The Tiniest Bit Of Kitchen Progress Ever.

So, literally, over a year ago I posted about how the overhead kitchen light went out. And I think what was most shameful about all that, is that we then learned to operate that way, with an uplight we moved around the kitchen as needed. FOR A YEAR ....more

Across #WomensLives: Revenge Porn.

I'm so thrilled to be sharing with you this groundbreaking approach in journalism from BlogHer, SheKnows Media, and PRI Public Radio International called Across #WomensLives. The campaign aims to make the stories of women seen and heard across all forms of news media, as every woman's story is important. I'm one of the community partners helping this initiative, as not only a feminist, but as a woman who fiercely believes in the incredible power of storytelling ....more

Music & Miscellany Monday: Black Sun.

All I have to say about this is that this song strongly suggests that the impending album is what any Death Cab/Postal Service/emo punk kid could have dreamed for in the post Ben Gibbard/ Zooey Deschanel break up. Also, just yes. Yes ....more

To Tova, In The Future.

To Tova In The Future --I know, open letters are passé. You may not even know what one is when you get this, if you find it buried on some archaic version of this space that will probably resemble something close to what 8 bit looks like to me, now, but no matter.You're just shy of four and a half as I write this, sitting on the couch next to me watching Sesame Street. Please tell me there is Sesame Street in the future ....more

Our Project 52, Week Four: Blue.

I know, I kind of skipped last week. I had an idea but zero time to make it happen. Anyway ....more

The Snug.

So this is kind of a big announcement. I am honored to say that I am a Blogger Guest Editor at The Snug, a new online DIY community geared towards Millennials (haaaaaaayyyyy) curated by the editors at Time, Inc (you know, the people behind This Old House). It's like people my age are finally being taken seriously in the DIY and home improvement realm because we're actually adults now, kthnx ....more

#365feministselfie, A Recap.

I know the last week of January is a bit late for an end-of-the-year reflection but eff it. I started the #365feministselfie project on a whim, with a plan to be as kind of silly with it as possible. I didn't want to take pretty pictures, I didn't want it to bear weight ....more

Our Project 52, Week Two: Morning.

I am not a morning person. This was more evident last year, when Kiedis had to be on the bus at some insane hour like 6:15 and both of us, as in this arena he is so my son -- would grouch and grump at each other as we sped through potty and clothes and lunches and gogogo the bus is here!...more

The Dark Side of Late Night Single Mom Home Ownership.

There are just some things that you don't ever anticipate having to DIY, especially not at 2:30 some random Sunday evening/Monday morning while being circled by most of your seven pets and you try not to cry. But let's back up a wee bit. When we first moved into the house, I remember our old elderly neighbor mumbling something about it was a good thing we had cats (at the time, it was just two) because our part of the greater area apparently had a problem with mice ....more

Music Monday: I Bet My Life.

I'm in this terrible place, as I travel in my car, where the local radio station I loved changed format (I know) and the other alternative station is just trash -- like the little call sign ads are not things I want the kids to hear in the car because they're unnecessarily vulgar -- so I end up listening to mainstream radio stations. Now before you get your panties in a twist, I do have Spotify, which is lovely, but me and my 2004 Matrix don't have an A/V jack for an easy way to get my music off of my phone and onto my car speakers and to be honest, I haven't really figured out another way to do it because I just have bigger things on my plate right now. So ....more