What's Going On?

A lot has happened since I blogged here on BlogHer.Being a Resident of South Carolina, I as millions of others around the world, has been deeply effected by the happenings in Charleston. The Horrific acts that took place in that Church, has changed the world forever. And it's changed the way that people interact with each other. The Church has been deeply changed because of all of this. There are many people that were already not going to church. And this, doesn't make people want to go, period. ...more

How Do You Know What Your Blog Readers Want?

How often, when it comes to blogging, do you think about what your audience wants? Most of the time, when we're blogging, we're writing about what we're feeling about something, an important issue facing our world. But is that what your core audience wants to read? ...more
theflipflopwife THanks for commenting. You are right. I am doing those things as well. I am ...more

How to Get Fit for Yourself

As we head into summer, the article titles being shouted from the front covers of the magazines in the supermarket talk about getting beach body ready, as if there is only one type of body that deserves to be on the beach. We are constantly comparing ourselves to other women. We look at those magazine covers or women that we see walking down the street, wishing our clothes would fall across our body as they do on models. Sometimes, as we look at other body types, we start to lose confidence in our own. ...more

A New Chapter

This past week, I realized a dream that I didn't know was possible.  When I started blogging, I had one Inspiration and is Ree Drummond. I read her work and I knew that her blog was one that I could model myself after. I looked at her photography and her content. See, when I first started reading blogs, I had no idea how a blog works. I knew that you would write on it and that was it. I didn't know how you would create one, how you'd get the words on it or that you needed to promote it. So, clearly I had no clue what Blogging was really about....more

ENDCrowd: Ending Modern-Day Slavery

There are so many factors that make up a business. You must first start with an idea and the drive to go through with your vision. You need to hire driven people. People, that are willing to work their hardest. Not just for the business, but more importantly for themselves. They need to know that they and their work are valued. But, what no one signs up for, is Human Trafficking.  In other words, Modern-Day Slavery....more

Do You Think You Are Beautiful or Average?

I was looking at something on Youtube when this video caught my attention. Dove has created a social experiment of sorts, asking really deep questions. And I thought that I would ask these questions, too. 1). If there were two doors -- one that had "beautiful" on it and one that had "average" on it -- which would you walk through? 2). When was the last time you looked into the mirror and smiled? I mean, really smiled! Not nitpicking and stressing about what you need to change or how much weight you need to lose? ...more
A Well Styled Life Thank you for commenting and I agree with you. Does saying that you're ...more

Ozwind Publishing, LLC

Hello There!I am very excited because I am starting a new venture, with a friend of mine, Tracee Ford....more

Starting Something New

Waiting for a job opportunity, can feel like an eternity. It can be incredibly hard to look for work and constantly hear the same thing over and over. "We're not hiring" and "We're not hiring right now. But, we'll keep you in mind." ...more


On ym blog, I wrote a post about the growing crisis of our girls around the world and the lack of educational opportunities that are available to them. This staggering number, 62 Million is the number of girls that are not in school, but desperately want to be. ...more

Happy International Women's Day

What a  Marvelous Day!A day to celebrate us, in all of our glory. A Day to celebrate women from all walks of life. Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Friends, CEOs, Doctors, Founders, Nurses, Firefighters, Bloggers and everyone in between. Women are so incredibly special. We are the heartbeats of the home, we are the glue that keeps the family together, we are the pulse of our community. ...more