Workout Recap 9/15/14-9/21/14

So the Runner’s World Half & Festival is fast approaching. The...more

Thinking Out Loud – Retrain Your Brain

I just sat here professing my love of the back to school season yet this time of year is...more

WIAW- Food Over Medicine

**The winner of the Stur Giveaway is Liz from the blog, I Heart Vegetables ** So yesterday I decided that blog posts are like coloring books. I will often select a page to color, get half way through the pretty picture, lose interest in the pattern and flip the pages to find a new and exciting image. My blog writing process is the same…I start out with one idea and slowly lose interest or decide I need to talk about something else entirely which exactly...more

Organize Your Life To Organize Your Mind

I have decided that the back to school time of year should be considered its own season. And, at the very least, the season should be more widely known as a fresh start and a new year. I mean, even the new agenda planners come out this time of year and start off with September 2014 ....more

I may have

I may have an insatiable...more

Weekly Workouts Recap 9/8/14-9/14/14

I thought I would attempt to offer a weekly recap of my workouts since I am often asked what my routine looks like and how many miles I run on average. I never strive to hit a certain amount of miles each week nor do I...more

Yesterday’s Run & A Stur Giveaway!

If you are trying to build on your endurance and extend your runs, I am going to guess that...more

I Never Forget

If you didn’t receive...more

What I Ate In Florida…

My quick weekend away...more