Cantaloupe Cream Shooters

Live Like A Dog

You know that friend of yours, the one whose enthusiasm seems to know no bounds?  The one who always seems to be happy?  The one who never fails to answer with a big, fat "YES!" when you suggest going somewhere or doing something, doing anything?  That's our dog, Ike....more

Romancing the Lawnmower

We Have a Beehive. We Just Don't Use It for Honey.

There is every likelihood that the honeybees swarming in and around the cantaloupe and squash blossoms are ours. Our Girls. Those industrious ladies who shack up in the hives my partner, Kel, and I put together two years ago....more
I guess he got his full of it :-)! It can be a lot of work, that's for sure.more

Beta Carotene Sipper

12 Thoughts On Writing A Cookbook

As I enter the fourth month of cookbook--writing adventures, it's time to pause and reflect on the experience.  Here are some of my deep, deep thoughts:Some Most Every Days I Eat Too MuchI only regret that I have but one stomach to give to recipe testing. - Anonymous food patriot...more