Small, Medium, and, Large

When I started making bread boards out of salvaged wood, I didn't know how many designs I'd come up with. ...more

Round Fleur-de-lis Bread Board

Well, you saw the fleur-de-lis bread board I made in my last post. ...more

Fleur-de-lis Bread Board

I woke up with a vision, and, had to see it through. As you know, I've been making bread boards. ...more

Chippy Finds

Spring seems to have sprung here, finally. ...more

Upcoming Shows, and, New Creations

Mark your calendars. ...more


HE IS RISEN ...more

Breadboards and Vintage Handles

In my last post, I shared some of the salvaged wood breadboards I've been making. ...more

Breadboards, Hearts, Crosses, Oh My

With the snow melted, and, the break in the temps, I've been able to get out in the garage. ...more

Quick Show Pics

I'm still dragging a bit, but, wanted to share a few photos I managed to get during set up at my show this past weekend. There was an absolute mob scene the first day. ...more

Hunt and Gather Market

I'm getting ready for the ...more