Teach Your Child To Clean The Love and Logic Way

You’ve heard me mention the Love and Logic parenting method a few times now. I absolutely love it, no pun intended. Now I have another actionable tip for you! ...more

Get Paid For Your Opinion on Diapers!

If you are looking for a way to make a few extra bucks then I have got a great opportunity for you. All you have to do is sit in a room and give your opinion about diapers! Wow, could I sound cheesier?? ...more

How YOU Can Increase The Availability of Fresh Food In Your Community

Did you know that according to the CDC your zip code is a greater indicator of your health and longevity than your genetic code? This is partly...more

It’s A Celebratory Mug Swap!! Sign Up!

This summer will be 5 years that I have been blogging!! I can’t believe it! I started this whole mess as a distraction during my pregnancy with Noah and some place to put the billions of pictures that I took of him ....more

5 Steps To Keep Bed Bugs at Bay #LearnWithOrkin

As much as bugs creep me out I was excited to attend an event at the Orkin training center here in Atlanta. Mostly I was excited to find ways to keep bugs far, far away from me!...more

How I Got $20 Sperry’s at Famous Footwear!

This past weekend I was invited to check out the Grand Opening of Famous Footwear at the Town Center at Cobb Mall in Kennesaw. ...more

The Perfect Biscuit – Thanks to the Internet

Thanks to the internet I made light and fluffy biscuits the other night, instead of hockey pucks! Earlier in the day Noah was badgering me to make him some eggs so I promised him that we could have breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast for dinner ....more

Once The Flood Gates Are Opened….

At some point in my late teens I decided to toughen up and stop crying. I can remember lots of crying around the time my parents got divorced when I was seven. I remember lots of hormonal teenage sized angst filled tears around 13 ....more

Stitch Fix Announcing Maternity and Petite!

If Stitch Fix wasn’t already awesome enough, they are now offering fixes for pregnant and petites shoppers!! ...more

Atlanta Baby and Child Expo – Giveaway!!

A few years ago, shortly after moving to Atlanta, and while I was pregnant with Bryce I attended the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo! It was so much fun! I put Noah in the stroller and headed to the beautiful Fox Theatre and was able to check out all the wonderful new baby products ....more