From where I stand: Lorraine Kakaza

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Women migrant workers in Mexico claim for their rights

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Samoa's Rugby team plays to support the elimination of violence against women

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Boosting leadership skills for women police officers in Albania

Cross-posted from UN Women When Officer Anila Popa became the first and only woman in Albania leading a police commissariat several months ago, her colleagues doubted she would last in this role. Despite the patronizing environment surrounding her, she was determined to succeed in this position that brought her back to her hometown. Ms. Popa leads the Librazhd Commissariat in Eastern Albania, where her father once worked 30 years ago.  ...more

From where I stand: Yoeurn Reaksa

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Empowering women in Ecuador through government budgets

Cross-posted from UN Women “Years ago I went out to sell, people pushed me, throwing my things to one side [because I didn’t have the necessary permits]. We didn’t know how to sell; we ate some things and anything leftover went bad,” explains María Rosa Suquilanda, 54, a leader from the city of Cuenca, province of Azuay, in the southern mountains of Ecuador. “But now, thanks to these projects, nothing, not even a lettuce, goes waste.” ...more

From Where I Stand: Khateeja Mallah

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Former Colombian child soldier tells her story

Originally from El Bordo, Department of Cauca, Colombia, María Alejandra Martínez, is the daughter of fighters for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP). After they died during military operations, she was trained for guerrilla warfare. She was “recaptured” at the age of 16 and today, at 26, she writes, performs and participates in an artistic-political project that brings together displaced/demobilized survivors, police and military to build peace, reconciliation and reconstruction. ...more

From where I stand: Maria Judite da Silva Ballerio

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Driving women's political participation in Colombia

Cross-posted from UN Women “I managed to overcome the fear of running for election. I stood as a candidate and I won,” explains Lucía del Socorro Basante, a 60-year-old lawyer and the only woman on the Municipal Council in Pasto, in the Department [state] of Nariño, in coastal south-west Colombia. ...more