What I've Learned From the #365FeministSelfieChallenge

In the last nine days, I have witnessed strangers discuss body image, hairstyles, pregnancy, teeth straightening, and the desire to make sure their children have plenty of photos of their mom. These are not just random conversations over Twitter, rather they come from captions of the thousands of photos submitted for the #365FeministSelfie challenge. Image Credit: Veronica Arreola...more
I  have nominated you for the Superstar Blogger ...more

Our Bodies Ourselves Pregnancy & Birth Book GIVEAWAY

Did you know that the people from Our Bodies Ourselves put out a pregnancy and birth edition? Well they did and it's fabulous. When I was pregnant I got two books, What to Expect When You Are Expecting and The Hipmama Survival Guide. ...more

What to Buy Wednesdays - For pregger gals and those who love them.

After reading Pamela Paul's "Parenting Inc." I was moved to start a new feature on my blog called, "What to Buy Wednesday." Yeah, I'm not that creative with the naming thing...But it's my attempt to once a week highlight one thing that I think is a MUST buy for that pregnant woman in your life (or for you!). While I haven't been pregnant in almost 5 years now, I do recall that fear of knowing what to buy...so you buy it all or close to it. ...more

Wooing women with hope instead of fear

On Friday Kimberley Strassel, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, pondered why the GOP isn't out wooing women voters the way she thinks they should be wooing us. Democrats understand that they need women to offset what tends to be a permanent advantage for Republicans among male voters. Al Gore's 54% women's vote got him a crack at the Supreme Court. John Kerry's 51% women's vote only got him back to the Senate. ...more

The Republicans are wooing the working class poor who have more votes than the working class NON ...more

Should we accept spouses in lieu of the candidate?

Last week the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, sister blog to Chicago Moms Blog, got a lot of press due to one post where Rebecca called out Elizabeth Edwards for pulling the kids out of school to live on the campaign bus. Elizabeth Edwards ended up commenting back on the post (!) and the post got linked all over the blogosphere. Then came Good Morning America's snippet on the throw down. Rebecca turned down GMA's invitation to appear on the show and did state on the SVMB that she post was snarky, but tongue-in-cheek. Now on the CMB, Kim has posted an open invitation to Senator Obama and the Mrs. ...more

BLOGHER Open Space Pass

I paid for Sunday's Open Space, but have decided against it. Does anyone want my ticket? I paid $21.75...you get it for $20. :) I'll be at the SV/NYC/Chicago Moms Blog gathering Thursday night and at Blogher all Friday & Saturday. ...more

Viva La Feminista

That's my blog...at least my new one. Hi everyone! I'm Veronica and for the past few months I've been blogging over at local Chicago parenting sites, Chicago Parent and Chicago Moms Blog. There have been times when I think, oh...I should blog this or that, but it doesn't quite fit into those blogs, so I started a new personal site. ...more