Accessibility Teaching Materials: Free Download

A free booklet for web educators I prepared a booklet (PDF) of materials that I use to teach a short class in web accessibility. There really isn’t a great resource for a class in web accessibility that covers the basics in just a few hours. I took some of my handouts and made such a resource for you ....more

When to use the null alt option for images

The standards set in WCAG 2.0 state: Guideline 1.1 Text Alternatives: Provide text alternatives for any non-text content so that it can be changed into other forms people need, such as large print, braille, speech, symbols or simpler language. Among those text alternatives is where alt text (or alternative text) for an image is used. The HTML5 specification states that all images must have an alt attribute ....more

Feminist Lorem Ipsum

I saw Samuel L. Ipsum thanks to this tweet from Chris Carfi. I checked out the Samuel L ....more

President Obama on Net Neutrality

Four million average citizens have spoken out in favor of Net Neutrality. Now the most powerful man in the country shares his opinion. All the petitions I’ve signed, all the letters I’ve sent off the of FCC on this topic do make a difference, of course ....more

Using Clearfix to Clear Floats in a Layout

First, let’s review some of the older methods of clearing floats in a layout. In a CSS layout with two or more columns, there is generally some use of float to create the column structure. For the layout to include a footer at the bottom of the page, those floats need to be cleared ....more

WordPress Basics: Categories and Tags

When new bloggers get started on WordPress, they need to understand the basics of what Categories and Tags are. Both can help people find the content they want on your blog, but they serve slightly different purposes. Categories are big ....more

Women and Social Media Study (Infographic)

BlogHer conducted a study of women in social media. The first part of the results were released today and summarized in an infographic that divides the findings into data for marketers and for influencers. Click to make it full screen ....more

Making Images Responsive

Making Images Responsive photo by Virginia DeBolt I’ve been attempting to sort out in my own mind exactly what I needed to be teaching students about responsive images. For a while, things have been a bit wobbly in this area and there were no definite best practice ideas. Thanks to the Responsive Images Community Group, I think a consensus on best practice has gelled for now ....more

Twitter Writes a Post about role=presentation

There is an ARIA role called “presentation” in the WAI ARIA spec. With Twitter’s help, Denis Boudreau wrote this post about it. This is how it started: @goodwitch We need a really clear post on when to actually use role=“presentation” ....more