Spring Inspired Healthy Carb Loading Recipes

Back in the Fall, I shared...more

TOL – Chocolate Covered Apples, Taper & New Shoes

I had this amazingly chocolatey chocolate covered apple the other night. It was so delicious that I think it’s on my list of best chocolate-covered apples ever. Why I loved it: It had a super thick coating of good tasting...more

What I Ate Wednesday 4.27.16

Good morning! I am all cheery...more

Long Island Half Marathon: Over The Years

Sunday will be my fourth year in a row running the Long Island Marathon. I know I have told you this over and over but when I really...more

week in review: multitasking

I am juggling four significant things right now: The blog AllSeated (my job) Planning the Bar Mitzvah Getting my son ready for sleep away camp My head is a jumbled mess of all them all, at all times. For example, after clicking the order button...more

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #7

And just like that I am down to the last week of my training plan with Laura which means it’s taper time. Wow! I am still trying not to look ahead just yet to next Sunday’s weather forecast ....more

New Super Salad Combination & Recipe Links

I am obsessed with a new salad combination this week and I have Gina (Fitnessista) to thank for it! She posted this Superfood Salad recipe the other day...more

Recent Eats

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s guest post...more