Things Worth Sharing

I turn around and it’s suddenly Friday. Not a bad thing! I convinced my...more

Thinking Out Loud – I Keep Forgetting

The other night my son and I went to the movies to see the hockey documentary, Red Army. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed...more

What I Ate Wednesday On Monday

I somehow managed to capture just about everything I ate on Monday but before we take a look, please note that I...more

Treadmill Speed Play Workout

I normally like to start my day (after I eat, obviously)...more

Would You Still Be My Friend If You Knew?

I feel like you and I are so...more

Watching Infomercials & Weekly Workout Recap

I woke up super early today and since I don’t feel like watching...more

Peanut Butter Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Sometimes I think about maybe one day...more

TOL – Shopping Is My Cardio

Our Thinking Out Loud host is currently on a beach in Hawaii and while I hope she is having the best time, the selfish side of me really misses talking to her every day. Amanda is one of my closest friends, even if we have never met in person! I know I have told you that my dad ran the NYC Marathon three times...more

WIAW on Monday

I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and support regarding yesterday’s post. It wasn’t that easy for me to share but I can’t say it was overly difficult either. It felt great putting that post together and the truth is, I am more than fine ....more

I Will Never Be That Woman

 Sit down because I am about to get real personal.I loosely planned to talk running today but loosely is the keyword in this sentence.Just like I can't plan my meals in advance very well, I can't totally plan my posts either because I like to discuss what feels natural and what's on my mind at the moment....more