In Brazil, new law on femicide to offer greater protection

Coinciding with the new law, Brazil is the first pilot country adapting the Latin American Model Protocol for the Investigation of Gender-related Violent Deaths, promoted by UN Women and OHCHR - ...more

Adjusting the frequency: Women on the airwaves

As World Radio Day is observed globally, we highlight how UN Women and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters are raising awareness of critical issues through a series of co-productions for the Beijing+20 anniversary. ...more

In Palestine, specialized prosecutors ensure women survivors’ access to justice

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In Fiji first responders train to address sexual violence in disasters

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In Liberia, mobile banking to help Ebola-affected women traders

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New law spurs action, bringing protection to many

Cross-posted from UN Women A new law against domestic violence adopted in August in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, coupled with efforts to promote the Istanbul Convention are giving new hope to survivors. ...more

Balkan women make inroads in peace and politics

Cross-posted from UN Women With support from UN Women, women leaders in the Balkans are putting gender issues at the centre of politics and fueling women’s empowerment in order to bring peace and stability to the region. ...more

Braving dust storms, women plant seeds of hope at the Dadaab refugee camp

Cross-posted from UN Women Turning dry lands into fertile fields, a livelihood project is helping Somali women refugees in Kenya make a living and prevent sexual and gender-based violence. ...more

In the words of Suaad Allami: The plight of Iraqi women refugees

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