3-2-1-Compete! Tips On Preparing for a CrossFit Competition

Why compete? My husband asks me this every single time I sign up for a competition. It’s nerve-wracking ....more

It’s Not CrossFit

The only reason I tried CrossFit is that it was different from anything I’d ever tried before. I was nearing 200 lbs – my heaviest weight in a life-long struggle with my body. My self-esteem was at rock bottom ....more

CrossFit Strong

If you are a woman who CrossFits, it’s likely you have heard of a Facebook page called Women of CrossFit = Strong. Quickly nearing 119,000 followers, WOC=S posts about the triumphs and successes of CrossFit women from around the world. But who are the two women behind the scenes of this fast-growing online CrossFit community? ...more

The Art of Recovery

When I began CrossFit 18 months ago, I would take a bath after every workout. It was my reward for making a hard change in my life. Using my heavy, awkward body to step up on a box or to drop to the floor for a burpee was difficult, even embarrassing ....more

What’s the Gripe with Grips?

I have a confession: I wear grips. It started with the kettlebell. I love swinging, snatching, and goblet-squatting a heavy kettlebell ....more

Part II: How to Get Faster – Eight Recommendations to Increase Your WOD Speed

Last week I posted Part I: How to Get Faster – Eight Recommendations to Increase Your WOD Speed by John Rushin. In Part 2, John follows up with four more practical ways to help you get that faster WOD time. Have you applied any of these recommendations to your workout? ...more

Learning to Breathe Fire: An Interview with JC Herz

August 13, 2014 by TrueBarbellion Leave a Comment (Edit)...more

A Conversation with JC Herz

“I am not an elite competitive athlete – I’m one of the least strong athletes in the group: female, medium height, lean but not a great lifter or fast runner…” JC Herz describes herself in the preface of her book Learning to Breathe Fire. Roped into joining CrossFit by her husband, Herz soon developed her own love for the running, jumping and lifting she had heard about for months at the dinner table. A former rock critic, tech writer, author and entrepreneur, JC Herz turned her attention to the quickly growing phenomenon of CrossFit ....more

Ladies Lifting and Two PRs

When I saw that the Nashville Weightlifting Club was hosting a free Ladies Lifting Day, I immediately signed up. As a CrossFitter I don’t often spend more than 20 minutes at a time practicing the Olympic lifts. With almost an hour dedicated to each the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, the Ladies Lifting event was an opportunity to delve into the nitty gritty of my technique as well as meet some other local Ladies Who Lift ....more

Part I: How to Get Faster – Eight Recommendations to Increase Your WOD Speed

When I read John Rushin’s article The One-Man Race: Defeating Your True Competitor on Tabata Times, I contacted him to see whether he would be willing to contribute to a coaching roundtable article I was putting together for TrueBarbellion. Not only did he contribute to that first article, but he also agreed to be a guest contributor. His expertise and writing style is a great fit for the information and experiences I like to share on my blog ....more