Frankie Say Relax

Relax. They say it’s best if you can be...more

I Have PT-PTSD Post Traumatic Potty Training Stress Disorder – Tales of Withholding Terror

I am seriously the worlds laziest potty trainer when it comes to child #2. I’m guessing that’s normal?? Bryce has spent WAY more time in Pull Ups and no longer do...more

Summer Stitch Fix Review

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Choose Happiness – Free Download!

So much of our happiness is intentional. It’s amazing how much control we have over our attitudes and state of mind. When I ran across this quote the other day I knew it was something that I needed to put where I would see it often ....more

How To Keep Your Croupy Kid Out Of The ER

If anyone tells you there is not a medicine for croup, they are wrong!! When Noah came down with croup a few years ago I did what I normally do and hit the internet looking everything up. This served me very well when he had Hand, Foot, Mouth disease but somewhat failed me with croup ....more

Chemical Free WaterWipes is a No Brainer!

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for...more

25 Fun Summer Activities to Entertain Your Toddler/Preschooler

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Refresh Your Laundry Room With These Storage and Decor Ideas

I have been working on refreshing my laundry room since New Years. Literally New Years Eve, talk about a new beginning! My Aunt, an interior designer, was visiting and I commented how frustrated I was about my laundry room ....more

Soap Sox Is A Comforting Solution to Bathtime Drama

Bathtime can be fun for some and so stressful for others. While my boys love taking baths, they mostly...more

My Boob Betrayed Me…. Tales of Breastfeeding Woes

I wrote this post a few years back as part of my friend’s, Nurse Loves Farmer, The Breastfast Club. I had a request for it recently and decided to repost again here!...more