WordPress Basics: Categories and Tags

When new bloggers get started on WordPress, they need to understand the basics of what Categories and Tags are. Both can help people find the content they want on your blog, but they serve slightly different purposes. Categories are big ....more

Women and Social Media Study (Infographic)

BlogHer conducted a study of women in social media. The first part of the results were released today and summarized in an infographic that divides the findings into data for marketers and for influencers. Click to make it full screen ....more

Making Images Responsive

Making Images Responsive photo by Virginia DeBolt I’ve been attempting to sort out in my own mind exactly what I needed to be teaching students about responsive images. For a while, things have been a bit wobbly in this area and there were no definite best practice ideas. Thanks to the Responsive Images Community Group, I think a consensus on best practice has gelled for now ....more

Twitter Writes a Post about role=presentation

There is an ARIA role called “presentation” in the WAI ARIA spec. With Twitter’s help, Denis Boudreau wrote this post about it. This is how it started: @goodwitch We need a really clear post on when to actually use role=“presentation” ....more

Some Teaching Tips for HTML5 and CSS3 7th Edition

Where I teach, we use HTML5 & CSS3 Visual QuickStart Guide (7th Edition) to teach both the basic HTML and the CSS class. This version of the book came out in 2011. There’s an 8th Edition released in 2013, but we haven’t switched to it yet ....more

Meet Megan Smith, New US Chief Technology Officer

MAKERS have several video profiles of Megan Smith, who was recently named Chief Technology Officer for the United States by President Obama. You can find more films and a biography of Megan Smith at the MAKERS site. When the video ends, you will be able to see several more short conversations with Megan Smith about technology ....more

Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 Years of Web Design and Community

This is a wonderful film everyone should watch, especially young people just starting out making web sites who have not lived through the last 20+ years with Jeffrey as their spirit guide. The film is one of a documentary series from Lynda.com.Thank you to lynda.com for making this one available in its full length free. There are many other fascinating documentaries on creative topics at lynda.com/vimeo ....more

The Relevance of Dreamweaver

Stefan Mischook from Studioweb.com posted an article a day or two ago called Is Dreamweaver still Relevant in Web Design? His conclusion was no, it is not. Granted there are many more ways to make an effective and functional website than there used to be ....more

Intro to the Web Developer Toolbar

I always tell students to use the Web Developer Toolbar developed by Chris Pederick. It’s free, it works in Firefox, Opera, or Chrome and it’s very helpful. This short video explains a bit about it ....more

Review: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites

product HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett is from Wiley & Sons (2011). This book is a little old (4 years) but I was so impressed with the JavaScript book by the same author and in the same format that I requested a copy from the publisher for review. Everything I said about pedagogy and color coding in the review of the JavaScript book applies to this book as well ....more