cumberbatch as English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing ....more

Happy Holidays

If you celebrate anything this holiday season, I wish you happy days. May you enjoy celebrating the occasion with people you love, doing things that make you happy. © vdebolt for Web Teacher, 2014 ....more

Accessibility Teaching Materials: Free Download

A free booklet for web educators I prepared a booklet (PDF) of materials that I use to teach a short class in web accessibility. There really isn’t a great resource for a class in web accessibility that covers the basics in just a few hours. I took some of my handouts and made such a resource for you ....more

When to use the null alt option for images

The standards set in WCAG 2.0 state: Guideline 1.1 Text Alternatives: Provide text alternatives for any non-text content so that it can be changed into other forms people need, such as large print, braille, speech, symbols or simpler language. Among those text alternatives is where alt text (or alternative text) for an image is used. The HTML5 specification states that all images must have an alt attribute ....more

Feminist Lorem Ipsum

I saw Samuel L. Ipsum thanks to this tweet from Chris Carfi. I checked out the Samuel L ....more

President Obama on Net Neutrality

Four million average citizens have spoken out in favor of Net Neutrality. Now the most powerful man in the country shares his opinion. All the petitions I’ve signed, all the letters I’ve sent off the of FCC on this topic do make a difference, of course ....more