How women are getting more opportunities in the armed forces

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Women strengthen their leadership in Timor-Leste village elections

Crossposted from UN Women. In one of Asia’s newest countries, women are breaking gender stereotypes by participating successfully in local elections for Village Chiefs. ...more

Helping Muna stand up again

Crossposted from UN Women. Muna Hadad has suffered a lifetime of violence and abuse. Fearing her son’s safety, she left her abusive second husband and found refuge in a woman’s shelter supported by UN Women. Today, she is safe, independent and a working mother. ...more

How wartime sexual violence survivors are leading businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Crossposted from UN Women. A UN Women project helps female survivors of sexual violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina transform their lives and families by boosting their economic opportunities and teaching them how to set up a business and grow their markets. ...more

From where I stand: Chum Sopha

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From where I stand: Natalia Minayeva

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Survivors of violence rebuild their lives in shelters in Ethiopia

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How women are feeling safer in Mexico City

Crossposted from UN Women. In Mexico City, nine in ten women have experienced violence in public transport. Through the “Mexico City Safe City and Safe Public Spaces for women and girls” programme, UN Women is promoting women’s safety, including through women-only buses.   ...more

From where I stand: Aiturgan Djoldoshbekova and Aigul Alybaeva

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