Queen of the Impromptu Hiatus.

Old (bad) blog habits die hard, I guess. The truth of the matter is, I have so many cats to let out of the bag that I don't even really know where to start, or how, without brutally pummeling you with a deluge of information. When I said I knew this year would look 1000% different than it did when it began, even *I* didn't realize the full extent of that statement's truth ....more

The Daily Spanx: Tunic As A Dress Edition.

Hey. The sun has (actually)...more

Parisian Apartments I Stood And/Or Slept In, Part One.

So aside from Paris and Belgium being so very much more than I ever could have dreamed, I want to talk about what, aside from the company and the food and the landmarks, really lit a fire in my soul and completely changed the way I view the world and beauty. THE ARCHITECTURE. And not even the grand palaces or city streets (though those were all also breathtaking -- never in my life have I been in a place where every damn square inch is covered in beauty) but the intimate settings I was privy to as I ventured between the two countries ....more

Always the Stars.

"You could do so much better."...more

Bad Poetry Fridays.

Since it's National Poetry Month, I thought maybe on Fridays I'd start sharing some of the really terrible poetry I've been writing and (sometimes) posting on Tumblr. ...more

TBT: That Time I Went To Paris and Belguim.

I don't know what to say about Paris and Belgium other than being there about six months ago ruined me for good. I never in my life thought that I would make it to Europe before I was 60. I thought I was going to wait until I was old and .. ....more

The Daily Spanx: Patterned Tights Edition.

Now, this probably is not very apparent from first blush, so let me just get something out of the way real quick. I am actually a painfully reserved introvert....more

The Life Cycle of a #HouseBlogger.

Once upon a time, I was a house blogger. The idea struck me in the shower -- as most good ideas usually do, with equal mention given to being on the toilet and 15 seconds away from falling asleep at night. (I'm actually prone to also dreaming practical ideas/solutions for things .. ....more

Celibacy 2016: April Update.

In this personal venture of mine, I felt like a check-in may be in order. It's been about six weeks since the HuffPo podcast about #celibacy2016 went live, and four and a half months since I began this journey (because it actually started in December but hey, who's counting). In some ways, it has been harder than anticipated ....more

This is Divorce.

@tabathaetc/instagram I turn my tear-streaked face to the sky. A bitter wind, like the beginning of winter just before the first fierce ice storm, whips my hair across my vision, imperceptibly cutting into the bridge of my nose, my eyelids, my temple. Death by a thousand papercuts, I hear whispered in the back of my consciousness ....more