Getting Ready for Kindergarten – Sight Words Fishing Game

It’s almost here! Next week Noah starts Kindergarten!! I can’t believe it ....more

Our Trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Our last trip of the summer was a visit to our friends in Indianapolis. It was our furthest trip of the summer and one of our favorites! We kept things pretty chill ....more

How To Keep The Car Pool Crazies At Bay

We are entering the world of elementary school, and frankly, I’m a little scared. Our tiny little preschool was so wonderful, but Noah is leaving a class size of 8 and moving to a Kindergarten class of 20 and with 6 individual classes. I have already been warned that the carpool line is going to be ridiculous so I have decided to plan ahead and The post How To Keep The Car Pool Crazies At.. ....more

StitchFix $700 Gift Card Giveaway!!

I am so happy to be partnering with a fantastic group of bloggers to offer you the chance to win a $700 Stitch Fix Gift Card! This giveaway was coordinated by Maria, from Crazy Together. As most of you are aware I am obsessed with Stitch Fix ....more

Edamame Ginger Dip – A Beautiful Spring Recipe

Spring is my favorite time of year!! The bright greens, pinks and yellows wash away any winter blues I may have. Having spent the first 30 something years of my life in Florida I had never experienced them! ...more

Pure, Simple, Clean = Great Skin!

Lately I have been a little obsessed with my skin. I was lucky growing up to have minimal acne and have spent the last 15 years washing with soap or mostly just water and whatever random moisturizer was on sale. And washing my face every night? ...more


This happens to me all the time!!!! ...more

The Kitchen-Part 1: What I Learned About A Slab Leak

Well, it’s February and we are finally nearing the end of our kitchen slab leak fiasco, that is if the workers will actually show up to, you know, work. It’s best I believe to start at the beginning. That means going back to the end of last summer ....more

Valentines Day Printable – Color Your Heart Out

This is a quick post to share the little heart crayons Noah and Bryce gave...more

January Stitch Fix and a Gift Card Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe this is only my second post this year!! I have been seriously MIA ....more