Stop Feminizing Your Sons! Masculine Boys Can Grow Up To Be Good Men Too.

I am a mother of two boys under the age of five.  I knew my life with boys would consist of non stop excitement with:  lifted toilet seats, play wresting, rowdy noises, playing with sticks and dirt, climbing trees, collections of trucks and cars, and the restless that the typical boy displays. My boys are a crazy bunch and although I don’t agree with their rowdiness, their obsession with cars, and their occasional “Woof Woof” chants, I learn to accept that these types of habits is what makes them masculine boys...more

Walking On The Grass

Ever since The Don was able to walk, he always liked to walk on the grass.  I don't know what attract him to walk on the grass but when I tell him not to walk on the grass; he would try to walk on the grass anyway.  I try to explain to him that you shouldn’t walk on the grass because you might step in dog poop....more

9 Ways Pregnancy Prepares A Woman For Motherhood

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had an epiphany.  I realized that being pregnant was preparing me for the physical, mentally, and the emotional roller coaster that I will have to endure in motherhood for the rest of my life.  Let me explain.  Pregnancy can be a beautiful and wonderful experience.  It can also be tiring,...more

Positive Parenting Can Kiss My Ass!

The Don can be a little asshole sometimes.  Yes, I said it.  He can be an asshole sometimes and as for the self righteous parents who never, ever in a millions years; even if little Jimmy almost set their cat on fire; could never, ever be consider their precious snowflake an asshole. Pardon fucking me your highness that you're kid is so great that they never pissed you off to the point of no return.  Well, my three year old have and that's why he's an asshole....more

Are You the Nanny?

Hey you!  Yeah you!  I see you staring at me as I entered the bank, or the library, or the local store.  I noticed that you weren't  just staring at me, but my little entourage as well.  You may notice the two children I have with me; how beautiful they are but the observation doesn't stop there.  You noticed that one of  the children is little more fair skinned and rosy cheek than the other; almost very close to Caucasian but you're not quite sure.  You look at me and the children with a smile, trying to be polite or you would just complime...more

Do You See Color?

I had a conversation with my brother in law’s girlfriend about how my brother in law mentioned to her about her son riding a pink bike. The bike wasn't totally pink. It was black with pink wheels on it. She mentioned that she didn't see anything wrong with the color pink for a boy and my brother in law was being ridiculous as to say that anything a boy wears or have that is pink is 'girly'. Now I think she thought that I would agree with her, but I didn't. I put it to her this way, "I don't understand what it is like being a boy....more

To Pee or Not to Pee

Going out with a potty trained preschooler is like playing beat the clock.  You have to time when they last went to the potty to however long that it takes for your preschooler to scream "Go Potty!"  I don't know about you, but I have to time when The Don last go to the potty, which is usually before we leave the house, to what ever place we have to go.  The Don usually has a full bladder around the two in a half to three hour mark.  I guess that not too bad if you're out running a quick errand.  But if I plan to be out of more than two to three hours, I need a bath...more

8 Things New Grandparents Should Know About being a Grandparent

Just the other day, I was at the Rite Aid buying some emery boards for Bambino fingernails when the store clerk noticed his onesie.  It read, "If mommy says no, ask grandma."  The store clerk said, "I know that's right.  I need to get that from my grandchild."  ...more

Mourning the old me

 I mourned for her again today.I’m sad that she’s gone away. I’m looking at my reflection in the mirror. Missing the woman I once was, knowing in my heart I can never revive her again. I can’t see any trace of her. I can’t remember what she used to be. All I see is the resurrected me....more

Just Like It Was Yesterday!

On November 7, 2013, I went into labor with Bambino.  It was about 3.30a when the first real contractions started.  I waited for an hour like the doctors suggested to see if the contractions are real by timing there frequency.  When the contractions started coming about two minutes apart, I knew this was the real deal and it was time for me to go to the hospital.  I woke up my husband and told him that I think it was time.  My contractions seem different the second time around because it didn't seem that painful than the first time.  It was about four fort...more