Office Depot Foundation – National Backpack Program

It is a goal of mine to teach my boys about helping others. Coincidentally their birthdays occur around times of year...more

Our Decision to Homeschool

I recently had to make a decision that had been weighing very heavy on my heart. As a stay at home mom, I have always had a hard time justifying putting the boys in school. I have worked part time from home off and on for the past couple of years ....more

New Experiences for Falcons Game Day Fun – #RiseUp

I wouldn’t be doing my wifely duty, my husband works...more

The Ridges – A Mountain Lake Resort in Georgia

Last month we had the pleasure of visiting The Ridges Resort in Hiawassee, GA!...more

It’s a #MommyReality Photo Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago I found the #MommyReality group on instagram. Each week they have a photo challenge to show the “real” side of being a mom. As luck would have it, I definitely keep it real and don’t mind sharing it and I won the “Photos Gone Wrong” challenge with this little beauty. [...] The post It’s a #MommyReality Photo Challenge! ...more

The Beginning

Tears are streaming down her face as she wanders from room to room. The faint musty smell of a house seldom used hangs in the air. She pauses at the piano and lays a finger on a cold white key that is tinged brown with age and dust and the single note rings throughout the [...] The post The Beginning appeared first on The Un-Coordinated Mommy - Atlanta Mom Blogger ....more

The Original Bug Zapper – Insects Beware!!!

When I was in college my friend and I were sitting out on her porch doing homework and smoking cigarettes. I leaned forward to stub out my Marlboro light in the ashtray when...more

Black and Blueberry Whole Wheat Muffins

Recently the boys have been obsessed with a Cat in the Hat book called Cooking with The Cat. The Cat makes these nasty purple muffins with ham and jam and Noah has been begging me to make muffins. The other morning after another such request ....more

Perfectly Imperfect

It happens quite often, especially when cooking, that I try so hard to do exactly what I am supposed to in order to create something amazing. For example, when cooking I try to follow the recipe exactly. Most often it turns out okay, rarely “perfect” by my standards, but good ....more

For The Love Of Bread

Recently I decided to #getmyfamilyhealthy and I have been scouring books and websites looking for a way to cut processed foods out of our everyday life. And most importantly I am trying to do this realistically. What I did not expect is how much refined flour is in EVERYTHING!! ...more