New Running Shoes Again & Workout Recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I got new running shoes again. I returned the Brooks Glycerin 13’s (I think on Monday?) because they just weren’t going to work. I ended up picking a new pair of my Adidas Energy Boosts, in the new model...more

Super Bowl Recipes & Dinner Plan

I apologize if you tried to log in yesterday afternoon...more

TOL – Tampons & Time Hop

I am hoping this is not too much information but can we talk about tampons for a minute? I am absolutely beside myself that Tampax has changed their packaging. I associate purple wrappers...more

What I Ate Wednesday February 3, 2016

Is it really Wednesday already? I feel all sorts of thrown off for some reason this week! Maybe because my son stayed home not feeling well on Monday? ...more

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts

I receive a lot of emails...more

weekend stuff & running shoe update

This was the first weekend in months (maybe since September?) that my son slept out the entire weekend. I know I mentioned it recently (in this post) that we stopped sticking to a strict every other weekend schedule to be more flexible with my son’s...more

new running shoes & workout recap

I went to Runner’s Edge (my local runner’s shop) on Friday...more

Maybe I Need New Running Shoes & Dinner Plan

I hate to say things like this out loud but I feel as though I may want to try a new and different pair of running shoes. Ah! I know! ...more

Thinking About Nothing & My New Favorite Hangout

1) I usually have a running list at the start of the week of things I want to say in my Thinking Out Loud post. Not this week. My mind must have turned to snow ....more

What I Ate Wednesday 1.27.16

Time to talk food! Breakfast: My breakfast...more