The Perfect Biscuit – Thanks to the Internet

Thanks to the internet I made light and fluffy biscuits the other night, instead of hockey pucks! Earlier in the day Noah was badgering me to make him some eggs so I promised him that we could have breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast for dinner ....more

Once The Flood Gates Are Opened….

At some point in my late teens I decided to toughen up and stop crying. I can remember lots of crying around the time my parents got divorced when I was seven. I remember lots of hormonal teenage sized angst filled tears around 13 ....more

Stitch Fix Announcing Maternity and Petite!

If Stitch Fix wasn’t already awesome enough, they are now offering fixes for pregnant and petites shoppers!! ...more

Atlanta Baby and Child Expo – Giveaway!!

A few years ago, shortly after moving to Atlanta, and while I was pregnant with Bryce I attended the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo! It was so much fun! I put Noah in the stroller and headed to the beautiful Fox Theatre and was able to check out all the wonderful new baby products ....more

Homemade Granola Bars – So Easy!!

As usual I have been searching for quick, easy, and healthy options for feeding my children. Breakfast is a particularly hard time. It doesn’t help that Bryce eats nothing ....more

Our Lego’s Are In Time Out

I hit my breaking point on Sunday and rounded up every single Lego in the house. They are now all in their storage container and a basket in the guest room closet. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Legos!! ...more

Happy Ash Wednesday

Well, that just sounds weird. You know what I mean. Heck, sometimes I don’t even know what I mean ....more

I’m Running The Princess 10K And A Zensah Giveaway!!!

One year ago I watched, through text messages, my sister run the Princess 5k and I was so jealous!! I vowed then that I was going to join her the following year. Now keep in mind that I have never run, ever ....more

Sea/Ocean Themed Valentines

I love Valentines cards that don’t have food or candy! With all the food allergies these days it is so much easier to stay away from it completely! Last year I made these adorable heart shaped crayon valentines ....more

Time Management – The Experiment

I am constantly struggling with time management. I thrive with routine and as a part time work at home mom it is VERY hard to find a routine that works and stick with it. Recently I received a book to review, Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup, and it has been very helpful in […] [[ This is a content summary only ....more