TOL-Build-A-Bear, Maoz, Playing Hooky

First things first. If you knew about this Gloria Jeans coffee flavor...more

WIAW – Butternut Squash & Baked Ziti Recipe

You know I have zero will power around roasted vegetables. I had no business roasting an entire butternut squash all at once on...more

NYC Marathon And Chocolate Donuts

My earliest memory of the New York City Marathon revolves around a chocolate donut. Of course it does. All of my memories are linked to food ....more

Weekly Workout Recap 10/20/14-10/26/14

I took it real easy after last weekend’s races. It wasn’t until after Wednesday morning’s workout that I felt like myself again, ready to jump into my typical running routine. *Monday* Morning Walk & Stretch I hate walking but I knew I needed to loosen up my legs and running was definitely not on the agenda ....more

Time To Think Out Loud

I am so...more

What I Ate Runner’s World Race Weekend

Somewhere in all of that race recapping yesterday, I mentioned that I felt as though I ate really well when it came to fueling my muscles properly in order to prepare, run, recover and then prepare to run again. When I say I ate really well, I mean that the foods I was consuming made me feel good. They digested really well, didn’t leave me hungry, gave me energy and didn’t cause me any intestinal distress ....more

Runner’s World Hat Trick Recap

The winner of the #NYTough P & G Product Giveaway is Amy Laforte! Congrats Amy and thank you to everyone for entering! Recap time! ...more

Not Ready To Put The Race Medals Away

I am up earlier than I would like to be but I have a feeling it’s because my body is convinced it is time to get ready for another race. Running three races in two days and riding buses in the...more