Women political leaders take the initiative in Moldova

Crossposted from UN Women. “At university when I presented myself as a Roma, my colleagues’ facial expressions changed. One teacher even asked, why I had come to the university instead of getting married, as Roma girls do,” says Diana Leahu, a 20-year-old Roma woman from Orhei, a city 48 km north of Moldova’s capital Chișinău. ...more

From where I stand: Ileana Crudu

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Breaking down barriers for abandoned wives of Tajik migrants

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Building economic opportunities for refugee and rural women in Lebanon

Crossposted from UN Women. Women entrepreneurs from refugee and host communities in Lebanon are using their unique skills and creativity to build their own model of social stability in Lebanon while launching economically viable businesses. ...more

From where I stand: Lenche Zdravkin

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Improving the conditions for migrant women in Nepal

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From where I stand: Monira Hwaijeh

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From where I stand: Edna Valdez

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Enhancing women's political representation and leadership in rural China

Crossposted from UN Women. Working at the grassroots level, a programme in the world’s most populous country successfully trained young women to run in local elections, and dismantled negative perceptions and discriminatory rules that hindered women’s political participation. ...more