What if this was your child?

A couple of days ago, a childhood friend of mine sent me a picture on Facebook, of young girl that abused at school.Here's the link to see the picture.http://realwiv.es/1vvq2wi What if this was your child? You send your child to school, expecting everything to go well. Then, the next time you see your child, she's been serious abused. And the teachers tell you, "She injured Herself!"  Oh come on! You have got to be freakin' kidding  me! Injured herself? There's no way! I mean, how is it possible? ...more

5 Important Lessons Learned in My First Year of Blogging

I've read many blog posts where people share lessons that they've learned and mistakes that they've made. (That they vow never to make again.) Well, I would like to add a few of the things that I learned in my first year. ...more
Karen Ballum Thank you so much, Karen! I really appreciate it!!!more

"Think like a Man" got me to thinking...!

Tonight, watching the movie got me to thinking about myself. And I was not expecting that. I was not expecting to watch the movie and for it to touch me in such a way. I was not expecting to be so moved. ...more
SicilianQueen84 Beautifully said! I don't like it, when girls allow themselves to objectified ...more

Farewell, Robin Williams

Brillaint. Genius. Seriously Talented. Legend. All of these words and many more describe of the best actors ever, the one and only Mr. Robin Williams. Incredibly gifted and he will always be admired and loved and respected....more

Wordpress is shutting down blogs? What???!!!!!!

As usual, I get up and go to straight to my computer. I pull my main two blogs, The Pioneer Woman and BlogHer and then my own blog, The V Mirror. I also pull up Facebook. Well today, the electricity went out because the company was working on something. So, now that it's back up, I looked on Facebook.One of my friends on Facebook, Wendy Ewurum, (by the way you can find her blog, http://www.fabulosityreads.com), stated that Wordpress is shutting down blogs! ...more
runningtowardhappy I definitely hope that you're right! And thanks for sharing your blog. I'm ...more

Broken Skull Challenge!!!

How many of you have heard of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge? Well, if you haven't, here's how it works....more

A "War on Whites"? What kind of Craziness is this?

So, as usual, I was on the computer, thinking about what I was going to post on blogs. When I decided to check out on what was on Twitter. Suddenly, this tweet  comes up from MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, regarding a statement made by Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama. A Republican that claims, "Democrats are waging War on Whites"! ...more

John Boehner and The Republican Party vs. The President of the United States, Barack Obama

Well, it's official. A majority of the Republican party has given the instruction to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner to pass the motion to sue President Barack Obama. The first time in history that this has ever happened!...more


Now, I maybe late to this information. But, the other day I was on Facebook, playing a game. For some reason. And my eye came across this ad called "OUTBRAIN".  Now, when I first saw it, I was intrigued by what the ad said. Outbrain is a website that was created in 2006 by Yahon Galai. It is designed to bring more attention to your blog and increase the viewership. Now, when I first saw this ad, I had to check it out. But, I must say that I have some slight reservations about it. Here's what I mean....more

Project Runway Returns!

They're back!!! Heidi, Tim, Zac and Nina returns in the thirteenth season of Project Runway on Lifetime.  The first hour of PR, showcased the Designers before they were officially picked. We got to see some fascinating, unique and some...different styles of designs. ...more