A Thanksgiving Thinking Out Loud

How about making this a Thanksgiving Thinking Out loud kind of morning? My all-time favorite Thanksgiving picture is from when my son was around six weeks old (2003). I mean, he cried if we held him, he cried whenever (and wherever) we tried to put him down so why not attempt to put him down in the pan that was about to hold the mashed potatoes...more

WIAW – Holiday Pep Talk

If you are looking for some sort of pep talk...more

#HolidayRunList And Pro Compression Discount Code!

It’s bad enough that the stores feel the need to open at night on Thanksgiving but did you...more

What do you do With Your Apple Peels & Lots of Recipe Links

If you know me, you know that a 9:45 am spin class is super late for me to work out. I had two breakfasts, baked an apple...more

Weekly Workout Recap 11/17/2014-11/23/14

Good morning! I love the process of...more

Me And My Running Analogies

The winners of the Inspirational Jewelry giveaway are Shannon and Heather! The winners have been emailed – thanks to everyone for entering. I had the pleasure of attending...more

Thinking Out Loud in Survey Form

Both Michele and Amanda tagged me to complete the latest survey going around so...more

What I’m Eating This Week

Sometimes I think I can get ahead of myself and plan out these What I Ate Wednesday posts in advance but then I cook something, eat something or see something at the last-minute and we need to talk about it immediately. What in the heck is this about?! Nature Valley came out with oatmeal you make using your Keurig machine ....more

Sunday’s 10K Race Recap

I am trying to pretend that the weather forecast is not telling me that the wind chill temperature is zero. I am ignoring the fact that the winds are gusting between 35-40 mph because I really wanted to run outside but ugh, I hate wind, especially cold wind! Let’s just...more