8 Mile Workout – increase speed, ability & endurance

I love when I come up with a new running workout not only for myself but for you too! With half marathon training behind me, I am back to figuring out the structure of my runs all by myself without Laura‘s training plan telling me what to do each day. I certainly miss...more

Week in Review #6

Linking up with Meg to chat week in review style today! Blog Stuff: I am working really hard at...more

workout recap 5.16.16 – 5.22.16

Let’s see, let’s see…what is there to say about my workouts this week? Overall, they were great. My runs were awesome...more

what I didn’t cook & links I am loving

You know you had yourself quite the busy week when...more

TOL -sunglasses, watermelon & faulty running gear

A fresh head of highlights and I feel like a new person. Only thing is, I forgot to do the picture check in the bathroom of the salon to ensure things looked okay and instead did the picture check in the car which wasn’t the smartest idea with my sunglasses on since the lenses […] The post TOL -sunglasses, watermelon & faulty running gear appeared first on The Cookie ChRUNicles ....more

What I Ate Wednesday 5.18.16

Thank you for your comments on yesterday’s post! I am still working on responding to those and to your emails. So, hi! ...more

Girl Talk: Body Image Chat

Note: Today’s post discusses body image. If this isn’t what you feel like reading today, no hard feelings! See you tomorrow ...more

workout recap 5.9.16 – 5.15.16

So they located my race photos but I can’t say I want to buy any of them! They really didn’t get any great shots of me and none of them were taken without someone else right next to me. I’m the...more

black bean and quinoa chili plus serving ideas

I have a thing about chili. While I do like it, yes, I just never ever crave a full bowl of it as a meal. Sort of like meatloaf and my mother’s brisket back in the day when I still...more