If I Was Born Before The Women’s Lib Movement Who Would I Be?

If I was born before the women’s liberation movement who would I be? Would I pick up the banner and fight for the right to go to work because I was unhappy staying at home full time with my children? Because I was tired of being looked down upon and told that I was incapable […] [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Paddington – A Comical Adventure for the Whole Family

Last month we were able to take the boys to see an early screening of the Paddington movie! Seriously ya’ll it was adorable! Both boys sat through the entire movie, which is no easy feat ....more

Homeschooling Is Great, But Not For Us

So, I’m not sure that this homeschooling thing is really going to work. I of course started off with crazy high expectations but I feel that I have managed them reasonably well at this point. We spend a lot of our day looking for ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives ....more

How We Fixed Our Broken Bedtime Routine

The Problem Our bedtime routine consisted of chasing Noah down as he played a game of cat and mouse. And it was a game to him, that was until we caught him and then he would go limp and cry and moan that he wasn’t ready for a bath or to go to bed. […] [[ This is a content summary only ....more

A Great Last Minute Gift Idea for Your Little Sports Fan

If you have a sports fan then I have got the perfect gift idea for you! It’s no secret that we are a pretty serious football family. The boys have no less than 10 college football teams to choose from each Saturday and while there should only be one choice on Sundays, Noah always manages [...] The post A Great Last Minute Gift Idea for Your Little Sports Fan appeared first on The.. ....more

Zoo/Safari Themed Birthday Ideas!

We decided to have a Zoo/Safari Themed Birthday Party for Bryce’s first birthday last year. He was obsessed with this awesome toy by Fisher Price so we it just made sense to give him a birthday party full of animal fun! ...more

Only 17 Days Till Christmas! – A Free Printable

This year I got really crafty and created this fun Days Till Christmas Framed Chalkboard Sign. And let me tell you I LOVE IT!...more

Don’t Forget to Mail The Christmas Cards – And Save 40% OFF + Free Shipping with Tiny Prints PROMO Code!!

Did you know that this Sunday is the busiest holiday card shopping day of the year? Did you know that we still haven’t even taken our photos yet! Did you know that I am starting to hyperventilate!?!? ...more

4 Things I Learned This Year That Made Me a Better Mom

1. When to Ask for Help I made the decision in January to stop nursing Bryce. As a result of my post-partum depression, which I thought was mostly gone, I realized that I had been too weak to stop his night time feedings ....more

My Relationship With My Child Will Directly Influence His Relationship With God

Wow, no pressure huh!? It might help if I explain how I came to this conclusion. Throughout the year I have been involved in various study groups with my church ....more