Music Monday: Always Starting Over.

I don't even know if that's a thing. Is that a thing? Whatever, it will be for me for a minute ....more

Just A Little Tease.

Stay tuned...#Dec15 Here's our pre-announcement re: a big announcement #comingsoon bc THAT'S how excited we are— This Old Apartment (@ThisOldAPT) December 7, 2014 ...more

I Am From Beavercreek.

I only have a couple of minutes, as it is a marker of my privilege that I am going to my daughter's preschool Thanksgiving party today. Writing this will mean I will go in something slightly nicer than pajamas and I will probably not shower, instead of getting ready for the day and looking like a grown-up. If that is the biggest sacrifice I make, I should call myself pathetic ....more

Bad Habits.

I really need to stop thinking that I can wait until after work to write these posts. Because, well...yeah.Better luck tomorrow. ...more


I am upside down when I feel her tiny hand run along my jawline, softly. I am starled, as I've been blow drying my hair (I know, shush) and while I knew she was watching, with my eyes closed tight so that I may process this activity tactily and also because vertigo messes me up in more ways than I casually let on, I didn't hear or feel her move closer. I stood back up, turning off the hair dryer and looking at her tiny face, so sweetly turned up to look at mine ....more

More Than.

I meant to write more than this today. But sometimes, you have to just go live your life instead of sit and think about it. So ....more

Instagram Sunday.

I've been telling -- or rather, showing -- my life on Instagram as of late. When words fail, sometimes pictures suffice. This one, today, of Kiedis though, and the feelings that went with it .. ....more

Five Random Things.

A few weeks ago, it was a thing (mostly through Facebook I think?) where bloggers tagged other bloggers to list five random things about themselves. I was tagged. I probably noticed it at work ....more

Mamanista Fridays: All Black Everything.

What do you do when you want to participate in this week's Mamanista Fridays...more

A Brief Moment.

I am eating a brownie and drinking a margarita and in some ways, I almost don't mind the silence.And I think I'm going to actually go sit for just a moment longer before bed, and do nothing for just that brief window.And I'm going to love the fuck out of every second of it. ...more