3 Things My Family Learned from Watching the Women's World Cup Live

The scale of the stadium and the crowds of people decked out in the colors of their countries and the music pulsing and the Fanzone filled with face painting and bubble soccer and the smell of hot dogs and mini donuts and the shouts and applause as the players impress with their athleticism—this is the Women’s World Cup. Last Friday, my family went to Winnipeg for the Women's World Cup with our daughter's soccer team and their families. We saw five World Cup games and watched our girls play four games in a tournament hosted by the Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club. ...more

I Hate the Things You Love, Can We Still Be Friends?

I cannot tell a lie. Maybe it's because I've never been good at lying. Or maybe I'm still traumatized from that time in 1986 when I told my mom that I was going to a late movie with friends but went to a party instead and awoke the next morning to a note that said simply, "Call me at work about last night."  Regardless of the reason, I am all about telling the truth...even when it gets me in trouble. So, today, I have a few things I must confess to you. ...more
JackieCangro NinaBadzin I’m glad you could smile despite my muppets feelings :)more

Momcraft and the Little Town That Minecrafting Moms Can Call Our Own

I started playing Minecraft on a cold evening in February after my son came downstairs near tears, mumbling about wandering underground for days and losing his diamonds. I wanted to understand why anyone would play a game that involved so much work and ended in death and loss on a regular basis. ...more
I should come play with you gals! My kid is always making me play with him on PE, then using up ...more

I Have No Idea Who Was Snubbed Because Motherhood Doesn't Stop for the Golden Globes

There was a time in my life when I woke early in the morning in anticipation of the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations and, once they were out, I would study the list carefully and decide if I agreed that So and So's performance in Such and Such was really worthy of a nomination and then complain when my favorites were snubbed and then spend some time with friends asking why my favorites were always ignored. I'd keep myself warm with a little nomination outrage and then get on with the day. ...more
It's a very sad, true statement about motherhood.more

10 Songs for Every Wedding

After 20 years together, my partner and I were finally able to legally marry in Minnesota just a few weeks ago. As is fitting for a blogger, our wedding had it's own hashtag and our DJ, Ethan, was a friend I met on twitter several years ago. Ethan put together a Double Rainbow playlist for our celebration that included 40 tracks and then took requests all night. From that, I chose my top 10 songs for a wedding mix to bring sweetness and fun to the party ...more

10 Signs You Are the Mother of Kids

Parenting is a complicated gig. Kids come into your life and you are responsible for feeding them and clothing them and loving them and meeting all their basic needs. Add to that cultural norms and it only becomes more complicated, because  you also have to nurture them as individuals and help them to learn to live in a world that may be at odds with their identity and values. Society gives plenty of messages to all of us about who we should be, how we should behave, how we should look. ...more
Sounds like someone really needs coffee.. I mean... ;)more

Glee Pulls Me Back In with Music for Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

Every time I think I’m done with Glee, something happens and pulls me back in. This week, it was the release of the songs for the tribute to Cory Monteith and his character, Finn Hudson, that will air tonight....more
Yup, i watched. and yup, pretty much cried through the whole thing. The scene with Finn's mom ...more

Complexities of Coming Out: The Jodie Foster Edition

I remember the first time I said it. It was late on a Saturday night and I had just taken a shower and was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror and I said, "I am a lesbian." I had never been attracted to a woman and had never questioned my sexuality but then I was and I did and that's how I found myself looking into that mirror, alone with my realization. I spent a little time bargaining...maybe it was just this woman...maybe I was just lonely...maybe I was bored. ...more
Where have I been - I didn't hear about her speach and coming out in such a powerful way. Your ...more

Beneath a Cloudless Sky: Believing in Change

Shortly after we moved into our house in 1996, Luisa and I hung a rainbow flag off the front of our house.  It felt like staking a claim - we were creating a home together - and every day I'd come home from work and smile as I saw that flag fluttering in the wind. And then one day, we came home to find that the flag had been burned. ...more
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This year's movie was inspired by a simple image taken in Pompeii last summer.This:...more
Well done! A real peepageddon.more