I want Solutions

In the season of Political conventions, there are so many people talking about why each candidate is wrong for the job. At the RNC, people were bashing the President and why the Democrats are wrong for the White House. They couldn't stop talking about it and that's exactly what I expected. However, with all of the tragedies that have been plaguing the world lately, what I want to hear is how each candidate plans on resolving the unrest and hell that is going on in the world....more

Follow Along From Home If You Can't Get to #BlogHer16

It's almost #BlogHer16! I have always wanted to go to a BlogHer conference. Looking at the pictures and posts created by bloggers who have gone that explain their experience has always been inspiring to me. Whenever I see the keynote speakers, it's always a "WOW" moment for me. Image: BlogHer ...more

How Do You Make Yourself Blog When You Don't Feel Like Writing?

When you start blogging, you start with so many ideas and intentions on what you want to say and how you want to say it. You dream of what the reach will be like, or maybe you just wanted to create a space to vent. A place that is all your own. Even if you had no idea what your blog would be or look like, it was exciting because it was new. ...more
Gemini Dreamer Thank you for commenting! First thing I'd say, is to have some ideas on what you ...more

Harriet Tubman: The New face of the Twenty Dollar Bill

As time progresses, we dream of change. We dream of a better world for the youth, a better planet for us all. Then, there are certain dreams that we wish would come true. However, there are those dreams that we feel will never come true. The ones that we think won't ever happen. Like, how many of us thought that we'd ever see a Woman on currency in America?...more

First, Sterling. Now, Moore. Who's next?

You know, one thing that bothers me, it's when people decide to make ignorant comments without thinking. They  think that because of their positions or rank, that they are immune to consequences....more

The Political Conversation

 Yesterday at work, we had go through training to sell a new service. While completing our final class, our Trainer brought up the fact that Donald Trump was in South Carolina. She expressed her concerns and started a dialogue. She began saying that she didn’t think that he has the ability to relate to the rest of us. She said that like us, he has no idea what it’s like to work for $9 an hour. To live from paycheck to paycheck. She said that the whole point to her for a President, to be able to be able to relate to the American people....more

Ending Black History and BET?!!! Really?

First of all, let me begin by saying, Happy New Year!!! I pray that all of you a had a fantastic holiday season....more
Velvet S. Parthenia Queen LOL, you are young.  Black history month existed before MLK'S ...more

Ashley: Project Runway's Historic Champion

Tonight, history was made for Project Runway.Ashley, is now the first designer to design a full-figured collection for Project Runway. Tonight, she was announced as the winner of Season 14. She really has been a revolutionary designer. And I am so proud of her and everything that she has accomplished....more

Careers are Jungle Gyms, Not Ladders

"It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder."...more

The Ree Drummond Cookware Collection

As I'm sure that you all know by now, I am a huge Ree Drummond Fan! I absolutely love anything that she does. I love her blog, her photography and I would love for my blog to be half as great as hers.On her blog, she has documenting the process of creating her cookware line. And I was very excited about it. When I first heard about it, I wanted to make sure that I kept up with it, so that I wouldn't miss it....more