I don’t know what stranded me here, the maelstrom or the shipwreck. See how the water is grey, moody, unforgiving against the jagged natural barriers of jutting rocks that line the speckled sand there, holding each at bay? How the sky moves in half-time to the waves, a lighter shade of dark than the water, but only ever so? ...more

Breathe In, Hold For Pause, Breathe Out.

"We're going to make an uncomfortable pit stop," he said as we rounded the corner of the wrought iron fence line. The white stone markers reached up to the sky in contrast to the muted green-brown of the winter grass in my periphery.He doesn't know how much time I've spent in cemeteries and around death. He doesn't know how many goodbyes I've said, how many heartbreaks I've witnessed, how many loved ones I've watched lowered into the ground through the veil of unshed tears.I have grown up around death like some people know church, or sports ....more

2017: A Word (the second).

I have never not been involved with addicts. They're almost healed. Almost ....more

Celibacy 2016: September/December.

Clearly, I failed. Please to notice the lack of hat and complete hair color change....more

2017: A Word (the first).

Sometimes you feel like you're exactly where you're meant to be, in a moment. I overheard the conversation behind me, the sniffles that came out of my young family member. I sat listening, in my own truth not terribly dissimilar to the story unfolding barely within earshot ....more

Summer of the (Magic) Black Hat.

"You must be Tabatha. You look like a reporter." It was my first out-of-office assignment. I stood in an industrial building, saddled with my purse and my DSLR strapped in an X across my torso, a phone each per back pocket of my jeans, my car keys dangling out of the front left pocket ....more

Parisian Apartments I Stood And/Or Slept In, Part Deux.

And by Thursday I obviously meant over two months later. Clearly. So the most beautiful part of my hot 26 hours in Paris was meeting up with a high school friend who is married to a Frenchman (and now a brand new mom -- she was apparently *just* pregnant when I was there) and now lives in Paris and weekends in the south of France on her in-laws farm ....more

Celibacy 2016: June Update.

Every couple of months seems like a good time to check in with this, right? So for the record, haven't had any kind of *relations* since December (and those were highly regrettable for multitudinous reasons) and I've I'm going to be 100% real here ... I may be a little thirstay ....more

Queen of the Impromptu Hiatus.

Old (bad) blog habits die hard, I guess. The truth of the matter is, I have so many cats to let out of the bag that I don't even really know where to start, or how, without brutally pummeling you with a deluge of information. When I said I knew this year would look 1000% different than it did when it began, even *I* didn't realize the full extent of that statement's truth ....more

The Daily Spanx: Tunic As A Dress Edition.

Hey. The sun has (actually)...more