After 7 Decades, Exoneration Happens!

Today, a case that has been closed for over seventy years, was cleared today. But, it was much too late!A young man, who was 14 years qas accused of killing two young girls. He was convicted and executed. He had to sit on a phone book in the electric chair, because he was small. This young man, lost his life. Today, the verdict came in again. Only this time, he was innocent! Innocent!...more

What are your favorite Christmas films?

As we all know, around Thanksgiving time is when we see what seems like hundreds and thousands of Christmas movies.  ABC Family, Hallmark, Lifetime,  and many other networks are eagerly showing them. So many of them feature people falling in love and families coming together. All of the things that really do make the holidays special....more

Christmas Decor for Do-It-Yourselfers

If you're like me, you want to have Christmas decorations all over the place. But, sometimes these decorations can get expensive. Especially if you want to get the bigger pieces. But, I love to have a lot to work with anyway. And of course, if you can't afford everything that you want, then try your best to make as much as you can. So, I have some ideas that I would like to share with you. Please feel free to use these and share these with others....more


As we are all more than well aware, Twitter was all abuzz about Michelle Obama and her healthy eating initiative. In case you're not aware, thousands upon thousands of kids were tweeting pictures of their food and let's just say that it was less than appetizing. I mean, this food did not look good at all....more

Risk Being Seen!

Every now and then, I enjoy looking at commencement speeches made by people on Youtube. I heard so much about Jim Carrey's Commencement Speech from earlier this year.  I heard people talk abut how incredible it was. Well, I listened to it for the first time just now. And I've got to say, that was the moving speech that I've ever heard by Jim! ...more

Since when is Rape something to joke about?

As I'm sure that you've heard, Artie Lange made some disgusting and awful jokes on Twitter towards ESPN First Take's host, Cari Champion. He made jokes like referring to himself as Thomas Jefferson and Cari as the 'Slave'. And how he would whip her for disrespecting the 'Jefferson Plantation'.  But, she grabs the whip and beats me. Then, he basically said that he would have an orgasm like a Fat Founding Father....more

Fascinating Bloggers and Vloggers

This world of great bloggers and vloggers is growing and getting more and more complex by the minute. Every time you look on Youtube, there's a vlogger that is showing us how to get the look of our favorites actresses, singers and models. And they are becoming incredibly famous....more

My Top Five Favorite Halloween Movies

Every now and then, we all have a seriously uncomfortable and unwelcomed visitor called Bloggers' Block. And just like a pest or that particular person that comes over to your house frequently and never has the idea to call for visiting, you just can't wait for them to go Away!!!...more
blogpoems Yeah, I see where you're coming from! SAW is definitely graphic! To say the very ...more

Stephanie vs. Target: The feud heard around the world!

Now, I am sure that all of you have heard about Stephanie, a fellow blogger and a mother that has issues with Target and their sizing issues. Stephanie, whose blog is named, "Binkies and Briefcases, made major noise in the blogosphere and in the media world, when she took to her blog to voice her opinions on the sizes of children's clothers at the multi-national success chain, Target....more

There are "No Heigls", in the situation!

"There are "No Heigls" in the situation" This statement was said by Writing Genius Shonda Rhimes, when asked about the production process for her hit, 'SCANDAL'. As you all know, Katherine Heigl played on Grey's Anatomy and was reportedly incredibly diffcult to work with. ...more