Vegetarian Summer Sides & Salads Links

Whenever I am invited to a house party or barbecue, I am known for bringing a really good dessert. Not only because I am a terrific baker (well I am, okay?!) but because I take the time to make sure whatever I am bringing is super delicious and appetizing This is all for […] The post Vegetarian Summer Sides & Salads Links appeared first on The Cookie ChRUNicles ....more

There’s Sugar Cereal In My Pantry

My son needed a cereal box a month or so ago for a school project. I offered him his pick of six different boxes from the pantry but he didn’t want to use any of them. He...more

Running Round Up

Thank you so much for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. You guys are the best I can’t believe that today is the last day of June and the first day of July is already tomorrow! I was just thinking about our recent trip to Disney World which was, um, over six months ago [...] The post Running Round Up appeared first on The Cookie ChRUNicles ....more

something to tell you..

Happy Monday and most importantly, Happy First Day of Camp for my son! I love my son more than anything in this world but the kid needs summer camp to burn off his energy,...more

workout recap & figuring out my next race

If you are wondering when my next race is, you aren’t alone. It’s almost July which means I need to start narrowing down the fall half marathons on my list and register for something. Hmm ....more

Skincare Favorites June 2015

Every so often I pop in with a skincare/beauty product update based upon what I am using and loving at the moment. I am typically a creature of habit but I try...more

TOL- One Of Those Weeks

Between my major computer issues, school ending and camp not starting until Monday plus my period arriving with a real attitude five days early (you so needed to know that) all combined with trying to keep up with the blog and work stuff, it’s a wonder I have made it to Thursday in [...] The post TOL- One Of Those Weeks appeared first on The Cookie ChRUNicles ....more

Post-Run Meal Ideas

By now you must know that my post-run breakfast is a really big deal to me. Even though I eat a small breakfast before I head outside, I am always starving after my run...more

Let’s Catch Up

I know I am a blogger but that does not mean I like computers or understand technology. I had a super close call with a computer virus Friday afternoon and since then, I have been trying to keep my computer running smoothly but it’s really not cooperating. Computers test my patience more than my [...] The post Let’s Catch Up appeared first on The Cookie ChRUNicles ....more