From where I stand: Debora Barros Fince

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From where I stand: Nada Marković

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Expert’s take: Why women must be at the heart of the humanitarian response in Haiti

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How mobile technology helps empower women farmers in Rwanda

Crossposted from UN Women. Farmers in Rwanda now know the exact size of their land, can better forecast production and access markets through digital, mobile-enabled platform supported by UN Women and World Food Programme. What’s more, the programme is bridging gender equality gaps in agriculture and ensuring women’s equal participation in the value chain. ...more

Maasai women become economically independent in Tanzania

Crosposted from UN Women. The Maasai in northern Tanzania have the highest rates of child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), illiteracy and poverty among women in the country.  ...more

How women are contributing to rebuild Ecuador

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From where I stand: Elizabeth Chatuwa

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Combating child marriage in Moldova

Crossposted from UN Women. A Roma family challenges cultural norms by refusing a reparatory marriage. In their community, school drop-out rate is a stagerring record 58 per cent, mainly driven by child/early marriages, unplanned pregnancies and childcare responsibilities. ...more

Women political leaders take the initiative in Moldova

Crossposted from UN Women. “At university when I presented myself as a Roma, my colleagues’ facial expressions changed. One teacher even asked, why I had come to the university instead of getting married, as Roma girls do,” says Diana Leahu, a 20-year-old Roma woman from Orhei, a city 48 km north of Moldova’s capital Chișinău. ...more

From where I stand: Ileana Crudu

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