Weathered and Rusty

I'm in weathered and rusty mode. I've been creating some of my salvaged metal crowns. I gave this angel crown the rusty patina you see here ....more


I have another series of shows rapidly approaching. ...more

Back on Etsy

I've decided to reopen my Etsy shop. With a small window of time between shows, I'll be listing all week. I've just started listing again, but, some items have sold already ....more

Making Use of Salvaged Wood

As you know, I've been setting up at quite a few markets these past few months. Because I've been going through so much merchandise, so quickly, I started making signs, as fillers....more


I've been so incredibly busy these past few months. ...more


The weather was beautiful at the Three French Hens market this past weekend. I managed to get a few shots during this bright sunny day. My friend Rhonda and I shared a large space ....more

One Day Only

Although I was only set up for one day, I had a fabulous time at Kane County Flea Market. As I mentioned in my last post, I split a booth with my friend Lynn, owner of Parisian Flea Market on Etsy.My space was small, but, lots of customers kept me busy pretty much the entire day. The following grouping was one of the first things to go ....more

Sharing At Kane

I will be back at the Kane County Flea Market...more

The Vintage Faire

This past weekend, I set up at a show in...more

Weathered Beauties

I fell in love with these vintage lead numbered drawer pulls the moment I discovered them at a garage sale. They were nestled in the back of a drawer. I love the beautifully weathered surfaces ....more