So the day that I post that I don't know what to do with this space?Ends up my bathroom was on Apartment Therapy as part of a round up of colorful clawfoot tubs.You can check it out here. There's even one positive comment about just my bathroom about halfway down.Figures, ha.Clementine -- giving this blog life since 2009. ...more

Proof I Was There.

If you've been here for any length of time reading this blog, you'll know that I kind of ebb and flow in my attention to it. Truth be told, I'm always thinking about this space. I'm constantly thinking of things I want to write about, to discuss with you, to weigh in on or get your opinion on ....more


I rearranged my bedroom. It wasn't anything huge or drastically different, merely just a switching of the bed and the dresser. Honestly, that's about the only switch that could be made, the way that we built the room and with the furniture currently in there ....more

This Is Where It Starts.

"Look, Mom!" Her tiny voice rang pure with confidence and certainty. "My baby has a black face!" She gestured a circle around the head of her new baby doll, a Disney Princess Tiana (from The...more

In The Wild: An Interview with Floor Coverings International

So on the very first day of my sojourn to BlogHer '14, I received an email asking to be interviewed about blogging.Well, color me flattered, like I know much about much of anything.So if you're curious about what I love about blogging, the DIY community, and how this here little corner of the internet came into being and some other trivia, you can check out the interview here.Thanks to Thad and the people over at Floor Coverings International for the great questions and the opportunity to throw my two cents out there! ...more

On Towards Kindergarten.

I called him over to my usual perch on the couch, motioning him to look at the screen of my phone. He gleefully ran over and plopped down next to me, repeating "I lookit, I lookit" because generally me calling him over to look at my phone meant pictures of himself or his sister from a recent event. "Okay, buddy, now you're going to be starting kindergarten when school starts soon, like a big boy," I began to explain to him, hoping something I said would click and help ease the impending transition ....more

The Big Kids' Room Closet Progress!

I know. This is taking forever. Reasons, dear readers ....more

Just (More) Talking.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I made an internet friend. We kept each other company at our then-(kind of soul sucking)jobs and virtually held each other's hands through some big lifestage kind of stuff. And when my real life fell apart, all it took was one phone call to save my online life from a similar fate ....more

The Gardens Of Babylon ATTACK.

I had planned on having a different post for you today, but I have to retake some photos. *grumble grumble* Anyway, why don't we take a look at how moving the raised garden beds is working out? HOLY MOTHER OF SAINT PETER JESUS BE A FENCE WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE?!?!? ...more

None Shall Pass.

I can't breathe. The compression upon my chest is paralyzing and the heaviness of it moves me in slow motion, as if I were so deep underwater that there is nothing but darkness, a perpetual deprivation chamber. I keep finding myself on the floor ....more